Sunday, 18 April 2010

I'M AN IDIOT . . .

I posted the other day about the volcanic ash cloud that's currently enveloping big chunks of Europe. I'm becoming increasingly worried about the fate of my holiday as the airports continue to be closed, and aeroplanes continue to be grounded. Day 4 of this is nearly over now; and we're headed into Day 5 and the flights continue to be cancelled.


Anyways, this is not what this post is about. Sort of.

The other night I realised that I needed to sort out travel insurance pronto. I am silly and impractical about a LOT of things, but one thing I always make sure I do is sort out insurance before I go anywhere. I did a search on my email inbox to find out who I had got my previous policy through and when it ended. As I had went on holiday a week later last year, and had taken out a year's policy, I figured the current one might JUST cover me.

I looked at the dates on the email, and was rather surprised to see it would cover me until the 15th May. That made no sense. I'd went on holiday on the 9th May last year, why would a year long policy cover me for 53 weeks?

When I looked at the date the policy started, it all made sense. The policy WAS a year long after all.

I had somehow managed to book my travel insurance to begin the day I was coming BACK from my holiday last May, not the day I WENT on holiday.

It's taken me a year to realise I booked the wrong dates and went to Rhodes without any travel insurance.

Thank GOODNESS nothing bad happened on that trip!

What a moron I am . . .


  1. You are not a moron! Easy mistake I guess. I always have to check dates four or five times when holidays are involved as I'm so scared I'll book something incorrectly.

    In high school I did the customary work experience in a business travel agency. You would not BELIEVE the amount of people - rich businessmen no doubt - who would call the agency shouting in panic because they'd got to the airport and forgotten their tickets or passport. Now THAT is moronic! :D

    I hope this volcanic ash clears up soonish :(

  2. Lucky!!!! :)
    positive thoughts, positive thoughts!

  3. It's probably bad that I've NEVER booked travel insurance huh?


  4. Oh don't feel bad I do stuff like this alllllllllllll the time!! I didn't realize my available balance on my checking account wasn't the real balance cuz it hadn't included my check I deposited. I went nuts & called the bank like a maniac because I thought I lost money. It happens dear. Look now you all set tho for your vacation!! Hope the conditions where you are a lil better!! =)

  5. Haha. Works out well for you now though :D

  6. I once unwittingly drove around for almost 2 months without car insurance...not totally my fault as my insurers usually automatically renew and then for some reason didn't! Suppose my fault for not checking :-)

    Let's just hope the darn ash cloud sods off SOON, or a way to avoid it is worked out....sending positive thoughts your way that your hols will not be disrupted!

    I now have to try and claim money I lost this last weekend on my Amsterdam hotel etc :-( Will be interesting to see if the insurers pay up and don't try and wheedle their way out with "Natural Disaster" clauses etc

  7. I'd possibly look at extending it? Maybe? Because then if you DO get delayed in this volcano thing, then you'll still be covered? Like.. if you get bumped back or your flight gets cancelled, and you have to travel AFTER that date, you want to be covered? I dunno... I'd be freaking out thinking my travel insurance expired THE DAY I was due to get back..

  8. Hahahaha, legendary. But there's a silver lining in that it covers you now i guess?! Oh, and that nothing bad happened in Rhodes too :)

  9. Hehe. I really do adore you, P.

    Good thing nothing bad happened and good thing you don't have to buy a new policy yet!

  10. It's lucky that you had it start on the wrong day, now you have extra time on the end. My mom always says situations like this prove everything happens for a reason. :)

  11. Here's your good karma train coming in though! Now you are all set this time around.

  12. Oh dear.. Sounds like something I would do. That is if I would buy travel insurance. Which I only do if I don't have to make an effort, a.k.a the travel agent offers it. Then I'll nod and it's over and done with.. :)

    It all worked out well for you so you must've done something good in a previous life. :) Will it cover for you if your flights get cancelled because of the ash? I mean, most of them are back on but what if?



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