Friday, 5 March 2010


Quick explanation:

This was my default TMI Thursday. I had thought of another one, but several hours and loads of rose wine later and I couldn't remember it. So this one is not so much TMI, as TMP = too much Paula!

I decided to shelf it in the end as I decided it really wasn't that relevant.

So I apologise that it's not that interesting.

But it DID start a petition, which is something I find funny to this day, so let's share anyway!

I'm not someone who goes out of their way to show off certain parts of their anatomy. I don't mind showing my cleavage (in fact, you'd be hard pushed to stop me) but my legs or midriff? Different story. I USED to like to show my midriff (WHEN I WAS EIGHTEEN AND TINY!) but now? Er . . . not so much.

But one day a few years ago, in my old department, I was taken to one side by my manager at the time. Probably embarrassed that he had to do so, he explained to me that he needed to speak to me about my midriff showing.

Trust me, bare midriff is not something I do on purpose. I do not have that sort of tummy. If anything, my top conspired against me(once again) and rolled itself up as I walked. I generally manage to catch these sort of wardrobe gaffs at the first hurdle so I can only imagine I hadn't had a spare hand at the time to remedy the error.

BUT . . . some spiteful person complained about me to upper management so I had to have an informal chat about it.

Personally, apart from the fact that I was mildly irritated about whoever the (still anonymous) complainer was, I was a little amused by the whole situation. Especially since that day, my midriff was most DEFINITELY not showing. I remember what I was wearing that day like it was yesterday. I had on a black skirt, black patterned tights and knee-high boots and a shirt with a lot of buttons undone. I DID have a top underneath - it covered my midriff but was quite patently a CLEAVAGE top.

(The only way anyone would have saw my midriff would have been if they'd stuck their head between my tits.)

My manager was pretty cool so I pointed out the irony that he was having to talk to me about my midriff showing when in fact that day it was my boobs that were out to play. He couldn't help but laugh.

I went back to the office and explained to my colleagues what had happened. They were absolutely outraged on my behalf.

And decided to circulate a petition around the department.

And so the "Save Paula's Midriff" petition began. Everyone in the department signed it.

Apparently my midriff was more popular than I realised.

I believe it ended up in my manager's drawer (after he signed it, of course!).

Anyhoo, the reason it popped into my head was that the other day I was waiting outside one of the office meeting rooms. Wearing a fairly short skirt (with thick black tights! Not bare legs or anything like that!) And a woman who works there walked past me, gave me the once-over and actually GLARED at my short skirt.

I think I MAY have finally worked out who complained about me all those years ago . . .

Has anyone else ever been taken to task over the clothing they wear to work? Or complained about someone else's attire?


  1. Let me ask...could she get away with exposing her midriff or wearing a short skirt? Bet the answer is NO!

    She was just jealous...

  2. We got a cheerful email at work this week - from Monday we have all to wear a company polo shirt. Now I work in the marketing department where creativity is meant to mean something - and did I mention the polo shirt is camel coloured, beige, light brown whatever you want to call it, it sucks.

    This is being promoted as being able to 'take away the stress of deciding what to wear in the morning' eh??? I like deciding what I'm going to wear. Bad Times.

  3. OMG, I LOVE that your co-workers organized a petition for you! Outstanding! I'm with the commenter above, I bet ANY money that the glare's origin was pure JEALOUSY!!

  4. You're totally way hotter and more lovable than her, only bitter and jealous fugly of a monster who would do something like that. I would've smirked if I were you ;) just to rub it on her face.

  5. I'm kind of glad that I wear a uniform for work. But at the same time, I won't miss it when I eventually step out of my job.
    The biggest concerns we have with our uniform is the long pants in an australian summer, uncomfortable steel cap boots, and shirts that DID actually shrink a size when we all washed them.
    PLUS... we have the ongoing problem of our flies constantly coming down of their own accord, and the bottoms of the pants dragging on the ground and getting matted and torn.. which we then get in trouble for.
    But still.. there is no way we could do our job without it.
    BUT.. because our pants are a lose fit, whenever anyone bends over, we all know what colour undies they're wearing that day! OR IF THEY'RE NOT WEARING UNDIES!

  6. Haha! Jealousy makes people nasty and she obviously had leg envy ;-)

    In my last post I wrote about a girl I once worked with who had a rep for wearing dodgy clothes to the office....everyone gossiped behind her back but no one ever complained!

  7. Oh, I love the fact they did a petition!! :D That ROCKS. -x-

  8. Has to be said...

    Pics or it didn't happen.

  9. I have had that exact same chat! On my first day though! I had a new shirt on that I did not realize rode up very very very bad and all day I was yanking it down but apparently someone noticed and I had a little chat and had to explain that it was a new shirt. Not the way I wanted to start of my new job.

  10. I think it's all jealousy.

  11. I can't believe they started a petition for you! That's hysterical.
    I've never been asked to show less of anything at work. But that's probably because I rarely wear skirts and being on the smaller side (up top), even if my shirt is kind of low, it doesn't come off as offensive.

  12. Wow, a petition? That's so lame. I can't imagine caring that much. I bet you totally rocked the look!

  13. That is so funny! I love the petition.

  14. Ahh that was hilarious... what a jealous old cow that woman is!



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