Thursday, 22 July 2010


Over the past few weeks, I have caught sight of a possibly hot guy every so often as I walk to or from work.

I say "possibly" because I don't actually KNOW for sure whether he's hot or not. He looks hot from the BACK, for sure. But the front??? I have absolutely NO IDEA.

Y'see, the thing is this: I never know when he is going to appear. It's always at different stages on my walk, and until the other day, I had only saw him on my way TO work.

He walks faster than me, and I never know when he will "strike". I feel someone walk past me and next thing he is in front of me, going at full speed, and all I get to do is admire his nice bum. I can't catch up with him to overtake him and peer into his face to see if he is indeed hot as I hope (I can't walk fast enough and, even if I COULD, I'd probably freak him out somewhat). I can't really shout "Oi!" (Well, I COULD do that but who's to tell he'd even turn around? I know I wouldn't, if the roles were reversed.) And I can't spend my entire walk to and from the office constantly turning around to see on the offchance if he happens to be coming up behind me.

I'd probably fall over, for a start.

Or walk into a pole.


Oh, and also . . . since I've only saw him from the back, would I actually recognise him if he was walking up behind me anyway?

It's quite the conundrum.

Oh well, it will remain a mystery for now. If I ever do find out if his front is as hot as his back, I'll let you know . . .

Has anyone else ever experienced this sort of logistical problem???


  1. Is this EVERY day you see him?

    I could meet you as you leave for work one morning, and when he appears, I can stride ahead and give him your number if he's cute, and then go to the pub.

    You know it would work.

  2. Is his butt nice? I'm a butt woman - I like to ogle them. the new style of baggy, loose, droopy drawers frustrates me. How can you ogle their butts if you can't SEE them!!

    It started with Lethal Weapon - Mel (yes, I know he's crazy now but thennnnnn) butt was nekkid as he strode through his crappy little trailer and I just stared. And drooled. It started with him and now...

    Let's just say that scene in Wolverine with Hugh Jackman running nekkid across the meadow... I shouted out for them to rewind.

    I wasn't the ONLY woman shouting it out either!!

    Now - let's think... what can we do with no notice to turn the guy around? Hmm..


  3. I haven't had this problem but I knew a guy I thought was sooooooooo hot way back when! Apparently he didn't think the same thing about me because once I got to know him, he was quite the jerk! I remember him being shocked that I actually had a boyfriend. Shocked as in, that any guy would find me attractive enough to date. Yeah, got over that little crush in a hurry!

  4. No, never had this problem. Probably because i never walk anywhere on a regular basis.
    But hey, wishing you luck with the conundrum there!

  5. Chase after him with a book or a newspaper saying 'Excuse me, did you drop this.'
    Then you get to see his 'front' and hear his voice at the same time. Result! ;)

  6. Oh yeah...I had this problem once. My neighbor and I were out and saw the hottest guy. And then he turned around--YIKES!!!

  7. 1. You make me smile. :)

    2. I hope that if you ever do catch a glimpse of his front side, that it is hot, and that you are not left disappointed.

    3. I also hope that when you see his front your eyes will meet and he will instantaneously propose.

  8. Hi! I hate it when these sort of occurances happen! Perhaps you should try the shouting thing but pull the whole "oh, sorry, you looked like an old friend I used to work with." Something like that.

    I can't say how far that shindig will take you, but if it does work, add a flirty smile (and maybe a wink)? Muahaha.

  9. Next time you should just tackle him! You gotta find out! MUST! I can't wait to hear if he's hot!

  10. I think it's pretty obvious that you need to do whatever is required, even if that means causing a scene.

  11. OH my god I have this too! There's a guy I always see on my way home and he rides a bike and has most of his face covered up to stop car fumage but the top part of his face is GORGEOUS. His eyes...oh my fit. But I have no idea what the rest of his face looks like. It's progressed to him giving me a little cheeky wink when I see him but I'll be gutted if that scarf comes down from his face and it turns out he's horrendous looking!

  12. I love Taz's idea. Try it and let us know how it goes.

    (and I hope that this doesn't turn into what normally happens to me - ie that the "hot from back" guy is "not so hot from front" guy. If all fails you could go out with him and have him face away from you the whole date?)

  13. Sneeze and see if he turns around to say bless you. If he's walking that fast, he's probably not very laid back.

    Good luck.

  14. I've experienced this. Except in a different way. Sort of a Monet. Hot from a distance but up, close & personal? Meh. Not so much.

  15. I can just picture this... like a scene from a movie. Classic :)

    I think you should stop him one day... touch his arm or something and pretend to need directions. Find some excuse to find out if his front is as nice as his back!!!

  16. I say that chances of this guy being hot are much higher than of him being ugly. I hope that you get to see his face someday, and maybe even go on a date, if he's a hottie!


  17. See, looking at a woman, the front is MUCH more important than the back - You need to see the smile (uhhh and a couple of other things) to really properly judge them.

  18. Backside attractive is tricky. I know someone who followed a guy out of a store he was so good looking only to have him turn around and give her a big hug... he was her cousin!

  19. I would flick a little pebble or something at the back of his head then feign innocence when he turns around! You'd have to be good at acting innocent though or it would be REALLY embarassing!

  20. You could keep dropping things so periodically you could turn around to pick them up during your walk. Or, you could get up early and sit and wait for him to pass by you. Or, you could follow him to where he works and stalk him.

    These all sound slightly crazy but I'm pretty sure I'd actually do the last one. Yikes.


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