Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Remember this post? The one where I listed all the silly things I do when I'm drunk?

This weekend's trip to Edinburgh gave me another two to add to the list.

1. When very drunk, I start talking gibberish. I should have remembered this one as F told me that I had been doing that the first night we spent together. Apparently I was doing this on Friday night though.

2. I want to cuddle everyone. Another one I can't believe I forgot about.

Oh well . . . ;)

PS I have posted at In It To Gym It today about the diet I'm currently on, so please stop by and read if you have a minute. I totally believe in this diet now and definitely think it's the way I'm going to lose some weight. (Oh and if you are currently trying to lose weight, get fit or just be healthy, you should join the community! The support is immense!)


  1. I have a tendency to remove clothing and to try and make out with people. And then not remember it the next morning. Ugh!

    Totally checking out that new diet!

  2. LOL @ wanting to cuddle everyone. It reminded me that I have a tendency to kiss everyone on the cheek, even strangers, when drunk.

    A Researcher of Life

  3. I get super, super overprotective of the people I'm with. See: me bitch-slapping a dude who un-popped Ben's collar in Vegas.

    What can I say? I just love too hard.

  4. I do the cuddle thing too. I hug & linger & cuddle. Last time I drank alot I got told by my friends that I hugged them all at least 10 times each. hehe.

    Oh I'll check out your diet blog!! Absolutely!

  5. I loved your In it to gym it post! I didn't comment there, but i'm so up to trying this!

  6. I get very chatty. And mostly it's complete shit that I talk when I'm chatty. Lies and whatnot. I'm pretty sure DrunkCuppyCakes thinks she's a stripper, too....

  7. Aaaah yes I feel the love when I'm drunk (correction, when I used to get drunk. Nope still not handling my loss very well!). Everyone and everything is my best friend, usually people I've only met that night who I suddenly feel a need to declare to just how much I love them.

    'fraid I'm sticking with the WW Cult. 10.5lbs lost in 3 weeks now, found something that works and I'm clinging to it with both hands! Recipes specifically catered to the diet are a brilliant idea though, I've done quite a few WW ones, just easier than having to work out all the points yourself!

  8. Ha! You want to cuddle everyone. I hope you sober up when passing by a homeless man and don't try to cuddle him! ;)

  9. Aww. Cuddling is awesome.

    Though Snafugirl's comment made me giggle.

  10. this diet def works i lost half a stone on about a week on it first! i go off and on it depending on how im feelng but i have since tried to cut out yeast/wheat and follow the prinicples generally. my mum also trying to get into it for different (health) reasons. i really rate the author. i also use the forum.


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