Friday, 30 April 2010


I LOVE going on holiday. But I find actually getting there extremely stressful.

It all starts in the airport. Actually, no, that's not right. My stress starts before my journey TO the airport. When is check-in? When should I phone for a taxi? Should I pre-book it? What if they forget about me? After I've phoned, how long will it take them to turn up? Will I get to the airport in one piece? How much will it cost?

(Considering the last two journeys I have had to the airport involved a crash and a broken gearbox, I think I'm justified in many of the worries.)

Then we reach the airport. Where is check-in? Is it open? Is it the one with the massive queue? (Yes) Is there more than one queue for this particular check-in? (Yes) Will I choose the slower queue like I always end up doing in the supermarket? (Yes) Will me and the rest of my party be so near the back of the queue we end up having to sit separately?

(Thank God we've pre-booked seats this time.)

Security. Am I wearing anything that will make the machine bleep? (Probably not, but it will undoubtedly beep anyway.) Is my bag going to get searched? Am I going to be subjected to some sort of body cavity search? Do I have something in my carry-on that I shouldn't? Have I chose the wrong queue again? (yes). What if someone steals my stuff at the other end of the x-ray machine before I get to it? Will I have to take off my shoes?

(I HATE that.)

Through security. How much alcohol can I drink at the airport bar before I am refused the chance to get on the flight? Will my flight be delayed for eight hours like the Majorca one last year?

Boarding. One time me, my mum and some other travellers got stuck in a passage on the way to board the plane. One of the doors closed and we couldn't get it open from our side. We thought we were going to be forgotten about and left behind. It didn't happen but WHAT IF IT HAPPENS AGAIN???

Oh then I worry that the person in the aisle seat will already have sat down, which means I will need to climb over them or make them stand up to reach my seat. What if they hate me for the entire flight???

And, the most important one, ever-present no matter how smoothly anything else may go. Will the plane crash?

Safe to say I worry too much . . .

But worrying doesn't get packing done. Neither does blogging, I guess . . .

What stresses YOU out most about air travel?


  1. The only thing that stresses me out about air travel is getting to the airport on time... After that... not much else can be done...

  2. i check my ticket for the date of travel about a thousand times. I'm always afraid i am going to show up on the wrong date. that has never happened, so not sure why it worries me so.

    Hope you have a good trip

  3. Wow. I could have written this! All of those things stress me out as well. I'm always hideously early at the airport, way more than they tell you to be, all because I'm so damn paranoid.

    Once, when I lived in NYC, I took a coach from Manhattan to JFK airport, leaving plenty time as always and the driver got into a fight with a passenger en route, got off the bus ON THE HIGHWAY and refused to get back on till the guy apologized. And he wouldn't. And this went on for TWO HOURS until someone else threatened to drive the bus if he didn't get his ass back on board. And everyone was freaking out and pandemonium was happening and I got to the check in five minutes after the last boarding call for my flight had gone out, had to beg them to help me and was practically yanked onto the plane by the stewardess as the doors closed. Everyone looked at me like I was the devil because I was THAT PERSON. And I was mortified because it wasn't even my fault!

    I shudder just thinking about it. :)

    I'm sure yours will go nice and smoothly and without incident.

  4. I am scared of flying (but I fly a lot) so that is the worst part for me. Although, calculating the precise number of drinks to consume before the flight is a challenge as well (but I like that part much better).

  5. Wow, you stress about it a LOT! I always stress about getting to the airport in time and being able to sit next to whoever I'm travelling with. I have been known to get to the airport 2 hours before check-in opens and then just hover and watch the check-in desks so I can rush to one as soon as they open! Needless to say I always think it's worth paying the extra to pre-book seats! Hope it all goes smoothly for you this time :)

  6. I hate connecting flights and buses more than anything. I'm always so worried about one slight delay having a domino effect, such that I'm stranded in the most random of locales half-way between home and my destination.

    When I fly into the US, I'm also ridiculously worried about answering the customs questions wrong, even though I've never done anything illegal.

  7. I get stressed about getting to the airport on time.

    I once put a vibrator in another girl's suitcase (in college) so the machine would beep. Hehe.

    Enjoy your trip!

  8. HAha this is brilliant!! The first time I ever travelled alone, when I went to America I was at the airport about 20 hours early because I was so convinced I was going to miss it - I was staying at a hotel that was about 15 minutes away!

    (PS I e-mailed you on Thursday with a guest post but you can't have got it for some reason. Cue FREAK OUT! Have just e-mailed you again, if you don't get it let me know if there's another way I can try and get it to you!)

  9. Pretty much same here :) My other half on the other hand is the one who doesn't worry at all and arrives at the airport at the last possible moment.

  10. I don't know much about European airports but Americans take a short forever. I got to LAX 2 hours early to connect to San Francisco and still missed my flight because of security. Did I mention LAX has no plugs? My phone died in the airport and I was in a strange city in a train terminal trying to find my friends.

    Lesson? none. I've almost missed 3 flights since then and left my phone chargers in hotels more times than I can count. Oh well!

  11. I LOVE airports and i love to travel by plane but the thing that stresses me out most when travelling is my friends. Travelling alone is so much easier because i only have myself to worry about but i literally cannot trust them to sort out anything! x

  12. I get super stressed out about being on time, about there being space near my seat for the overhead luggage, about the plane dropping out of the sky while we're flying...

    I love to travel, hate to fly. That said, don't fret! It'll all be fine!

  13. children on planes and will I be sat near one? I specifically request to be nowhere near children when I fly now, because of that one time I flew from NY to LA and had a small child either side of me, only to then have their parents disappear for the eight hours we were on that plane.
    Children, spewy passengers, not getting my aisle seat, and turbulence are my biggest concerns.

  14. haha, i love your list! Have a great holiday!

  15. i'm always a nervous wreck that i'm going to miss my flight so the most stressful time is getting to the airport and through the lines.

  16. I worry more about the smells that can come from the person sitting besides me, cant stand bad BO

  17. You know yourself, honey - I like making sure we're there early. Means we can also get a drink or two in the airport bar beforehand :P

  18. Wow, you really do stress out a lot..

    I love flying. I love the excitement, the waiting, the panic when you can't find your passport... There's just something about it. I suppose it's a good thing because if I were to go back home, it would take me 15 hours altogether with three stops and lots of transfers.

    The only thing I stress about? Losing my passport/tickets on the airport. I once did this as well.. The ex and I were in Turkey and went to the Tax Free to buy booze. As we paid, they wanted to see our passports and tickets. Apparently I took my stuff but just left his on the desk. He wasn't too impressed.. :D


  19. I basically only worry about having to sit beside someone who is too big to fit in their seat. I've only had a slight problem one and it was on a really short flight but still I always worry everytime I see a really big person that they'll be seated beside me!


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