Sunday, 21 March 2010


I'm not really in the mood to write too much tonight. I've had little sleep over the weekend, I was up early for overtime this morning, and I'm on day 2 of my diet - I'm feeling a bit headachey and craving chocolate like you wouldn't believe. (Weird that it's chocolate I'm craving and not wine, eh?)

But I've been thinking about doing a book related post in a while now. I love reading book review blogs and sometimes I really do wish I had time to do my own on top of this blog but I simply don't have time. (That being said, if anyone wants to sent me books to review or do guest posts on book blogs, feel free to offer! Yes, I'm shameless!)

As most of you regular readers probably know, I am a massive chick-lit fan, first and foremost. I also dabble in reading the occasional bloke-lit book and young adult book. I read a lot. In fact, I just finished reading the much hyped "Before I Fall" by Lauren Oliver, and I absolutely adored it. (If you haven't read it yet - you MUST!)

Anyway, after seeing the Hidden Gems feature on Novelicious, and Chick Lit Classics feature on Chick Lit Reviews, I realised I could think of some books that I loved back when I first weaned myself off Sweet Valley High (at the embarrassing age of 18). So I decided to share. Some of these authors seem to have disappeared off the face of the planet, others are still around but I don't like their work anymore. Most importantly, even though the books may not still be readily available in the SHOPS, you can still buy them used off amazon marketplace (my favourite place to buy books!)

And obviously, there are the ones who continue to make me smile by bringing out new books - although maybe not as often as I like . . .

So let's get to it.

FLY-FISHING - Sarah Harvey
I haven't seen any signs of any recent releases from her - in fact I think the last one was before the mid-noughties hit. But she had some good 'uns. My personal favourite was "Fly Fishing" - no, it wasn't about fishing! Rather, it was about Belle, a directionless girl who somehow fell into a strange business where she spied on cheating spouses. That is, until a rich woman hires her to get information on a man she has a crush on . . . and the Belle starts to fall for him instead.

This is a bit of a strange one, but I love it all the same. It's about a London dude who is obsessed with the subway (I know, a little sad, right?) and is challenged to visit every tube station in the space of a day. Fair enough - the only problem is it's on the day before his wedding. And his relationship, as well as his pride, are at stake.

FLIPSIDE - Tina Reilly
I love all of Tina's (now known as Martina) books, but the first one I read remains my favourite. It's about Jan, a normal girl with a bit of a hypochondriac streak, who discovers she has cancer and has difficulty coping. It's weird to see this subject portrayed with humour, but somehow Reilly pulls it off. It's all very Marian Keyes. (More on her later!)

MILLIE'S FLING - Jill Mansell
One of my absolute favourite chick-lit authors. I have been reading her books for YEARS! She never fails to make me laugh (and occasionally cry), her heroines are sparky and her heros to die for. "Millie's Fling" features a normal girl who accidentally becomes a muse for a famous author. Oh, and she also manages to fall for a guy who can't seem to get over his dead wife. And manages to put her foot in it everytime she sees him. Great stuff!

KISS CHASE - Fiona Walker
HATE her new stuff. HATE it. But the old stuff she wrote is absolutely fantastic - it's a bit Jilly Cooper-esque but with a touch of Bridget Jones. "Kiss Chase" is the book I would recommend by her first and foremost. This is the story of a Saskia, who is dumped by Felix, a serial womaniser - and who gets her friend Phoebe to seduce him with the intent to humiliate him as much as possible when she ends it with him. Great stuff. I've re-read this book at least ten times.
(Other good Walker books are "French Relations", "Well Groomed" and "Snap Happy". I point this out because I wouldn't really recommend any of the others.)

WHO'S THAT GIRL - Alexandra Potter
I read this at the beginning of last year and absolutely adored it. It was definitely one of my favourite books of 2009. It is the story of Charlotte, a 30 something with what seems like the perfect life on the surface. In reality, her business is stressful and she believes she suffers from every allergy under the sun. Then one day she runs into herself . . . ten years ago and wonders if she can prevent her younger self from making the same mistakes she did. I read this in one greedy sitting - it was one of those books that I could identify with completely and it made me ridiculously happy!

e - Matt Beaumont
At the time "e" came out, books consisting completely of emails were decidedly thin on the ground. Now they're a bit more commonplace, but this one still stands heads and shoulders above the others. It's the story of the employees within an advertising company and the office politics, work romances and bitchiness is just unbelievably familiar.
(Matt Beaumont has recently brought out a follow up to this - "e Squared" - and it is every bit as good as the original.)


