Wednesday, 26 May 2010


  • I trust people too easily. But once you cross me, it's rare I'll let you back into my trust, or my life.
  • I am lazy.
  • But if I have enthusiasm for something, I'll throw my heart and soul into it.
  • I am completely happy spending time alone (and sometimes I think my social life is a bit TOO active for my liking, which is why I do like to retreat into my own shell every once in a while and re-charge). However, I don't like to do things alone in public. I may be happy with my own company, but I don't want people to think I have no friends!
  • If you put a piece of paper and pen in front of me, I WILL doodle. Even if the bit of paper is some sort of official form. I can't stop myself.
  • On the days I leave the house, I find myself close to wanting to commit GBH on some random stranger on average ten times a day.
  • Sometimes I think I would be far happier if I stayed in the flat forever and never left. But then I wouldn't want to end up like Sandra Bullock's character on the net, where people don't even recognise me to know my identity has been stolen.
  • I am scared I'll never fall in love.
  • At the same time, I'm not entirely sure I want to spend the rest of my life with someone else. That scares me too.
  • I am a mass of contradictions (had you guessed that yet?)
  • I alternate between slight broodiness and utter terror at the idea that I could have a kid dependent on me. ME??? Who can't even walk into a PUB myself??? (Not that I'd be taking a kid into a pub, but you know what I mean!) Funnily enough, the latter emotion is far more regular. I just get gooey-eyed when I see a baby - but then I'm the same with puppies and I CERTAINLY don't want to give birth to one of THEM!
  • I hate when people try to give me unwarranted advice. Close friends, I will accept it from, but people who barely know me? No. If I want advice from them, I will ask for it.
  • I loathe the commitment of a TV programme. I love shows like "Glee" or "FlashForward" but I hate that I feel obliged to watch them on the night they are actually on TV. Sometimes I deliberately WON'T watch it then just to make a point.
  • I am an absolute sucker for pretty things. Like this dress I bought today for the Edinburgh meet-up. Look how pretty!!!! :)
  • I wish I was a more confrontational person at times. Sometimes it would really help me out if I was.
  • I am still a nervous wreck inside everytime I walk into my office in the morning, ever since the crap that happened to me earlier on in the year. I'm not sure I'll ever feel the same again. I'm utterly uncomfortable and ill-at-ease pretty much 75% of the time. It's not good for my nerves.
  • I'm stronger than I look though. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I am soft on the outside, I am easily upset, but inside I'm build of sterner stuff.
  • I love blogging, I love the blogosphere and I don't see myself leaving it anytime soon.
  • I love all of you who read my silly thoughts and rants and general narcissism. You guys rock.
  • There's probably more, but one other thing I know to be true about myself is that I'm very bad for starting a sentence and then deciding I can't be bothered finishing it halfway through, so . . .


  1. This one is my favorite:

    "I alternate between slight broodiness and utter terror at the idea that I could have a kid dependent on me. ME???"

    Especially when you talk about going into the pub :)

  2. Reading this, I feel like I just got to know a lot more about you...great, honest post!

    Lovely dress :-)

  3. I can relate to almost every point you mentioned.

  4. This was quite a lovely read. Even if I don't know what happened to you in the morning at your office one day... I'm curious, but it sounds like it was traumatic...

  5. No kid is ever going to be dependent on me. I just don't have the birthing urge. They're like my tiny nemesis. I can't imagine being responsible for someone else who can't even feed themselves or wipe their own bums. I'm barely responsible for myself. Puppies though I can do. Puppies are way cuter than babies.

    Also, that dress is kickass.

  6. I can score an annoying twofer in one remark!

    When you find the one that is right to spend your life with, I think you'll find your fear of spending your life with someone will fade.

    See, a complete stranger just gave you advice and ...

  7. After reading this I now know for sure we are a lot alike. I can totally see myself in most of these!

  8. I love that dress, so pretty! I'd prefer it a little longer to cover my legs but that's just me!

    Thanks for sharing this, I feel like I know you better now! And I've discovered we're a lot alike. Actually, I already kind of knew that since I read your Who Is "P" page.

  9. So what do you doodle and waht's GBH?

  10. I can identify with most of them too. But if you ever tell anyone about the broody one, I will have to kill you.

    Great dress! Will everyone be wearing dresses except me? (I will worry about not fitting in until we're actually out having a blast)


  11. I hear you with the unsolicited advice bit. Did I ask you for your opinion? No? Well then, why are you bleating on in my ear.

    I try to understand that people are just trying to be kind but it does ignite the rage a little bit.

    (Very very pretty girly dress!)

  12. Almost ALL of that is something I would say about myself!
    I always have to write my name over and over again on a paper infront of me... it gets annoying if I had initially been trying to keep my paper neat! :(

  13. We sound quite a bit alike you and me. Especially with the whole kid thing!

  14. On board with you on like 90% of things you said, esp. the kid thing. I mean they're adorable to look at but, how can I hold a baby in one arm and still manage to not spill my martini?! :P


  15. That's my girl. You and I hold grudges for ever and a day. :) x

  16. Oh man, ME TOO.

    I am the laziest person alive but give me something that I'm into, and I'm all for it. And also, I enjoy time alone. More than I probably should. :)

    And you appear to be my tv-loving friend since Glee & Flash Forward are two of my top priorities but I NEVER remember when they're on.. so I watch them online instead. Kind of awesome.

  17. I am scared I'll never fall in love.

    You will, my dear. You're too positively delightful not too. :-)

  18. Were we separated at birth? :))))) Suzie xxx

  19. Dude, I can relate to SOOO freaking much of this!! Seriously! I could have written this myself. I am also a mass of contradictions and I don't know about love.. if I will fall in love or if i even want to. I also have serious commitment issues with television.

  20. You're so cute! I am so stealing this post-idea!

  21. You don't want to end up like Sandra's character on the net, but don't ever settle bc you think love will never happen again - you don't want to be like Sandra & Jesse James!! :)

    Love your blog!! <3

  22. We are so much alike, yet not.
    I love how I can totally identify with you


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