Thursday, 8 July 2010


I spend a lot of time on the Asos website, particularly the workwear section, as having a nice outfit to wear to work can sometimes make me look more forward to going into the office in the morning. Does anyone else find that?

Technically I can wear jeans to work all the time if I want but I'm not currently a big fan of jeans. Mainly because I'm refusing to buy anymore until I drop a dress-size or two, and my current go-to pair have been attacked by my thighs, as per usual.

Anyhoo . . .

I got my favourite work dress (which I also, in Zante, wore as a going-out dress, as per the picture below - I generally wear it with black tights for work) from Asos. This was the dress I was complimented on at Heathrow Airport on the way home from my business trip to London last month.

(My glass of Greek rose wine is admittedly somewhat blocking the view. Apologies. But I was THIRSTY!)

So we've established that I REALLY LIKE Asos. Therefore please assume the rest of this post is somewhat tongue in cheek.

I've noticed, that among all the lovely outfits, there are a couple of ones I just can't EVER envision myself wearing to the office. So let me highlight a couple of these choices:

I suppose in a way this looks almost like my dress - well, in terms of COLOUR. The one shoulder part and the shorts part . . . not so much. I definitely can't see myself getting away with this one in the office.

Technically, it's the waistcoat type item of clothing which is on sale in this picture . . . but if I went to work in the outfit underneath, Casual Friday would become CELLULITE Friday. (Because obviously the only VIABLE day to wear it would be Friday.)

This would be an immensely suitable outfit - if I was an administrator on a spaceship, that is.

Lovely dress but it's the white that bothers me. I am not normally a clumsy person (except when drunk, obviously!) but put me in white and I become a spill-monster. The dress would NOT stay white for long. (And is someone with such a filthy mind ALLOWED to wear white anyway???)

Playsuits = bane of my life. I am always seeing what I think is a lovely dress only to realise it's a romper suit in disguise. Not that I don't think they look nice . . . just not on me! And CERTAINLY not for the office. Cellulite Friday all over again!

I have hips. This dress has even BIGGER hips. I don't think it would be the best of combinations...

I can imagine people nervously sidling up to me to inform me gently that I appear to have ripped my dress. And their amusement and/or embarrassment when I inform them it's actually meant to be like that.

I'd more than likely put it on the wrong way around to be honest. With some tit tape, maybe it could work.

Although even LESS suitable for the office then.

I don't really need to go into work, I'm really a movie star from the 50s. Once I've finished lounging around in a black and white movie, I head into the office for a break and to show off my lovely pyjamas.

I know this is suitable office attire. In fact, I really like it. BUT . . . I was more confused by the fact it was described as "in the style of Lady Gaga". If Lady GaGa worked in my office, I don't really see her dressing like this, do you?

Now if you own any of these items (if you own the blue dress at the start, you obviously have great taste like myself, haha), I apologise. I actually quite like a few of them, I just can't ever imagine wearing them to work.

What do you think of these outfits? What is your idea of suitable work attire?


  1. I bought the last dress (the in the style of Lady Gaga one) and sent it back as it was horrible when it arrived! I, also, was a little confused to how it was in the style of Gaga!

    At the moment I pretty mich live in jeans and vest tops at work - gone are the days of nice dresses and towering heels. Laaaaazy me! ;)

  2. I love your blue dress!

    And work attire. Depends on your job really, but offices seem to think you shouldn't wear anything too low necked, high hemmed or sleeveless. Damn if I know, I wear jeans! :)

    Also, if you lose a couple of dress sizes you'll disappear. That is all.

  3. I had 2 jobs in a row where I could wear jeans every single day and I loved it. Towards the end of the second job, I kind of started to wear other things because I got tired of wearing jeans.

    Then my last job, I had to wear a shirt every single day with the company logo and no jeans except on Friday. The only pants I had that went with the stupid company shirt were the jeans. It was awful! I really missed the jeans!

  4. The peachy pink pj looking jumper thing? It looks like a set of high waisted nursing scrubs with a belt...

    And "Gaga" dress is by no means up to "Gaga" par. It needs more bling and maybe some fire.

  5. So - currently being a stay at home mum, with like zero time on my hands to dress up, my fashion sense has kind of been put on the backburner. I do, however, have a few rules. #1 is, as always :
    Leggings are not pants.
    #2 is: PLAYSUITS ARE THE DEVIL. Seriously - if you are over the age of 5, playsuits are not for you. Ever.

