Monday, 19 April 2010


I have just walked in the door after work and I am absolutely LIVID thanks to this ASSHOLE who tried to run me over and then had a go at me.

This guy actually deserves several punches in the face.

Let me explain here. I'm not some stupid little girl who throws herself across roads in front of cars. If I am crossing a road and not at an "official" crossing, I'm over-cautious to the point where I tend to actually be standing there for several minutes before I move. I don't want to risk getting hit by a car. It's fairly simple.

And it was this guy who was in the wrong, not me. I think perhaps he knew it, deep down. (It was fairly obvious he was in the wrong but he WAS an idiot, so I'm assuming his brain maybe wasn't capable of processing the hard cold truth of the matter.)

I had been standing waiting to cross the road for a couple of minutes and it wasn't showing any sign of improving. The second the cars disappeared in one direction, the cars appeared in the other. I was getting a bit frustrated but still waiting patiently for a chance to get across.

FINALLY there was light at the end of the tunnel. A clear way across in one lane and the other only had four cars coming. The first stopped before it reached me , moving into the centre of the road and indicating it was about to go down the street I had just came from. It was holding me up, as the other cars had to go around it to get past. So once they were past, I started crossing the road and was nearly across when the driver of the first car apparently changed his mind and started driving straight ahead.

Either way, he was being a douche. Option one - he just wasn't paying attention. Option two - he SAW me crossing the road and decided to just be an ass. I shook my head as I made it to the pavement, angry that he was being so careless. Particularly until I had waited until the point it was safe, HE was the one who had changed the rules and driven recklessly.

So then he pulls up beside me and rolls down his window and tells me he doesn't know what I'm shaking my head for. "You nearly hit me!" I shouted at him, aware people around me could hear but not particularly caring.

"Well maybe you should watch where you're going," he snarled back.

"Well you shouldn't have tried to drive on straight ahead when you were clearly turning!" I yelled back, feeling myself getting red and angry.

"I wasn't turning," he lied. "You just weren't paying attention and got a fright."

Hmmm. If he wasn't turning, why did he indicate, stop in the middle of the road and let all the cars behind him pass him? Unless he was deliberately TRYING to hit me with his shitty little car, that is.

Fucking moron. He had more to say. "Perhaps you should take out those earphones," he added.

Oh yes, because my earphones make me unable to see cars that decide to run me over randomly, and he seemed to have neglected to notice that I was having this entire argument with him while my earphones were still IN, therefore there was nothing wrong with my hearing either.

I repeat - fucking moron.

Let's just say I went the childish route and before I walked away, I gave him the finger.

"Nice." I heard him mutter sarcastically as he pulled away from the kerb.

Yes, Mr "I Undoubtedly Have a Tiny Penis and That's Why I'm So Angry" Crap-Driver, that WAS nice of me. Because what I really wanted to do was take a hammer to your car . . . and then to your skull.

Mind you, you're so hard-headed, I doubt you'd even notice. After all, it's hard to suffer from brain damage when you don't have two brain cells to rub together in the first place . . .


  1. give me 2 dollars and I'll fly out there and punch him in the face.

    Several times.

  2. *POW!* A collective punch for bad drivers :)

  3. You should have kicked his car!

  4. Ah a classic bully, as in he did something wrong to make himself feel better he must make you feel bad. What a twat!! Him, not you.
    I'm glad you weren't hurt by someone who obviously took his driving test in Noddy's car (((hugs)))

  5. I think I would have been more childish and mockingly repeat his "well maybe you should take out those earphones..."

    or the rather popular "Perhaps you should suck it!"

  6. i have crazy road rage and DO NOT blame you!! I've been known to jump out of the car and scream...not pretty....

  7. What an idiot! He probably realised he was in the wrong and acted like such a fool to hide his embarassment. I would have been tempted to kick his car!

  8. Oh you have every right to be mad. He would have gotten an earful if it was me! lol - Pedestrians have the right of way!

  9. Tiny Penis Man deserves to have his license revoked.

    I'm glad you're ok!

  10. Taz is right, he knew he was in the wrong but a bully will always try and turn a situation around. What shocks me most about this story is that nobody came over to see if you were ok. That man verbally abused you after nearly running you over, you'd be forgiven for feeling shaken up! I dunno, people just don't seem to give a shit about one another any more. Perhaps they never did.

  11. oh sweet heart, you would have such problems crossing a road in Bangkok. I gotten used to asshole drivers.
    Living here you develop ultimate road crossing guts.

  12. Skate to the face! Fucking prick. I think we're all rather furious on your behalf, honey. GRR.


  13. pfft.. You shoulda just asked him at what point did he decide to cut off his knob and attach it to his shoulders...



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