Monday, 26 July 2010


So I've been missing in action for a couple of days, real life caught up with me once again and I was busy being all important and popular and stuff like that.

I've been doing monumentally impressive feats like making fajitas for friends. (Okay, I used an Old El Paso kit, but they were still delicious.)

Or eyeing up waiters in tapas bars with Mich.

Or queuing for 45 minutes (plus 45 minutes) in the bar to wait for a table at Jamie Oliver's new restaurant in Glasgow. TOTALLY worth the wait by the way.

My life is SUCH a challenge sometimes . . .

(Just kidding. I had a blast.)

On the downside? I'm now exhausted. Oh, and I think I may have a bladder infection.

Which is where the TMI part comes in. As I may or may not have self-diagnosed myself by typing "stinging vagina" into Google this morning.

And was amazed by how many options came up that WEREN'T porn . . .

How were your weekends? Have you missed me? What's the strangest thing you have ever typed into a search engine?


  1. Isn't cranberry juice meant to help against bladder infections?

    My weekend was spent in varying states of inebriation, maxing out my broadband limit watching porn (including Hentai which had Spanish subtitles... at least now I know how to say 'I'm coming' if I'm in Spain or Mexico), and twice arranging a hook up with the Bad Boy but not managing it because we both fell asleep before I could go to his or he could come to mine.

    I honestly can't think of the weirdest thing I've ever done an internet search for... no doubt I'll tell you if I remember, though :D


  2. My weekend was busy - but it was more baby, and groceries and in-laws than cool stuff like you!

  3. I had a bladder infection once only I didn't have any of the typical symptoms. Hope you feel better soon!

    I saw KS has an award for you - congrats!

  4. went to a burlesque show so this weekend was goood.

    wife had a bladder infection once and man did it appear to really suck.

    feel better

  5. Welcome back party girl. Yes you were missed. Hope you feel better, bladder infections suck.

  6. Have you missed me? What's the strangest thing you have ever typed into a search engine?

    1) Terribly so!

    2) I'm a courts and police reporter, so I regularly have to Google weird drug-related things. You know, like, "How much is in an eightball of cocaine?" and "What's the value of a pound of pot?" If the FBI ever searches my computer, they will be convinced I'm a dealer.

  7. This was a lovely post and I'm glad your fun. I didn't get to the bottom part because I'm in a hurry!

  8. You would figure they'd be pretty much all porn sites that would have come up.

    I don't think I want to know what came up from health sites - stinging anything sounds painful! Get yourself to the Dr!!


  9. One time my friend and I googled what boys do with their willies when they sit down to take a poo. =)

  10. Sorry to hear about the stinging vagina. Is that related to the sting ray? Does yours attack people who get too close?

    I wish I kept track of all the random things I search on Google for, although I'm sure the government does.

  11. hey i mighta walked past you in the Jamie Oliver que we walked past on Saturday abour 4.30 haha.. and there was a quite outside.. must try to go. :P

  12. Hmmm - the weirdest thing I've put into Google? Nothing I'd like to share in a public forum!

    Hope you're feeling better soon.


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