Wednesday, 7 July 2010


So for some reason last night, I didn't get much sleep.

It wasn't for a GOOD reason, trust me. I'm not good at getting to sleep generally. Even when I DO manage to fall under, before I quite get there I tend to have a semi-conscious mini-nightmare that has me awake and scared to sleep again. Like last week, when the mini-nightmare featured someone putting a voodoo curse on me where i wouldn't be able to get my body off the mattress. I actually woke up properly, on my front, unable to move for about five minutes. I think I was frozen in fear.

No wonder I don't like going to sleep.

So I amused myself when I couldn't sleep last night by playing with my new phone. Some random game called "Bistro Cook" which is the most pointless game ever - you are making fry-ups for people in a race against time (really strange combinations like fries and CABBAGE? Or chicken leg with tomato and bread.) All very odd. And yet strangely addictive. Go figure.

I got a half hour window of sleep between 6am and 6.30am and then it was time to get up.

I deal with sleep deprivation quite a lot, although as long as I get four hours I can generally make it through the day fairly easily. But I knew at some point during the day, when I've had less than that, there's always a window where it suddenly hits me and for an hour or so, I find myself becoming more and more droopy eyed. Usually the only thing that resolves it is me actually falling asleep for a split second. When I catch myself doing this, it frightens me back out of the tiredness.

It hit me today just after lunch. But it wasn't getting any better. I kept falling asleep for milli-seconds and it wasn't making a difference. I was too hot, I was doing heavy breathing to the point where one of my colleagues had to check i was okay.

Then I had a hallucination.

There was a random strip of cardboard curled on my desk in front of me, i think it was from tearing open a cardboard package from DHL. Somehow, before my snooze-filled eyes, it transformed itself . . . into a bra.

Into MY bra.

The idea I had somehow managed to leave my bra on my desk FINALLY snapped me out of my slump. Within a few moments, I was wide awake again. (And still am, seven hours later. I bet you I can't get to sleep again tonight. Hmmmm.)

What a strange thing to hallucinate about, right?

Does anyone else have sleep or mini-nightmares (or daytime hallucination) issues like mine?


  1. I haven't been sleeping well, either. I'm starting to get dark circles under my eyes and stuff. let's hope the cold cream, cucumbers and tea bags work. I don't know WHY I can't sleep either. Well I do have exams coming up and I stress over those quite a bit, maybe it's just due to anxiety?

  2. Every once a really rare while I will have a dream that I've been abducted by aliens. I'm sure that they have the techonology to make me remember anything that I actually experienced as being just a dream so there is a very real possibility that I'm actually be abducted by aliens. Scary stuff right?

  3. My body (because it's clearly not my fault) has developed this insanely bad habit of falling sweet sweet asleep, just to wake up around 25-30 minutes later, and if something's off then (like bf snoring, the light being on or off when I expect it to be on etc) I'll lay awake for an hour more.

    It's a big gamble how it will work. Yesterday, it went to hell. Better luck next time.

  4. No day hallucinations but I nightmare something fierce. Where I can't go back to sleep because of it OR I won't move in bed as I am certain someone is in the house. Notoriously bad sleeper am I!

    As for the sleeping for a second in the daytime I was really bad at that in high school and university. At one point I had a teacher who talked in a monotone and would put everyone almost asleep. I'd bring pepsi to class just to stop the head jerks that come with the falling asleep for a second! I used to watch other people and daydream a little.

    Sometimes I wonder how I passed that class.


  5. Generally, I have a difficult time falling asleep. I'll say my prayers first and I swear I must be ADD because I get off on a tangent and 20 minutes later I'll realize I never finished them so I have to go back and start over. So yeah, that's probably part of the issue. I finally finish that and then I can't quiet the voice in my head down. I have to think about anything and everything. When I do get to sleep, sometimes I'll only sleep for maybe 20 minutes and wake up and be WIDE FREAKIN' AWAKE for the next several hours.

    I've never had a hallucination before that I'm aware of but once I went to a new job and I'm 98% certain that I fell asleep. I remember coming back from lunch and the next thing I know, everyone is getting ready to go home for the evening. I remember saying, "But wait, I didn't get anything done yet!" No one complained that I snored or anything so I didn't tell anyone that I'm pretty sure I fell asleep.

  6. I don't hallucinate, but I get really, really hungry when I don't sleep enough. I think instead of sleep, my body wants food to recharge its energy.

  7. I have been struggling all summer just to fall asleep. Once I'm down I am really I took a sedative down but getting to that point is near impossible since spring classes ended. I think the problem now is B's absence but it still sucks most nights. It's too frickin hot to sleep anyways. >.<

    And yes, hallucinating about your bra is kinda...odd. I do suffer from the milliseconds of sleep sometimes though. There's nothing like sitting there doing your work or whatever only to realize your head's about to hit the desk at an alarming speed and with a lot of force. Blub.

    I hope you sleep better tonight (today, whatever. Time zones are annoying.)

  8. Never had one of those, most definitely doesn't sound fun! I do however get the sleepiness at work ALL the time. Always mid afternoon - it can strike any time at 2pm and there are days when there is literally nothing I can do to keep my eyes open. I've taken to just taking a 5 minute break and going and standing outside.

    I don't think it helps at all that my office has no windows and so no natural light and no sense of time or what the weather's doing or anything.

    Hope you sleep better tonight!

  9. that would totally freak me out. i need at least 6 hours of sleep to be functioning decently!

  10. Wow, get some bloody sleep!

    That whole 'quit alcohol for a week... ended up with insomnia' thing had me hallucinating some mental shit as well but I think your story is more entertaining than what I kept seeing in my sleep deprived state.

    Ooft. *huugs*

  11. I daydream/zone out quite a lot, especially when tired. But it's generally dirty dreams, which can get kinda embarassing when you find yourself doing little moans when sitting on the bus full of commuters...

    Once on such a bus trip I was 100% sure that I was driving the bus and got really annoyed because it wasn't going in the right direction. A.k.a I was awake enough to know where the bus was going but not realising I WASN'T actually driving! :p

  12. Haha! I can see how that thought would shock you awake!
    And yes, I can see that happening to me, too, although it would have to be a rather piece of cardboard ;-)

  13. Bravo, what words..., a brilliant idea


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