Sunday, 7 March 2010


(Not in THAT way, dirty-minded ones)

My bed is indeed magic. Because half my belongings have appeared in it!

I'm changing my bedclothes, which I haven't done for a few weeks because I am an utterly lazy cow. But I've had to stop midway through because I just HAD to tell you all about the stuff I have just found under my covers . . .

(Don't worry, it's nothing disgusting. Just a bit odd.)

So sharing my bed with me for differing amounts of time have been:

  • Six or seven books which I've ordered off amazon, thrown on my bed when they arrived and forgotten to move them elsewhere
  • Three gossip magazines.
It gets weirder . . .

  • Two necklaces
  • My precious Links of London sweetie charm bracelet
  • My door-keys (I WONDERED where I put them last night!)
  • One velcro roller
  • An empty tub that I took grapes to work in the other day
  • A callanetics DVD I ordered the other day
  • A dumbbell (my heaviest one)
  • Black bin bags
  • An unopened can of Diet Irn Bru
  • A pair of (clean) knickers
  • My TV remote control I've been looking for all day
I guess since I spend so much of my time at home sitting on my bed, it's only natural that I surround myself with a lot of crap. But come on, this takes the biscuit,

Speaking of biscuits, I also had a packet of M&S cheese crackers on my bed . . .

*Hangs head* I will try to be tidier and actually put things where they are meant to be, Girl Guide's promise!!!

Is anyone else bad for this?


  1. The top of my night stand is full... I was actually thinking of getting a bigger one lol

  2. Wow thats a lot to have under there. My bed has two hidden drawers at the top which is full of everything and anything and under my bed is full of shoes and bags.

  3. The exact same. This was a relief to read, actually!

  4. I think when you start finding opened or half eaten food in your bed is when you have a problem

  5. When I lived by myself I'd be very much like this!! I'd start tidying my room in the morning, give up by the afternoon and so spent the night sleeping with half the contents of a very large room under the duvet with me!! Leave it long enough and hopefully you'll find a naked man in there!!

  6. The other night I was tossing and turning in bed and I felt something stuck to my leg and didn't know what it was but it was keeping me awake.

    Turns out it was a PENNY. In my bed. Wtf? I have no clue how it got there but there it was :S Haha

  7. Hahaha, I always have a few books hiding somewhere in my bed. Weird, I know.

  8. Not on my bed... It's generally covered in clothes that I've washed and couldn't be bothered to put away. So I'll sleep on/under them until They're so wrinkly that I have to wash them again (because goddamnit, I will NOT touch the iron!).


    You can always tell where I've been sitting as there's a half-circle of junk around me. Whether it's on my bed, in the living room, in the kitchen or even at work, I always just sit in the same spot and just kind of gather all kinds of crap around me. Then I get up and there's this empty spot and people are like "you're weird!"


  9. Thought I was the only one! Right now there's about five books, an empty D'Ag bag, and an unopened sanitary pad. Messiness rocks.

  10. Haha! LOVE this! I love that I'm not the only "artistic" person who's not a neat freak! My only question is the weight, how'd you sleep with that thing?

  11. You just blew my mind. I guess I'm kind of an organization freak, so stuff never piles up in my bed. I just worry about you waking up buried in stuff one of these days! ;)

  12. Hehe. Clearly you're not the princess and the pea. How have you slept with all that around you? I'd knock it all out in the night!

  13. Where do you sleep?! lol.. the only thing in my bed besides me and Snuggles is 8 pillows and two blankets.

  14. I always have a pile of junk around me wherever i sit! My bed is however filled with cats...

  15. My bed is like that. Mostly covered in clothes and purses and important papers that I've brought in from the car and left on the bed meaning to do something with before going to sleep. I sleep on one little corner.

    But you've got some CRAZY items snuggling in there with you.

  16. Whooooa, is this a true story, lol? :) Then how massive is this magical bed of yours? :D Sleeping in it must've been quite uncomfortable with all that stuff, haha! I also like cleaning as I always find the most random stuff that I either forgot about or thought it was lost forever, hehe!

  17. I once found a box of cereal in my bed and was like Omg that's where this went?? I lost it like 2 weeks ago!!! hehe. I used to find cds & headphones & books too. =)

  18. How do you fit in there with all that stuff?

  19. Currently I have:
    6 pillows, and 4 cushions... which I deem perfectly acceptable bed-junk because they do actually get slept on. But they aren't by any means NEAT.
    2 Magazines. One is a bridal one I was looking at for my BFF, another is an arts magazine for me!
    1 ice pack. I got sunburnt yesterday. It slept with me last night.
    1 pair of pyjamas. Again, perfectly acceptable in my book.
    1 glasses case.
    and 1 letter from my specialist that came in the mail last week and I had on my bed because thats where I put stuff.

  20. Okay, I have to ask...just how big is your bed?

    I can't do that because the other side of my bed is occupied and I think he'd be unhappy sleeping on a pile of books.

    Btw, I wonder how many people were directed to your post by the title. You should google that.

  21. How big is your bed if you could fit all that? BTW, I love the phrase "bed clothes."

    And I love that you clarified you had clean knickers in your bed, so that we wouldn't think you had at one point just decided to toss off your knickers in the middle of the night- or of the moment - and forgotten them.

  22. I tend to "nest" in my bed. No food, but scripts that I'm reading. sometime the laptop. Dramaturgical research stuff. The remotes and always a box of kleenex.

    on occasion all of that gets replaced by a FWB.

  23. Wow! That's hilarious! Do you have a super super king size bed where you can't feel this stuff when you're sleeping?? ha ha!

  24. Okay, what on earth is Diet Irn Bru?

  25. Too funny ... I usually find a few Fruit Loops- or what ever my latest night time snack is :-)

  26. Haha! PLEASE tell me you have a double bed!

    Stuff accumulates on my bed throughout the day, but I have to take it all off again to sleep on it!

    Plus I reckon I'd chuck it all off my bed in my sleep anyway!


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