Monday, 31 May 2010


I don't even have the energy to come up with a good title for this post. Oh well. I'm home now. After having to wait around forever for my train home after the Manchester tweet-up, it was nice to be able to jump on a train five minutes after I got to the station and be back in Glasgow a mere 50 minutes later.

It was such a fab weekend. Why???

  • Our apartment was utterly amazing, and we had a great view of the water. (I am absolutely gobsmacked that we actually got Helen to leave today. I was convinced we'd be having to drag her our of there.)
  • I got to hang out with Miss Smidge, Pink Jellybaby and Helen again, and got to meet Pearl and Vicky as well.
  • I got to drink lots and lots of rose wine.
  • I got three nights out in Edinburgh, all in very different areas.
  • I got to share a bed with Miss Smidge and when she fell asleep I took advantage of her. Every night. (Sorry Smidge, but I couldn't resist.)
  • I live-tweeted the Eurovision song contest. That was amazingly good fun. (And, yes, I AM a complete saddo.)
  • I got to wear my new skirt and dress. (Not at the same time obvs!)
  • We visited a bar that served their cocktails in teapots and teacups. We also visited a bar that sold cakes and had board games in the back. Quirky.
  • I ran quite a lot last night as I was desperate to get to Asda before ten pm so we could buy more alcohol. This means I worked off some of the excesses of the weekend in one go.
  • We went exploring, with Smidge as our tour guide. (By the way, she is a sadist who made us walk up hills. Watch out for her.)
  • I have decided I like Edinburgh after all.

I cannot wait to see all the pictures that were taken over the course of the weekend (the ones I snapped on my BlackBerry were fairly limited) and I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms already. Miss your faces, girls!!!!

PS And I'm NOT a 'weegie!!!!!


  1. Aww! Miss your face too! xx

  2. Sounds like you all had fun - yey! :) x

  3. Just the wine itself would have made it a great weekend! lol

    Glad you had such a wonderful time!

  4. Miss you too!
    Was loving Edinburgh, everyone and everything was really nice, but now I just want to go home and they're not letting me! Hating Easyjet! Never flying with them again!
    But other than that, brilliant weekend :-)

  5. From all the fun times you guys seemed to have, I really wanna get in with the next one! :D

    Sounds like you had a great weekend, so I'll just do a little happy dance for you! *wigglewiggle*


  6. I want to meet Smidge the Sadist

  7. Haha! Love it. Plus I think Smidge the Sadist is a great name.

  8. Sounds like you had a great time!!! Did you see many men in kilts? xx

  9. I want to see more pictures too. That view is incredible.

  10. Woo glad you had fun!

    Although I am mistrustful of your statement that you may like Edinburgh after all. Clearly the city got you drunk to affect your judgement... :P xXx


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