Wednesday, 10 February 2010


You know what it's time for - Jessica's weekly feature, "Where in the World" Wednesday! Yay! I always look forward to this. Although I tend to end up sharing pics I've posted before, most of them were from a while ago, including today's, which are from October 2008.

I said a few weeks ago I would be returning to the Canaries for WITWW shortly (unfortunately I'm not sure when I will next be there in PERSON!) so I'm on the island of Fuerteventura today, my second favourite after Lanzarote!

Fuerteventura has gorgeous sand dunes, which I unfortunately don't have a picture of, and one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in the little village of El Cotillo.

Here is the view, first of all, from the clocktower we walked up. Below us is the town of Corralejo and the land you can see across the water? That's Lanzarote. Yay!

Me sitting at the edge of the pier with the island of Lobos (I talked about Lobos in my WITWW three weeks ago) behind me. This was a year after we'd visited Lobos. Sadly, we decided not to go there this time. I can't remember why...

And below is the beach at El Cotillo. Isn't it STUNNING? Unfortunately there were a lot of fat naked people on it, which ruined the prettiness ever so slightly...

And here's me, playing crazy golf and looking very moody (I think the sun had disappeared behind a cloud...)

And the pool at the hotel we stayed at. I ALWAYS got a lounger and this picture was actually taken FROM my lounger. I sent it to people back home to make them jealous.

Yes, I'm a total bitch like that . . .

And so completes our whirlwind tour of Fuerteventura. Check out Classy in Philadelphia for more participants later on today if you so desire . . . :)


  1. I always look forward to your post because I know it's up early here in the states :)

    Seriously, I can't believe there is such a beautiful place in the world that I've literally never even heard of. Gorgeous. And you are adorable too, as well.

    Thanks for ALWAYS joining in!!! :)

  2. Oh I needed to look at this post because I'm getting snow tomorrow where I live in NY. hehe. The water looks so beautiful. If I ever went there I'd probably stare at it for hours...

  3. That looks so much better than the twelve inches of snow outside.

  4. Looks lovely...sunny and warm! I really need a holiday in the sun this year -it's been the worst winter!

  5. Again I am jealous of all of your holidays!!! I’ve never been to Fuerteventura but Mr W has been a couple of times. He loves it there because there is a big lagoon you can kitesurf on?! He also thought was quite disturbed by the far ugly naked people he kept coming across

  6. I am loving our blizzard today (No really, I love the snow. it is such a novelty to this California girl) but these pics are awesome.

  7. You have been to so many amazing places... wow!!

  8. I agree with Classy on dis one , i'd never heard of dis place before and i cant believe its so picturesque ..
    Im glad im a part of WITWW :) ..its a new world !!

  9. That last picture is not fair!!!!

  10. That warm weather looks SO nice! And why is it that the fat people are always the naked people? Ew. :) That beach still looks amazing though!

  11. I've had so many of my Irish friends go to the Canaries. And I'm kinda wishing I was on the beach right now.

    Glad to hear the trip to Manchester was a blast and you got on the right train :)

  12. LOVE your pics!!! I also love mini golf, just a fun fact.

    Thanks for visiting my blog for WitWW. I've found a lot of awesome blogs through that feature, and I'm totally going to read more of yours!

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