Sunday, 4 April 2010


So yesterday I hopped on the train to Carluke to go hang out with one of my friends. The contents of my bag had been hastily assembled and I'd thrown in a fairly new (a mere two weeks old!) bottle of greeny-blue nail polish. I'd painted my nails in a hurry and rush-jobs are rarely much good which is why I felt that taking the polish along with me would be a good idea.

Boy was I wrong.

It was a busy train and I had my bag on my lap until Cambuslang, when the people sitting around me got up. When I transferred my bag to the now-empty seat beside me, I discovered a greeny-blue stain on my coat . . . and a greeny-blue stain on my bag. Upon further investigation, I discovered that the bottle had actually BROKEN IN HALF in my bag. Greeny-blue varnish dotted most of my belongings - I had no tissues so was forced to try and clean up the mess by using the myriad of old subway tickets sitting on the bottom of my bag. By the time I'd finished, all I could smell was nail polish - you know how toxic-smelling it is, right? - and my hands were covered in the stuff.

Luckily I managed to pick up nail polish remover and my hands were restored to their former glory. Phew.

But that wasn't all that was in store for my bag. There was worse to come.

After a few drinks (aka a bottle of wine) we decided to go to the local pub. We got there, we drank more. Apparently a guy then bought us a bottle of wine. I don't remember this. I DO remember that I was very drunk by this point though. I needed my bed. We decided to leave. Since I had the biggest bag, my friend put the rest of the unfinished bottle in there. It's okay, it had a screw-top.

This would have been all well and good had I not ended up falling over on the way home,

I have no idea how it happened. I wasn't wearing heels. I wasn't trying to dance (I think). But I was drunk and the ground was wet. I managed to fall in such a way that my bag took a lot of the impact.

You can possibly guess what happened next.

The bottle smashed.

My poor bag was now full of white wine and broken glass. Oh, and half my belongings.

I woke up this morning to realise the contents of my bag were all over my friend's bedroom floor, the bag itself was damp and stank of wine, there was glass among my belongings and my coat and tights were coated in mud.

The only silver lining of this was at least I'd got rid of the toxic nail polish smell.

The biggest cloud? It was a terrible waste of wine . . .


  1. What a nightmare! Poor you...
    Criminal waste of wine ;-)

  2. hahahahahhaa sounds like a great weekend to me! Shame about the wine though, what a waste!

    My first day of work, I took my gucci handbag with me, bought a bottle of diet coke to take up with me & half way thru the day, found 1/2 of bottle had leaked all over my handbag, like a puddle everywhere! luckily all my important belongings were in the zipper section so didnt get damaged! Managed to empty the back, put it inside out & now it's okay again thankfully!!!

    Terrible day though hahahaha

  3. What an eventful day for your bag and for you!

    You're last sentence just cracked me up :P

  4. That is a bad way for alcohol to go. Never waste a drop if you can help it.

    Ah well. Sounds like a good night though :)

  5. Oh no! I can only imagine what was the greater loss - the wine, or the bag!!

  6. I once knocked a chocolate cake martini in my purse. It smelled like cake for at least a couple of weeks.

  7. P, you make me laugh, girl.

    Poor bag. But the silver lining should actually be that this gives you an excuse to purchase a new bag!

  8. ARGH it's bad enough when nail polish explodes (or pens, for that matter) but wine as well?

    Poor little bag. :( Hope you're nursing it back to health! Hehe.

  9. I REALLY hope it wasn't an expensive bag. :P


  10. LOL!!! What a crazy story. That happened to me too, except it was just a bottle of water, thank God. But it just spilled through my bag and the passenger seat of my car, while I was on my way to pick up a friend. I basically had to chaffeur her because neither of us felt like it was a good idea to ride in the soaked seat.

  11. Oh dear I hope you didn't like the purse that much!! I've had nights like that where just eerything went wrong. Last Saturday my hair straightener broke & then my high heel broke mid way through the night. Sometimes you just can't catch a lil break. It drives me insane. I hope the rest of the weekend was a lil better for you!!

  12. Oh no!! That sounds like something I'd do... bless your heart!!


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