Thursday, 1 July 2010


Sometimes I wonder if the reason why I'm still single is because I have this romanticised idea in my head of who Mr Right is based on the guys I like in TV programmes and films. No matter how much I tell myself "dude, get over yourself, they're fictional characters, for fucks sake", I just can't manage it.

Larry Paul

Since Robert Downey Jnr is one of my favourite men, it was inevitable that I would love the character he played in "Ally McBeal". In fact his only vices were 1) falling for ALLY and then 2) leaving in a really cowardly, crappy "we have to write him out quickly in case he ends up back in jail" way. Apart from that I just absolutely ADORED him. If only every girl could have a real life Larry Paul. That being said, we might all get our boyfriends mixed up in that case. THAT could be embarrassing . . .

Barney Stinson

I know he can never be mine in real life (because obviously Larry COULD be? Hmmmm) and I don't know exactly when I started to fall for him, but it was probably the point where he started to fall in love with Robyn. So darned adorable. And he's so funny. And SOOOO smartly attired at ALL times (remember the suit pyjamas? Friggin' hilarious!) Oh how I wish he was mine. Even if I know it would never last because he would TOTALLY cheat on me, the womaniser. I'd still love him all the same though.

Dr Jack Shephard

(No clip for this one sadly as all I could find on youtube were fanmade videos with soppy songs and they were annoying me. A lot)

The best thing about "Lost", and the only constant in a sea of confusion. Time and locations could change, Flashbacks could occur, twists could spring surprise after surprise on you, but Jack could always be trusted to save your life and flash his hot bod around. Sawyer was hot too, sure, but a bit too cocky . . . Jack Shephard = perfection.


The pie-maker from "Pushing Daisies" just gets my sullied little heart all a-flutter. I mean, he can COOK. He has the most adorable Jake-Gyllenhall-like eyes. AND, best of all, he hasn't brought me back to life, so . . . he could do ALL KINDS OF DIRTY THINGS TO ME and not kill me again by touching me. Yay!!!

Robin Hood (the fox)

Now this really couldn't happen in real life I guess. Unless I want to be known as "That girl who goes out with animals." Which is not a label I really want. Oh well . . .

Which fictional tv/film character would YOU like to be your other half?



  2. Patrick Verona from 10 Things I Hate About You (movie not show) because bad boys make me giddy ;)

    Christian from Moulin Rogue! because who doesn't love the sweet, innocent, artistic type?

    Tyler Durden from Fight Club because Brad Pitt = Ultimate bad-ass = one happy Camille!!!

  3. I puffy heart Barney Stinson! Even though I know he's not real and even if he is, he'd never go for me.

    I had a recent dream about Neil Patrick Harris. He invited me to his house. I went with some random dream friend and we had a wonderful time! In the dream, he wasn't gay. Yeah, that's how I know it was all a dream! He wasn't trying to get with me or my dream friend though, he was very respectful towards us. I found myself wishing he would make a pass at me because I'd totally hit that!

  4. LOL!! That was VERY entertaining. Ok for me at this point in my life it would be "Jane" from The Mentalist because I luuurve Simon Baker and Edward the vamp. In past lives I am sad to say it was Dylan from 90210 and Blane from Pretty in Pink. Robert Downey Jr rocks so I could also go for Ironman I suppose.

  5. The hot main male character from "When in Rome". Yeah...THAT guy.

  6. Oh Dr. Mcdreamy, I will never meet your equal ;)

  7. Ooh I'm with Camille - Patrick from 10 Things... the whole 'Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You' serenade? SWOON!

    Failing that... Guiseppe Andrews as Lex from Detroit Rock City *schwing*, Seth Green as Oz from Buffy (it'd be awesome if he was taller but hey, height doesn't matter if you're horizontal)... oooh actually Faith from Buffy was HOT.

    I also have a slight crush on Chris Meloni/Elliot Stabler from Law & Order: SVU. Ooooh and Matthew Gray Gubler/Spencer Reed from Criminal Minds. Hell yeah.

    Oh honey, what have you unleashed.... lol

  8. Okay, no laughing but Chris Sarandon's character from Fright Night. Yes, he was a vampire but damn he was charming and sexy and...


  9. I have a bit of a man crush on Jack from Lost, and I thought I was the only one. It's easy to like a clever guy with snappy lines like Sawyer; his shifting morality always means that he'll get some snappy lines. I admire Jack more though because he does struggle with his morality, much like how I'm one of the few who likes Luke Skywalker more than Han Solo.

  10. I don't think I could date him, but I think I could be friends with Barney. And Ted and Marshall by association. Robyn and Lily, too. Cough.

    I think Nick from Nick and Norah is pretty cool. So it Ben from Licence to Wed. And most importantly... Ryan Reynold's character from Definitely Maybe. Because I'm pretty much already in love with him. Was his name Ben too?

  11. Agent. Seely Booth (David Boreanz aka Angel) from Bones.
    Tough yet sensivitve, intelligent without being nerdy, gorgeous, and to top it all off he's a great dad.

    And, definately Sawyer for me. He's a survivor - which I can relate to. And not nearly as cocky and insensitive as he pretends to be. Also great husband material - proven during the Sawyer-Juliet era.
    And he's GORGEOUS! Yum yum yum. I love me some Sawyer. I miss Lost! *sigh*

  12. I'm not really sure I would think of anyone as dreamy or want my guy to be like.

    Now that I think about it, it's bugging me. There has to be someoneeeee


    maybe McDreamy? kinda?

  13. You know, Anna Friel in Pushing Daisies as 'Chuck' creates a little stir in my trousers.

    It does help that she's a foxy redhead - like Amelia Jessica or 'Amy Pond' in Dr Who. She makes me moist.

  14. Karen Gillan is Amy Pond of course. My copy and paste skills are lacking. Pino Grigio fail :(

  15. Oh, I *loved* Larry!! <3

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  17. Barney is one of my all-time favorite male TV characters...he's hilarious!! As far as who I'd want to be mine.... I used to have a HUGE crush on Pacey from Dawson's Creek when I was about 12. Haha..Joshua Jackson is still pretty good though. I love watching him in Fringe.


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