Wednesday, 24 March 2010


It's Where in the World Wednesday time and this time (once again!) I'm back in Glasgow . . . last week, celebrating St Patrick's Day with the lovely Mich.

I've always thought it was a bit ridiculous that so many people in Scotland celebrate St Paddy's when we don't celebrate St Andrew's day, and to be honest usually I don't celebrate St Paddy's, so me and Mich have agreed we will celebrate St Andrew's day in November as well. Yay!

As it was I spent most of the day fielding off questions from my colleagues as to why I was celebrating St Paddy's day so eventually I started telling everyone I was three quarters Irish. Which isn't strictly true, but there's definitely some Irish in there somewhere, and it sounded better than saying I like wearing green and having a piss up.

Me and Mich in some random bar in High Street. (Where were we?)

Showcasing my green shamrock-y earrings AND my green fingernails. I LOVE this nail polish!

Mich's shamrock hairband - a gift from moi! (I bought it when I bought my earrings)

Only I would go out for St Paddy's and drink vino . . . PS check out by oh-so-cute liquorice allsort bracelet - it was a pressie from my sister last week, just because. Me loves :)

Does anyone think we could be a little drunk here???

Oooh, and last but not least . . .

Because when there's leopard print . . .

. . . you HAVE to do a raunchy pose. Ooh-er . . .

Don't worry, the last two pics were taken in Mich's flat, NOT in public!!!

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  1. I love your friend's headband! Adorable :-) Looks like you had a very fun St. Paddy's day!

  2. This is by far one of my favorite Where in the World Wednesdays yet. I love the obligatory sexy pose, although I might add a growling face if I were asked to pose. Also, I've got an award for you at my place because you are awesome!

  3. Hahahaha!!! First picture - just INNAPPROPRIATE!

  4. Dear God in heaven, that half bottle of wine must have gone to my head if I approved that photo of me on my bed lmao! :D

    And we were in McChuills in High Street :P x

  5. LOVE all of the green accessories. Looks like a kick-ass time :)


  6. I like the green nails!

    I'm in Scotland this week :)

  7. I love that green nail polish. I am totally going to rock it next year.

  8. Ohmigosh, I love it. You guys look like you had so much fun. And that headband-want.

  9. I need to start carrying a piece of leopard material around with me just in case I run into some inebriated women.

  10. Seems like you had a Rockin St. Patty's Day!!!! Love the photos!!!

  11. I love the green nail polish!!!!!!

  12. ahh your pictures always make me so happy! my fave is the's hysterical and totally something I've been documented it!

  13. How fun is St Patty's day?! I love it!


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