  6. I have no idea what is appropriate for an office as I work at a daycare. I wear jeans and a golf shirt or jean shorts (long ones) and golf shirts.. and ponytails as it's hot!!

    Not completely helpful, I understand BUT I was going for the laugh!


  7. I work in a law office, so I need to dress up every day and look presentable, which means I have 2 wardrobes, one for work and one for the weekends. Fortunatly, I am lucky in that the office I work in is really all not that strict or fussy with the types of clothes I can wear, although I could never wear any of these outfits, except for the blue dress, which would be totally appropriate.

    And every day I drag myself into work, but if I have a new outfit to wear, I can't wait to work to wear it,lol!

  8. I agree the last dress is the only one of them that is work appropriate (other than yours of course).

    speaking of appropriate attire... we have a woman here who wears... interesting things. Not necessarily inappropriate but... bordering.

    Like an ankle-length super-narrow dress, the kind where you can only take 6" steps...

    and she has heels she wears that are the ones that are just the bottom with a couple of pieces of leather shoelaces keeping them on her feet.

  9. I've worn something similar to outfit #2 before except it was with white business-y shorts and a black overtop thingy. I thought it was cute.

    Other than that? All those outfits are so not anything like what I would wear to work! I love YOUR dress though, I wear a ton of dresses in the summer - it's too hot for anything else!

  10. I really love this because I have the same crisis almost everyday. In general, I go back to my safe old black number but I wish I had the office confidence to sport a playsuit! x

  11. You look adorable in your dress! It's so cute :)

    Love the other outfits you posted too.. Good taste!

  12. Love the comments on the dresses. And I actually really love that white dress...

  13. Your little blue dress is very pretty! I could never get away with wearing anything like that - I am just not at all fashionable. You can dress me in fashionable clobber but I always look uncomfortable in it. I have a lovely little black dress that I bought for the office, but it feels too nice, too smart for me.

    I tend to wear quite boring clothes to work, usually wide-leg black trousers (lovely in summer, nice and cool) with a top - usually a plain colour.

    On Fridays, we can 'dress down', so you'll find me in jeans and a t-shirt.

    Today, I am wearing a long hippy brown skirt though (used to wear it all the time but struggle to get my rear in it at the moment as I am pushing a size 14 - so you can see the seams on either side of the hips are frayed. Not such a good look really). This skirt is paired with a floaty black vest top and my beloved Reef flips.

    You should come down here and give me a workwear makeover...!

  14. 4 days of the week I wear a black dress, day 5 i wear jeans and a black top. Makes getting ready for work in the morning easy. Maybe thats why I only take 20 mins!

  15. I would bloody love to see everyone's faces if I rocked up to work in one of those numbers. In what way shape or form is a one shouldered short shorts number appropriate for work?!

    Playsuits. I had an amusing experience with one recently, ooh I think that's worth a blog post.

    Work wear has become increasingly shabby for me lately. Trouble is because I don't see anyone there isn't really the need to look smart so unless I've got a meeting there's no make up worn and the hair is rarely 'done' and it's just a pair of cheap black trousers and a top of some description. Fridays are jeans days. Hurray!

  16. I work from home so baggy jeans and jog pants are fine for me :-) On the rare days I do go into the office, I tend to stick to boring black/grey trousers and tailored tops....nothing like the outfits featured above :-)
    Do like your blue looks great on you!

  17. The last dress was nice.

    Sorry babe, I'm useless at this 'current / normal / popular' fashion sorta thing. I mean, my work outfit yesterday was a casual/smart black and white top (flattering to the cleavage), my fancy-lookin' 50's A-Line skirt, finished with a pair of black Lee Cooper high top sneakers.

    And you bet your ass I rocked the fuck outta that get-up. :P x

  18. I love the white dress, but I could never wear it, by the time I'd get to work it would be dirty.

  19. Totally agree with you! Hahaha, some of those are ridic to wear regardless!

  20. Aww, I'm kinda loving the peachy coloured jumpsuit thingie!

    So far I've been combining my black trousers with different shirts. But as of next week I'm going to have to get more creative and after payday I will hopefully get even MORE creative as I have the chance to actually go shopping for proper stuff. Woop Woop! :)

  21. The blue dress looks cute definitely one for both the office and going out this is what me and my friends call the "Friday dress" that's kind of like intentionally wearing your going out dress to work on a Friday in anticipation of getting away early and straight to the pub. I like your style, there just isn't enough time to get changed on a Friday!


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