Wednesday, 21 July 2010


As you know, I enabled comment moderation to stop all the stupid spam comments publishing. Which has been a good thing. I posted about how annoying the spam comments were before.

But I'm worried my spam hatred may have harmed someone in the moderation of the comments.

Let me elaborate.

Once or twice during the day, I will check the internet on my phone to see if my blog has any comments to be moderated. Today I checked my phone and saw a comment that was about eight lines long and made up mainly of links. I spotted spam's favourite phrase in the whole world "penis enlargement" in among the linkage, so I immediately checked the box next to the comment and clicked REJECT.

My phone's internet connection can be pretty slow when I'm not in the flat and/or around wi-fi. So as the page started gearing up to reject this comment, I had a moment or two to look at the comment properly.

Then I felt HORRIBLE.

You see, the spam comment was asking me for help. Apparently the commenter had been kidnapped by the Russian Mafia and was being forced to post spam comments for penis enlargement on people's websites. If the comments weren't accepted, he had typed, he would be killed.

Then there was something like "They're coming back, I've got to go, help me!"

And I had rejected his post.

Is it just me or has spamming just hit a new low???

On top of receiving ridiculous spam comments, I'm now getting a side of guilt trip along with it???

For fuck's sake . . .


  1. Hahahaha. Oh gooodd! Thats kind of hilarious!

  2. Please post my commment...I have been kidnapped by aliens and forced to comment on blogs ..if you do not help me they said they will probe the bejeezus out of me!

  3. Help! You need to accept my comment or I'm going to have abstinence forced upon me, more than it already has been!!

  4. Help! You need to accept my comment or I'm going to have abstinence forced upon me, more than it already has been!!

  5. I am so sorry but this really made me laugh :oD

  6. I thought I laughed when I was sitting on my deck swing reading your twitter tweet about the blog.

    You are one funny person!

    Thanks for the laugh!!


  7. Lol oh wow, I've heard it all. I'm shocked you get spammed so much!

    Cute new background too :)

  8. OH no, how will you ever sleep tonight. The shame of it all. Oh well, one more spy gone. Have a good night.

  9. Cute new background! I just changed mine too.

    That spam post made me literally lol. Like that would really make you post the comment - saying that he'll be killed if you don't! I'm glad I haven't had any issues with spam yet.

  10. Haha!! That's brilliant.

    Now you'd better accept this comment or I'm going to be forced to kill this poor batch of defenceless puppies...

  11. You've got to be kidding me. Spammers have hit an all time low w/ that one! But it is pretty funny. :)

  12. That's hilarious -- I don't blame you on the comment moderation!

    And I love the new blog look. Very cheery :)

  13. OMG that's terrible! Your blog never fails to cheer me up though :)

  14. lol poor man haha.. 10/10 for imagination I suppose!


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