Another of my all-time favourite authors, and this book is possibly my favourite of all-time. It's the story of Rachel, an Irish girl in New York who accidentally overdoses and is sent home to rehab in Ireland. The story flits between the present day with her in the rehab place and flashbacks to New York which make us realise that the story she has been telling us all along isn't quite the reality of how she was living.

I discovered Megan Crane fairly recently and quickly read all of her books. "Everyone Else's Girl" was definitely my favourite though - it's the story of Meredith, who seems to be the perfect good girl . . . but when she ends up having to go home to look after her father, she starts to realise that this might not be the case after all.

FISHBOWL - Sarah Mlynowski
The story of three completely different girls sharing a flat. And a disaster that forces them to work together. Fantastic stuff - and once I moved into this flatshare, I identified with it even more!

And just a quick mention of some books that I've read recently that I would recommend:
50 WAYS TO FIND A LOVER - Lucy-Anne Holmes
THE DATING DETOX - Gemma Burgess
A SINGLE TO ROME - Sarah Duncan
MOLLY'S MILLIONS - Victoria Connelly

And obviously goes without saying that I am a massive fan of Sophie Kinsella - I just can't choose a favourite. And also Kristin Harmel - same reason!

Anyone read any of these? Or can suggest any others that I would like based on my own choices? Also, are you on goodreads? If so, feel free to add me as a friend - I'm pollypoptart. :)


  1. I'm a bit of a chick lit fan too. Good choices.

  2. The only one I've read is Rachel's Holiday!! Looks like I need to get buying! :D (Well, and I've read Sophie Kinsella, of course!)

    As for suggestions, see my Goodreads (but you knew to do that already)! :) x

  3. I think I have a book you'd love! I'll check the title (and to see if I can find it)... it may be Sophie Kinsella in which case you've probably read it. If not, I'll pop it in the post, it needs a home - I'm not really a chick lit fan!

  4. Thanks for this list, can't wait to sink my teeth into these babies!!

  5. Hmmm, can't help with chick lit, that being the one genre I do my best to steer clear of!

  6. I'm actually reading Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic & Baby right now. One of the women in work gave me a loan of it when we were really quiet on Paddys Day. It's good. I hadn't read a chick lit in a good year and a half. I used to adore them. Now I love Harlan Coben and Linwood Barclay. I recommend both authors. I find you can never put down any of their books.

  7. Anything by Vonnegut, Orwell, Priestley or Hemingway. Always a winner :)

  8. Ahhh, I love that you read my book blog and we have such similar tastes!

  9. PJ Tracy. Crime thrillers. Bloody magic.

  10. I'm going through a bit of a "period-drama" type of thing..

    My faves have been
    *Lesley Lokko's Bitter Chocolate(Amazon's got quite good description of it so I won't bother..)
    *Lauren Belfer's City of Light (the reason I didn't sleep last night. Devoured the whole book!)
    *Anything by Neil Gaiman

    And I've just spent £15 on £.01 books. So in about a week, I'll be able to suggest you some more good ones! :)


  11. Yaaay for another chick lit fan! You named some great books and I so wish you had your own proper book blog (even though this one's fantastic too, but it NEEDZ MOAR BOOKS! ;)), I'd love to read your reviews etc, but yeah it is quite time-consuming! I looove your list of recommendations and I'm so glad to hear you loved Before I Fall! And you listed Sophie Kinsella and Marian Keyes and Alexandra Potter etc - you win at life! I don't think you need many recommendations as you seem to be quite the expert as it is, but if you're ever looking for a new read, then feel free to browse my chick lit reviews or my virtual chick lit collection (books I own or want to own or haven't read yet, it's all a mess).
    And do more book posts, please! :)

  12. Love a bit of Marion Keyes, can't go wrong.

    I've read Who's That Girl as well. I'm liking the sound of Tunnel Vision, need to write that one day and try and remember to find it one day.

    My book reading this month has been shockingly bad although I feel like I have valid excuses. Thie month's book review is going to consist of 2 books. TWO! Shameful. I need more time in the day!

  13. go to my shelfari page for mine. can't wait to pick up some of your recommendations!

  14. Oh thanks for the linkage!

    I loved kiss chase and snap happy too. Not as keen on Fiona Walkers more recent books.
    If you would ever like to review for novelicious let me know = free books!

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