Friday, 9 July 2010


Today. Just a typical day in my generally crappy life . . . .

  • I slept through my first alarm (I always set one to go off early so I can wake up and go back to sleep for a bit) but I am woken shortly after by Noisy Flatmate. She appeared to be having a chat on the phone. AT 5.50AM!!!
  • When I finally dragged myself up about half an hour later, I managed a very quick kettlebell workout (okay, I get one bonus point for the day.)
  • Although I was ready in plenty of time for a change, I made the mistake of putting on some music, dancing around my bedroom, and trying to give my hair a bit of volume.
  • I forgot I was actually meant to LEAVE the flat and go to work at some point.
  • Before I left, I also tried to change my twitter picture. It didn't work, so I spent most of the day as a green birdy. I don't like being a green birdy. Not that I've ever been one before (unless it was in a past life. But still.)
  • For the fifth day in a row, it was too warm to walk and my make-up melted. And that carefully mussed-up hair? It looked like shit by the time I reached the office. Yeah, THAT was worth the effort.
  • Went to a presentation. Couldn't see most of the screen because the woman's head in front of me was blocking the view. Probably a good thing as once again I kept falling asleep, so at least the guy presenting couldn't see me. (Seriously though, we had the exact same meeting with someone else yesterday, there was no need for it today again!)
  • Spent the entire afternoon in a tiny hot room with my male colleagues, basically picking up piles of now-useless documentation and stuffing it into bags for secure shredding. I was too hot and couldn't help thinking of all the actual PROPER work I had to do. The afternoon also proved that a) I know precisely bugger all about films (they are all film buffs, compared to me anyway) and b) no matter how hard I try, I will probably always have precisely bugger all upper body strength. Boo.
  • We found a big box of documentation that should have been amongst the documentation I spent ages sorting out last week. Which means I'll now have to sort that too on Monday. Cue much inner rage and plotting to kill.
  • Spent a chunk of the day wondering where the fuck my monthly blob had disappeared to. It's now a week late. (And no, I'm not pregnant. Unless I have the gestation period of an elephant...)
  • Left work. Windy. Hair blowing all over the place. Tried to fix hair so I didn't look like I'd been caught in a wind machine. Pulled earphones out in the process. Tried to put earphones back in. Dropped mp3 player. Gave up and stuffed mp3 player back in back. Contemplating shaving my head. Decided against that pretty damn quick. I don't think I have the skull for it.
  • Marched home in a right tizz. Sun was burning but I didn't put on my sunglasses because that meant I couldn't eye-murder the shit out of people. (That's pretty much the opposite of eye-fucking, FYI!) I got a lot of satisfaction of dropping if-looks-could-kill glares on people who wronged me.
  • Went to Waitrose and once again, a pizza threw itself into my basket, along with rose wine and chocolate. It was NOTHING to do with me, I swear!!!!! (I made myself do another 20 minutes of exercise before I touched it though, honest!)
Fast forward to now though . . . my bad mood has vanished. I wonder why.

Oh I know, it was the reunion!!!!

Hello, Rosy, how I've missed you!!!! (I know it's been only four days but what can I say? It's true love!)

Please tell me someone has had as crappy a day as me today...


  1. Awww. :( At least it's the weekend though and the crappy day is over. Plus, you have Rosy! :) -x-

  2. I'm having a crappy-assed week so I sympathize. I'm trying to talk myself out of cracking open a Mike's Pink Hard Lemonade while having pizza for supper.

    Hope the wine and chocolate improves your state of mind.


  3. In work, I'm meant to be psychic and handle a lot more work when I'm already stressed out and struggling with what I've got - along with the rest of my team.

    Got soaked when it rained at lunchtime.

    People outside kept STARING at me... and it WASN'T paranoia - there was actually a car at traffic lights that didn't move until a car behind tooted it's horn at it because the driver was looking at me. Swear to God, I kept touching my face, thinking maybe I had a nosebleed or something, or my skirt was tucked in my pants... nope.

    Ohh... was having 'personal time' at home, then looked up and realised that my Facebook page was open with my profile pic of my brother and I... it was like he was watching me... Weird. As. Fuck.

    And if I don't get laid this weekend, I'm probably going to kill someone.

    THAT'S how good a day I'm having.

    I'd better throw some clothes on and get to the off licence. I need a reunion of my own with Glen. Oh yes, baby - back on the voddie!

    *hugs* xXx

  4. At least when you have a crappy day you can have a reunion w/ Rosey. I just have to suck it up and pout. Only for another 20 days though. Thank GOD! :)

  5. When I worked and had to get up early, I always had one alarm set to go off early, one to go off on time and another one to go off 5 minutes later.

    Your flatmate talking on the phone to someone at 5:50 AM sounds like a friend of mine. I don't think she stops to think of the time. She'll stop by people's houses or call them at all hours of the day or night.

    I feel for ya with the melted makeup and messed up hair. I went to an interview like that yesterday. Soooooo professional! Nothing I could do to fix it when I got there though...

    Glad Rosie made you feel all better.

  6. I have an absolute fear of thunder showers, and we have been in an incredible heat wave the past five days, today nature went crazy.

    We got hit by one of the worst storms ever and my colleagues made fun of me because I was sacred and forced me to watch out the windows...I was so shaky and almost crying...

    I had a crappy day too.

  7. awwww, sucks. Hope your weekend is much better.

  8. woke up with a migraine that subsided long enough to see my play was rejected by a theatre.

    drinking now.

    a lot.

    cheers and hugs.


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