Sunday, 16 May 2010


So I learned last night that not much has changed in the way I feel about my former friends.

The girl I went to the party with - she was lovely. In fact, we seemed to have a lot in common, despire not having saw each other for about fourteen years. We are probably going to end up meeting up again, but in Glasgow next time!

The girl holding the party was also very nice, and I got the impression that, had it not been for the fact she had to mingle, she would have spoken to us a lot more.

The rest of them though . . . let's just say I wasn't too impressed.

Some of them didn't even say HELLO, let alone ask me how I was.

Now THAT is rude. Right?

After a couple of hours we decided to leave as the girl I had went with had the potential opportunity to hook up with the cute barguy in the pub we went into first. Unfortunately the bouncer owuldn't let me back in the pub, saying I looked too drunk. As my friend went in to tell the barguy we couldn't come back in, I told the bouncer over and over that I only looked drunk because I couldn't walk in my five inch heels, and how I never normally wear high heels. He clearly didn't believe me.

He may have had a point.

We headed to good ol' Hamilton Palace (dear God) where the dancing wasn't open yet but we went into the pub below to wait. Unfortunately by this point I had had enough to drink and a wave of tiredness hit me. I tried to hold out for the barguy to come and meet my friend but she could tell I was exhausted.

And as I got out of the taxi on my parent's street, I managed to fall flat on my face in the middle of the road. I don't know if it was the alcohol or the heels. But I ended my night with my mum tending to my wounds as if I was a small child, and sticking a plaster on my grazed knee.

So I guess I really DID regress to childhood last night . . .


  1. Sorry the night was not a complete success, but at least the girl you went with was nice and you can meet up again in the future!
    Other rude people are best left in the past...

  2. Awww, your mum is super sweet :) mine would scream at the fact that I'm drunk in the first place. Haha. Feel better love, hope there's no harsh hangover.

  3. You poor thing! Hope your wounds aren't too bad. At least the girl you were with was nice :-) And 5 inch heels?! How did you manage that one?

  4. Sounds like a good night!! I always hate when people aren't as friendly as I am. It's almost awkward..

  5. Moms are the best!!! :) My mom would do the same thing! As for the former friends how rude! & your friend is really nice to give up her guy for you! Hope you feel better after your fall! :)

  6. hope today goes better than last night! moms are the best!

  7. Mums are the best. Mine will stick band-aids on my kitty-scratches from the cats at work. Sometimes she even puts the antiseptic gel on them too.

  8. at least girl you went with and the hostess were nice! boo for falling out of the cab, hopefully your wounds are healing!

  9. Ohhhh honey *huuugs* at least one or two of the girls were still friendly at any rate!


  10. OUCH!! What a way to end the evening. I'm glad you had your mum there to look after you, rather than heading to your flat.

  11. Haha, loving the old "itsh jusht my shoooooooooooshhhhh" excuse! ;)

    Sounds like you had a fairly successful night. Shows that too much fretting can be pointless! :)


  12. Oh no be careful of the shoes!!! They seem to be taking us down all over the place!


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