Thursday, 22 April 2010


You might know I'm on a pre-holiday, can-I-desperately-lose-ten-pounds-drop-a-dress-size-and-look-good-in-a-bikini-providing-that-Ashy-Volcanson-doesn't-strike-again diet. (MAN, that was a lot of hyphens!)

I've been pretty good. I've been sticking fairly rigidly to the Harcombe Diet, not mixing my animal fat and carbs together, eating loads of fish and veg and healthy crap, and the only thing I've indulged in AT ALL is dark chocolate. It's allowed, you see. Anyhoo, I've remained the same weight for four days now. EVEN DOWN TO THE DECIMAL POINTS!!! Seriously, that's just weird.

But the point is, I've been good. I've continued to be good.

I haven't slipped at all.

But man, earlier on, did I WANT to!!!

I made the mistake of walking into town with my friend after work as she needed to pick up a birthday cake that her sister had ordered. I made the mistake of going into the baker's shop with her.

FATAL mistake!

I saw sausage rolls and various other savoury pastry, carb-heavy and sinfully bad for you delights winking at me. Pretty cakes smothered in icing flirted with me, daring me to ask to take one of them home. Then I turned and saw . . . the chocolate counter.

Oh yes. There was a counter devoted to lovely little individual chocolates, hues ranging from white to darkest brown, numerous fillings tempting me, each one prettily decorated.

I think the only thing that stopped me from ordering some then and there was that I couldn't see the prices. I figured it was one of those "if you have to ask the price you can't afford it" cases.

I've been dreaming about those chocolates ever since. My Green & Blacks organic dark chocolate with ginger seems strangely lacking now.

Oh, and I also am dying for a Steak Bake from Greggs. ALSO not something I can touch at this stage of my diet. (Or probably ANY stage of ANY diet!)

The moral of the story is . . . I shouldn't go into this bakers when I'm on a diet. It basically has everything I could ever want that is bad for me.

Except for rose wine. And men.

Then it TRULY would be the bakery from Heaven/Hell . . .


  1. There is a rather dishy assitant who hands me my sausage rolls in my local bakers. I don't know if i go in for the pastries or for him serving me.

  2. What's that line about a jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thou?

    I'm also trying to prep for a beach trip and temptations are EVERYwhere. ARG!

    Good luck!

  3. I'm impressed you resisted temptation....not sure I'd have the willpower :-)

  4. I agree with Nat! I'm so impressed. I wouldn't have been able to walk away without at least a meat pie of some sort. Kudos to you you for your amazing willpower!

  5. Aw babe I think you look awesome the way you are :) x

  6. oooh, way to resist.

    I ate half a pint of ice cream waiting for dinner to heat up tonight (possible 3 minutes, on the long side....)

    then i ate the other half....

    I justified that it was okay because I am not drinking a bottle of wine tonight.

    perhaps i should by a lock for my fridge during swimmy season?

  7. I'm glad my dinner is almost ready... this post made me hungry!

  8. Add bikinis to the list of reasons I'm glad I'm not a woman.

  9. A sausage roll will always win out in my mind. Good on you for having more self control than I!


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