Sunday, 6 June 2010


Renarkably I've been hangover-free this weekend. I say "remarkably" not because I didn't drink (which would have probably been miraculous) but because with the amount I drank, it is grossly unfair to anyone who IS currently hungover that I've felt absolutely fine.

I had an all-day hen party on Saturday so the plan originally was to have a quiet Friday night. But my friend V asked if I wanted to go for a couple of drinks. The intention was still to make it relatively quiet given I would be starting pretty early yesterday. So I booked us a table at one of my favourite restaurants Brodie's (the place of the haggis nachos, yum!), and took a bottle of sparkling rose over to hers to enjoy before we headed out. Somehow along the way though, we ended up in The Social with her fiance's friends and brother so the relatively quiet night turned into me wobbling to the taxi rank at some point around midnight wondering aloud if there was anywhere relatively quiet I could go to puke. And, if you happen to not be my friend on Facebook and therefore missed this, it resulted in status updates the following morning such as:

Paula woke at 5am to discover she was still fully dressed, contacts still in, make-up smeared, and her bag still on her shoulder. Bit too much to drink, perhaps? :)


Paula was washing her hair and a 5p coin fell out of it during the shampoo stage! WHY WAS THERE MONEY IN MY HAIR???

Anyhoo, apart from those incidents, I was not hungover. Yup, I know you hate me. I'm sorry. No, wait, I'm not sorry. I managed to sort out an outfit for the hen day/night, the thene of which was black and bling, and me and my sister headed to MacSorleys for the first part of the day. We made it there for half two, where I discovered I knew no one except the hen herself and her sister. Oh well. We were given pink feather boas and name badges and then headed to Viva for a cocktail making lesson.

Great way to draw attention to yourself in Glasgow city centre on a Saturday afternoon? Winding your way through town on high heels, draped in pink feather boas. Le cringe. There was a lot of laughing and pointing.

Cocktail making was fun. Although I realised very quickly that making cocktails is too much effort. DRINKING them? Far more fun.

After a two course meal, we then headed to Bunker (the same place I went for my 30th) and got our groove on a bit, while I drank more rose wine and several shots of Apple Sourz. I wanted to dance and I tried, but by that point my feet KILLED me. I had decided to wear a pair of pink satin shoes I've loved for years but hardly ever wear because I'm scared they'll get dirty. (Sadly, I've just noticed they DID get dirty. Sob.) By eight o'clock, i could barely walk.

BUT I didn't fall over. Yay!

We also of course got the sleazy drunken guys who immediately thought "Oooh, hen night! Let's get in there!" I got singled out by one of the arsiest ones, who swung the light from the booth into my face as if he was interrogating me and then proceeded TO interrogate me about why I was single. Was I a lesbian? Was I a bitch? Was I frigid?

The reason I'm single, dude, is because you are proof there are few good men out there. Yeah. Go stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it.

Today has been spent in relative relaxation. Brunch at Antipasti in Byres Road followed by Sex and the City 2. It wasn't as bad as I thought I would be. As cringey and completely politically incorrect as I had expected from reviews on it, and a bit too long, but enjoyable enough. Although some of the outfits made me want to cry, throw up and/or call the fashion police. Has anyone else saw it? What did you think?

Now home, I'm planning to curl up on my bed with some cava and watch some Cougar Town. I have a busy week ahead of me - its exams week in work, I have Ellie Goulding to see tomorrow night, two ten and a half hour long shifts on Wednesday and Thursday, and then I head down to London for work next Sunday morning for three days - so I am going to make the most of these last few hours of my weekend and eek every bit of relaxation out of them!

Ellie really shouldn't dance, should she??? (Sorry Ellie.)

So how were your weekends? Did you end up with MY hangover as well as your own???


  1. I once had 4 cosmos, half a bottle of wine, and a whiskey and....had no hangover the next day at all! Even went rollerblading. Is there such a thinking as an alcohol tipping point at which you drink so much that it goes the other way?!?

    Sounds like a fab weekend :)

  2. I sympathize with you man. I have woken up on several occasions after a spirited night out with cocktails, still wearing one shoe. In bed. One shoe an my underwear. How does that even happen? It's like you start getting undressed then halfway through think "Eff this nonsense" and just fall asleep.

    Also, "Cougar Town" is a much better and funnier show than anyone expected it to be. The dumb blonde chick cracks me up. Even sober!

  3. Seriously? No hangover? You're a LUCKY person....and I'm jealous.

  4. I'm sorry but I had to laugh at the coin falling out of your hair! How random was that?!

    I had an almighty hangover today and had to do a 10 and a half hour shift while suffering through it.

    SATC2 is good, not as good as the first. Wish Aidan was in it longer. Oh and for a small girl SJP has some long legs! Miranda's outfits were not so nice.

    Have fun at Ellie Goulding. I say she is good live :)

  5. Hangover free, thankfully! :)

    Great vid!

  6. I love the pink shoes. Love them. Almost as much as I love the fact that a coin fell out of your hair. ???

  7. Those pink shoes are the hotness!

    I wish $ would fall out of my hair!

    Apple Sourz sound really tasty.

  8. No hangover for me! But then I can't drink so can't really participate in hangover talk :(

    YES oh my god thank you for saying that about Ellie Goulding, I saw that video a while ago and thought "good job you can sing girl".

    I hadn't read any reviews of SATC2 so wasn't prepared for the borderline racism I experienced on Thursday night, wish I had because then I would have been slightly prepared. Absolutely shocking.

    What do you mean crazy fashion? Wouldn't you wear 6inch heels in the desert? And a long green ball gown in the house? And go to a souk in a massive billowing skirt?

  9. I love those pink shoes, I just have to have a pair :O)

  10. Sometimes you can just get lucky. But the reverse is true too. Sometimes you can have two drinks and wake up and feeling retched.

  11. i'd like your no-hangover secret... along with how you had MONEY IN YOUR HAIR.

  12. Oh I love those shoes! I suppose you could find worse things in your hair than money.

  13. I'm happy to report that my weekend, too, was free of those terrible hangover. and I am so so so thankful so that! (hopefully the trend will continue...)


  14. My weekend was full of relaxing moments and a spa day :)


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