Monday, 26 April 2010


  • realise I'm drunk and should stop drinking . . . then keep right on drinking
  • fall over
  • injure myself in silly ways (this weekend I managed to headbutt the corner of my desk while bending down in the dark to unplug my netbook charger. I now have a "hole in my head" according to my sister.
  • show people my boobs.
  • ask guys what size their penis is
  • drop my drink. This tends to only happen when I have a real glass - weird how it never happens with the plastic glasses, eh?
  • adding people I barely know on Facebook purely because Facebook have suggested I do it. Then I get the "**** has accepted your friend request" a few days later and think "WTF?"
  • speaking of Facebook, making passive aggressive status updates about whatever is annoying me at the time
  • drunk online buying. Like the time I bought a "Juliette and the Licks" album purely because Zane Lowe played one of their songs on some music show. I didn't even remember buying it until it showed up. Or the time I ordered a couple of comedy dvds but managed to order two of each of them. Stupid.
  • starting to cry for absolutely no reason
  • saying something utterly stupid to a guy I like
  • telling someone exactly what I think of them (that's a fairly new one)
  • leaving wherever I am without telling anyone and walking home
  • kissing people I shouldn't
  • texting people I shouldn't


What silly things do YOU do while drunk?


  1. Haha - I think I've done quite a few of these things as well!

  2. Dirty dancing. But I haven't been that drunk for a while ;)
    Falling down the stairs in a nightclub and wondering in the morning where on earth those bruises on my knees came from.
    Swearing in Polish very loudly (in English if I'm in Poland).
    Walking barefoot even if it's February.
    Pissing my other half off big time.

  3. i think we're ALL guilty of more than one of these! Trying to think of daft things I do when I'm drunk now!

  4. It's been far too long since I've been really drunk...

    And even far more too long since I've been drunk around a woman as much fun as you... =)

  5. Annoying everyone.

    Talking the biggest load of nonsense humanly possible.

    Falling off beds (my own or other's).

    Drunk buying - not so much now but ALL the time when I was a student. You could always tell when my grants had come through when the eBay packages started arriving lol.

    Drunk singing.

    Fooling around with people I probably shouldn't.

    Or... a new one that I hope never to repeat... falling asleep in the pub toilet and being found at closing time. Oh yeah. A new low even for me lol

  6. Girl...I do all those things while sober. lol At least you can blame the alcohol.

  7. This list cracked me up. Especially the facebook friending on a whim...HA.

  8. I think I love you. Honest!

    I tend to reveal a lot of very personal, very dirty and very perverted information to anyone who'll listen

    I'll try to get everybody naked

    I decide that it's a great idea to txt ex's to ask for sex, get them to come over and then ask them why they're there

    And best of all? I decide to play with the vicious one of my snakes which then results in bitemarks all over my arms and one missing snake..


  9. Kissing and texting people i shouldn't is always the main one for me.

    I love the fact you drink and purchase.

    P - i wanna go out for drinks with you!

  10. Hahaha!

    Pretty much every time I drink I: lose my shoes, drop drink glasses, and buy all of my friends food on the way home.

    Good Times.

  11. I thought this was the drunk posting at first. I was about to say, "no fair! I thought this should be a group activity!" But that's not what this was, lol.

    I've definitely done some of those things. But to add to the list: make dates with random men that they actually expect me to keep the next weekend.

    The 20s Life

  12. Agree to take tequila shots even though tequila + me = vomit. Apparently when I'm drunk it is more important to seem fun than to think about 20 minutes later.

  13. Insisting on buying all the drinks for everyone even though I can't afford it, befriending random people in the street and telling off any French people because my husband ran off with a French girl!

  14. You make me want to drink with you, P!

    I drunk text. Oh, and I talk a lot of shite while drunk, too.


  15. Check Check Check.. yeah check to all that you said.. I especially tend to injure myself. Last weekend I fell off a porch and hit my head on an air conditioning unit which still hurts...

  16. You and I should never go out and get drunk together - we do exactly the same things - the result would be a mess of epic proportions!

  17. Very funny....and I have done loads of these things too, only when quite sober!

  18. OH my god what is it with the dropping glasses thing?! It's like they just won't stay in my hand, they just slip right through it. I'll be left with my hand still in the grip position, just completely empty!!

  19. Crikey, all of them!

    The ones I hate the most are the random injuries, not remembering anything and losing my glasses, I must have lost £350 worth of spex over the last 2 years :\

  20. one time... I blogged drunk. And commented drunk. It was Australia Day a few years ago and I rambled about how it was 'Unaustralian' NOT to be drunk on Australia Day, and that next year I was going to pledge my allegiance to my motherland by posing naked with our flag.
    There was also that one time I went to the loo and had sat there for a good five minutes before I realised nothing was happening.

  21. I get the random bruises & cuts that i have NO clue how I got them!! Along with the hole in the head. I hit my face with my keys when I was a lil bit tipsy this weekend. Your hilarious. I do the "Tell people what I really think of them" too. It might suck at first but it does eventually help. I do the texting thing too. Oops!

  22. i whisper in my outdoor voice, which gets me into MUCHO trouble.

    i also get really, um, easy. see above, re: MUCHO TROUBLE.


  23. Hahahaha, you see? Cellphones, email and social media accounts should have a safety option that asked "are you sure you want to send this?"...

  24. I think that it's a good thing that, back in my drinking days, there wasn't so much technology for me to get myself in trouble with.

  25. Drunk texting. That never ends well.

  26. Gold woman! Gold!

    I put myself on a champagne ban after offending someone on facebook after downing 2 bottles. Also, and ebay ban after I purchased a piece of clay in the shape of a bull for around $120 plus postage - think I might need to blog on that today! Thanks for the inspiration.

  27. Isn't it good to know we all do these things? We're not alone! :D

  28. And those are why we should party together :p


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