Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Hi everyone! It's Wednesday which means it's time for Where in the World Wednesday, brainchild of Jessica of Classy in Philadelphia. Check out her blog later today for other participants.

I'm starting to run out of exotic destinations so I thought I would stick a bit closer to where I live now for the next couple of weeks. At least until I can maybe get a hold of some other photos from my past!

So this week, we are heading to the only other place I have lived apart from my current flat and the home I grew up in (I will be featuring pictures from both of these other places in the next few weeks). Between January and July 2003, I lived in a little village called Halfway - weirdly enough, it was roughly halfway between my hometown and Glasgow - in a flat with my good friend C. Much fun was had - if we weren't holding parties for our friends, we were chilling out watching numerous videos, eating chocolate fudge cake covered in squeezy cream and drinking long vodkas.

Me with our pals Kris and Ameer at our flatwarming party. C's brother, who was only 16 at the time, drank way too much vodka, spewed green puke all over our carpet and fell asleep on the floor of the bathroom. I had to go to bed earlier than planned that night because I needed the toilet so badly!

(And, no, that is NOT a bong in the background. Honest . . .)

Me, C and Kris during our first mini-party in the flat.

Posing with my long vodka on one of our "quiet" nights in . . .

Yet another party - here I am with David and Chris. Chris stole my Kylie Minogue greatest hits CD that night. Well, "stole" is a harsh term - he borrowed it without asking. Which is technically the same thing.

One of these guys was the one I tried to bribe with a caramel to sleep with me. The other made me feel his thingy. Can you guess which is which???

We liked to dance. In fact, we spent many hours perfecting the dance to "You Can Do It" from the film Save the Last Dance! Sad??? Nope, not at all!

C, Kris and Ameer.

Me posing in the kitchen. I told the photographer to take the picture at a funny angle. You know, just for fun!!!

(I'm actually JEALOUS of how utterly tiny I was back then. DESPITE the chocolate fudge cake...)

I sometimes really REALLY miss the good times we had in that flat. But I don't miss the numerous neds who seemed to be bred in those place. I ALSO don't miss the 30 minute bus journey into the city centre. (I could get the train faster from my hometown to Glasgow and it was further away!) Urgh to public transport . . .

Where in the World are you today???


  1. Ah, the carefree, partying days of youth! Thanks for sharing yours!

  2. Looks like fun! Love the good ole days!! I'll be in Pawley's Island, South Carolina in about 12 hours!

  3. I just read both of the stories you posted links to and they're hilarious lol. You're too funny :-)

    You look so young in these pictures too!

  4. You lost me at fudge cake. :) Haha! Just kiddin. I love looking at old photos but it does make me miss those carefree days. Good times!

  5. i'm in the arctic tundra of TEXAS. TEXAS is not supposed to be experiencing sleet/slush...EVER. I WISH I was somewhere tropical!! Love the pics lady!

  6. "that's not a bong in the background"...I'm calling bullshit on that one ;)

  7. You're beautiful! The picture is very nice. Wish you happiness, success!

  8. LOL Ice Cube's You Can Do It. I love early 2000's party tracks :D your face doesn't change so much, does it? Lucky youuuuuu.

  9. Haha, cute photos! I stayed close to home today too :)

  10. I was going to ask why did you move if you enjoyed it so much, but you answered it. An easy commute is the greatest feeling the world (next to what I'd imagine I'd feel like if I won lotto).

    Btw, never heard of the word neds. Thanks for the education.

  11. Ahh brilliant, never seen those photos before lol :)

    And again, it's making me determined to start taking more photos. And to get my data transfer cable. And to find my digital camera, actually...


  12. You are totally lying (with your disclaimer) for the first photo! Haha x

  13. Hi there - great pics! I'm in Egypt today
    And funnily enough, also thinking about how I wish I was as thin now as I was in my WITWW photo. Great minds, and all that!

  14. Great pics. The fun just radiates through them. Makes me wish I was there joining in on the shenanigans!

    I'm in Panama City Beach this Wednesday

  15. I love these old school photos. And you cannot give yourself a hard time about being smaller back then - you were a kid!

  16. Why didn't I know any hot women trying to bribe me to have sex with a caramel bar???

  17. What is a long vodka? Actually it doesn't matter, if it has vodka in it I will drink it.


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