Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Ooooh it's Wednesday (in MY timezone anyway, haha)!!! We know what that means it's time for then . . .

Why, it's "Where in the World" Wednesday time, courtesy of Classy in Philadelphia.

(Check out her blog later for more contributions!)

Since my day yesterday started off with a yucky walk to work in windy sleet, I feel like heading back to warmer climes again this week.

So today I am on the Greek island of Rhodes (not to be confused with Rhode Island!), where me and my friend headed last May. It was beautiful . . .

I was drunk . . .
The balcony . . .

So many choices, where do I go??? Er . . . the bar, maybe???

This is what happens when you get drunk and your balcony is on the ground floor . . .

I even managed to take a picture or two of the view!!!Drunken posing - pr am I playing Peek-a-Boo???

Dancing on the hotel bar on my last night!

One of the many pretty (and sinfully cheap!) restaurants we headed to at night . . .

Everyone loves a cocktail!
The pretty swimming pool area at our apartments. Beautiful eh?

The beach at Pefkos - I loved it down there . . . although the big fuck-off sand-smoothing machine (I don't know the technical term for it!) in the top left hand corner of the picture caused us a bit of disruption!


In other news, I went for a little shopping spree after work today to get myself ready for Manchester this weekend. A new big bag for travelling (I can't be bothered taking a suitcase), hair dye, a new belt, a scarf, tights, fake tan, pyjamas . . . and I got it all for less than forty pounds (thank you, Primark and Savers!) Then I got home to discover the new dress I'd ordered off asos had arrived. Yay! Isn't it pretty???


  1. Cute dress. :)
    I just wanna make it out of the south United States just once before I die...muchless as many places as you've gotten to see! *Jealous!!!*

  2. That is one yummy looking cock tail :) I love the decorations in it lol.

    I'm pretty jealous of how many places you've been. I need to plan a vacation.

    Loveee the dress! Can't go wrong with an LBD!

  3. AHHHH, Greece was SO beautiful! I absolutely LOVED it!

    Thanks for participating. I love seeing your post pop up early.

  4. i am DYING to go to greece! and there is NOTHING wrong with drunken peek-a-boo!!!

  5. So much fun!! And I want that drink right now!!!!

  6. The cocktail is PRETTY and you always look so tanned in your photos!

  7. I really want to go to Greece, sounds like you had so much fun!

    And I love that dress.

  8. Love the dress! And that place is gorgeous. Of course you go to the disco pool bar! Duh! :)

  9. Rhodes looks really pretty! That pool...that beach! Loves it!

    And your new dress is SUPER cute!

  10. Yay! Greece! I've never been to Rhodes but I hear it's quite pretty. I live in Athens but it's wonderful to able to pop over to the islands for a weekend here and there. They're lovely and empty during winter!

    I just used wine to wash down some antibiotics.
    My Mom gave it to me.
    We're charmingly dysfunctional that way.

    Shit, now I want a cocktail.

  11. This post totally reiterated why I nominated you for a GLOB! I know that sounds gross, but it's actually a Gorgeous Ladies of Blogging Award. For drunken antics, and posting them on your blog, you so deserve it :)

  12. I am so jealous of Europeans. It's so easy to hop on a plane, take a short ride and be in another country. So much to offer.

    Make sure you check out my new spot!

  13. I'm in Cabo San Lucas:

  14. I keep meaning do this on Wednesday and then keep forgetting. Must remember for next week!

    The dress is LOVELY. With a capital LOVE. I'm so jealous you're going to Manchester - it's not fair!! I want to go!!!

  15. I have holiday envy. You've been everywhere.

    Cute dress!


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