Thursday, 8 April 2010


Come one, come all to the very last TMI Thursday. LiLu has declared it her last, so let's all take part one more time and share some embarrassment or utter grossness with the world.

TMI Thursday

***Alright, folks, you know the rules. Join us all in humiliating the crap out of yourself every Thursday by sharing some completely tasteless, wholly unclassy, “how many readers can I estrange THIS week??” TMI story about your life. Or hell, about someone else’s!

Okay, so this one isn't so much gross, it's just a bit embarrassing. I've touched on the story before but here it is in its full glory - what I remember of it anyway.

Bit of a back story first - about a month prior to this happening, I was at a work night out and snogged a 21 year old. Well, he snogged me, and I didn't stop him. What I didn't realise what that he had a girlfriend and his girlfriend had a baby (not his, I believe). After it happened, I had a bit of a fall out with one of my best friends, because she assumed I knew he had a girlfriend. We got it sorted in the end, but it made me a bit wary of who I snogged in the future.

So anyway, fast forward a month or so to the end of January 2009, and I was at a party. The party started early-ish, say around about three pm . . . so I was drinking rose from 3pm. Hmmm. Not a wise move. I also really wanted to kiss someone, but single guys were pretty limited at this party. There was one guy who seemed nice enough and I was pretty sure he was single, so eventually after chatting for a bit out in the hall, we started kissing.

We came up for air and something struck me. "You don't have a girlfriend, right?" I asked. I didn't want to get into trouble again.

He laughed and said no, and we started kissing again.

However, we were both drunk and I think we'd kind of forgotten we were in a hallway of a flat, where the party was in full swing in the living room, all the lights were on, the door was open to the living room and we were giving a bit of a floor show to the rest of the party-goers.

And his hands were in my knickers.


This went on for a bit, neither of us having any sense of public decency, and finally I think my friend didn't want me to be humiliated any longer and came to try and rescue me.

"Paula, WHAT are you doing?" she asked me sharply.

I unengaged my lips from the guy and turned around in surprise. "It's okay," I assured her. "I asked him. This one DOESN'T have a girlfriend."

"Paula," she said slowly, looking me up and down. "Your skirt is undone."

That was the point when I actually realised where I was and that most of the party had been watching me getting . . . well, let's say fondled in inappropriate ways for public viewing unless I was on a porn site on the internet.

Taxi for P???

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(And don't worry, the TMI will continue on my blog, just not on a regularly scheduled day!)


  1. Oh MY Goodness Paula!! That was a funny story lol. I can only imagine how humiliated you were! Luckily you were intoxicated so you weren't 100% there ;-) I love your TMI stories!

  2. Good grief!! At least you were enjoying yourself :)

  3. LOL!! Oh yeah I've been there I was in a bar tho. I had done the Open Bar so I had wayyyyyy tooo much to drink & the guy was my boyfriend at the time but we forgot that we were in the bar & could be seen by everyone. It was kinda funny.

    "This one doesn't have a gf!" - luv it!

  4. My favourite part is how you justify it... 'it's okay, he doesn't have a girlfriend!'

    Bless lol :) x

  5. LOL amazing! What a show :p

  6. Ha ha, well done in asking if he had a girlfriend! I think i may take your approach the next time i meet a hot guy! Don't feel bad for having your skirt undone, least it wasn't round your ankles i guess?!

  7. It's amazing what a little day drinking will do to you eh? At least he didn't have a girlfriend :) Classic!

  8. To be fair, I don't have a problem with that. Someone should be getting some at a new years eve party!

    I did last year, not this most recent one though. Pah, you should make that a tradition


  9. OMG!! That's so crazy! Great TMI story. Today is the first day I did a TMI, so I'm sorry to hear it won't be a thing for people after this week. I may still do it though...

    Your story reminds me of a couple I was watching in a bar on my 24th birthday. They ended up with her straddling him on a bar stool before they noticed they had an audience and left, lol

  10. I kinda did a similar thing once...

    I was at a party and there was a girl there and yeah I decided I wanted to make out and... well maybe go further (it didn't)... anyway we're both trashed and we're making out and I think to myself "I don't think I've ever given a girl a hickey before" (FYI that's also known as a "love bite")... So we're making out hard and heavy and I decide she's going to be my first one... So I move down to her neck and I start to go to work on her... Now mind you we were both quite drunk... and I really don't recall anything else beyond that.

    As a matter a fact she left before I had a chance to see my work... but it must have been good because I earned the nickname "Hoover" for it.

  11. Hahaha that's too funny!! Totally something I would do.

  12. hahaha, LOVE IT! At least your friend was decent enough to stop you at some point. When I was younger and had shitty friends, they let me do some pretty awful stuff at parties while intoxicated. :D

  13. I have a similar story in a hotel a few months back. But he was 24. So i'm only slightly embarrassed :)

  14. Mr. Potato (the boyfriend) gets SUPER loving when drunk... Last time, we were at a party, I was completely sober and he was uber drunk, so each time we made out, his hands were under my shirt, on my ass, etc.

    I know what you mean ;)

  15. you classy girlfriend! hehe loves it

  16. Ha ha, oh dear! At least you'd had a few drinks so you can always blame your public indecency on that :)

  17. a little public fondling never hurt anyone.

    day drinking FTW

  18. ooh you dirty little minx!

    And I just love the "it's ok, he doesn't have a girlfriend"... :D


  19. Thanks for playing one last time, my darling! :-)


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