Wednesday, 14 April 2010


I just realised there is a blog swap a-happening today in this here blogosphere. And I managed to miss out. Gutted. I still kind of wanted to take part though, so I decided to do a guest post, of sorts. Meet one of my lovely friends, dear to my heart and witness to many events in my life . . .

Hi everyone!

My name is Rosy.

Not be confused with Paula's Aunt Rose (AKA her "time of the month"), I am one of Paula's bestest friends, and closest confidantes.

My name is actually Rose too. I think there's an accent somewhere in there, an acute or something, but I can't work out how to do them on this computer. (Come on, I reckon it's impressive enough that a bottle of wine has managed to type AT ALL!) Anyway, Paula decided it would be easier for me to call myself Rosy, and that works for me!

I am the possessive sort. I get upset if she cheats on me with Cava, or Abbie (short for Absolut) . . . or that brief flirtation she had with Jacques (cider). But I know deep down she'll always come back to me.

I spend much time with her. I am both the devil and angel on her right and left shoulder. She loves me, but sometimes curses the things I entice her to do.

Like that little "text with an ex" situation I lead her into last weekend. Or falling over with a bottle in her bag (yes, she may have been cheating on me with WHITE wine, but it was ME who caused her state of drunkenness originally). Or just falling over full stop. I was with her in Manchester. I was there the night she accused a guy she had only just met of liking to shag dead people (SHE can't even remember that.) I'm there often when she reads blogs and makes comments. I like pretty much all the same blogs that she does.We have a ridiculously compatible sense of humour.

See? I know all of YOU too. We may not have met personally, or perhaps we have. But I know all about your lives.

I'M A STALKER!!!! (Just screwing with ya.)

But anyway, you know about most of the incidents I mentioned above anyway, right? I've been with her while she wrote some of the posts about these happy times. So I'm going to share what I did the other night. Which was some of my best work yet, if I say so myself!

I encouraged her to send an email to one of her (and my) blog crushes.

Then I made sure I erased her memory so she didn't remember actually SENDING the email.

This is what the email said:

I am drunk (on a monday, how embarrassing!) but I'm emailing because I think you rock and I want to be friends in real life.
Yes, I'm really uncool, but there you go!
P :)(
If not we'll forget this ever happened and you'll never know I said hi!

How embarrassing, right? It made me laugh anyway. Luckily Paula saw the funny side AND the fellow blogger said she DOES want to be her friend. So it's all good in da hood. (I'm "street" like that.)

Anyway, this was fun. Perhaps Paula will let me do another guest post again sometime. I hope so. Perhaps I'll even have some MORE embarrassing stories to tell you. I'm already plotting as I type.

(Did I mention it's hard to type without hands? I'm using a corkscrew as a substitute.)

I'm off now. Me and Paula are going to hang out tonight and read some more blogs and then perhaps later Ill hang out with Abby and the others. Some dude called Jack Daniels has been hanging around recently - me and Abby both like him and are competing for his affection. I'm not QUITE sure he's to my taste but I won't know til I give him a try, right??? ;)

Lots of love (and drunken memories or lack thereof)

Miss Rosy Wine


PS I like "Gossip Girl". Can you tell?


  1. Oh, I love it!! More posts from Miss Rosy, please! :D x

  2. Wicked post. Tell Rose, the guest speaker for today, that she rocks!

  3. Brilliant!!!

    I've just realised that if my friends were to do posts, it'd be Jack, Glen, and Jose.

    Wow. Still more male friends than female. Although roller derby is more than making up for it now lol :)


  4. This is hilarious. Jack is a buddy of mine, too. Hope you all have fun together :)

  5. Lol, so funny!

    I'm also upset about missing the blog swap they start on 20-Something Bloggers. I realized I had missed the deadline to sign up by, no joke, 17 minutes.

    By the way, you don't have to put street in quotations...

  6. Very funny and original post!
    Look forward to hearing from Rosy again soon :)

  7. Rosy and I fell out a few years back so this post was difficult to read...

    But most amusing! ;)


  8. Haha, I love that post! Although it took some time for me to figure out who Rosy actually is. I'm a little slow sometimes.

  9. Tell Miss Rosy that I am sorry I have temporarily abandoned her but come August I will be hanging out w/ her again full time. I live for the day!

  10. You guys are absolutely hilarious!!! I love these stories!!! =)

  11. Give Rosy my love, I haven't see her in a while! x

  12. Very funny post :)

    Miss Rosy Wine Rocks!


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