Saturday, 24 April 2010


So you know how I've been back on my diet this week. I mentioned it the other day. And how I had been really good and resisted temptation.

Despite all this, I was weighing myself every morning and I was exactly the same weight Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday morning. Right down to the decimal point - for reals! It was weird because one night - I think Wednesday? - I randomly decided to weigh myself in the evening and I was STILL that weight. And everyone knows that's bollocks because after eating during the day and whatever, you're always heavier in the evening, right?

So I was starting to think either 1) my diet wasn't working or 2) my scales were broken.

I'm not sure which option was worst.

I weighed myself yesterday morning and - miracle of miracles! - I had lost 1.4 pounds. Thank God!

But last night, after a crappy week, I knew I had to have a bit of a blowout. So I got myself a bottle of rose wine, a frozen pizza (well, two little ones) and a Chocolate Orange bar. And ate and drank it all. I knew it was stupid while I was on a diet but I felt like I NEEDED It.

(Why yes, I AM an emotional eater! How did you know???)

So it was with slight trepidation I weighed myself this morning.


So . . . . bottle of Cava and a Dime bar tonight then . . . :)


  1. I'm an emotional eater too. Good food just makes me happy, not sure its the same thing but eh. Wine is pretty damn cool too.

  2. If I can lose weight by having wine, pizza and chocolate...I wouldn't eat anything else!

    How DO you do it?

  3. Wow now THIS is my kinda diet! I'm dreadful for comfort/boredom eating so I know where you're coming from :) plus sometimes I want a subway so badly I could just 'splode!

  4. Hahaha awesome! I've had no sense of willpower recently. Although I'm sure you'll have guessed that already... lol


  5. i think weight loss is like a delayed reaction. weight gain too - i'll eat terribly and be like, yeah, i'm still skinny (or the skinny version of me), and then - three days later. giant. *sigh*, such a hassle...

  6. I'm an emotional eater too. And during that time of the month, I totally pig out!

    Lately I've been eating everything in sight. Even when I'm not hungry, I still shovel food in my mouth like it's going out of style. Ugh! Gotta stop doing that!

    Congrats on the weightloss! I weigh myself pretty much daily too. I know they say you shouldn't but it helps keep my weight in check. Well, except for the last few days anyways.

  7. I HATE when I'm busting my ass working out every day, watching what I eat, not losing anything. Then I say screw it and eat pizza, the weight starts to come off.

  8. Weight loss miracle, no. Your body working how it wants, yes :-) This is just how weight loss works lol. Doesn't make much sense, I know. Keep up the good work though!

  9. LOL awesome! Best diet tips everrr

  10. I decided this morning i'm going on a diet for summer. I've got a feeling it's the Dime bars will NOT help me get back into my size 10 skinny jeans! Although here's to wishful thinking....

  11. On the diet that I follow, it basically says that if you reach a point where you aren't losing weight, you're supposed to "cheat" to trick your body into high gear to burn fat again.

    So it makes sense that you lost weight after "cheating"

  12. Have another dime bar and maybe lose another pound - fingers crossed? Well done though.

  13. 1) What's a dime bar?
    2) Choco-pizza-wine diet is the best ever!
    3) I've been on a fruits diet: smoothies, pie, fruit slices. My justification is I made everything I'm eating. I've lost 5 pounds in 6 days (did I mention I've been working out for about 90 minutes each day too?)

  14. Now that's a diet I can get on board with.

    I'm clearly an emotional eater. Unless things get TOO emotional at which point I lose my appetite which makes me even more emotional than I was in the first place because I love my food so much.

  15. Keep it up! And if it continues to work, let us know! I've been living on veggies and chicken since January 1st and I would love to switch it in for cake and wine :)

  16. A diet that includes wine? Sign me up!


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