Friday, 5 February 2010


Another thing I'm worried about re: this weekend's Manchester meet-up?

Apart from blurting out utter crap, forgetting to bring virtually anything I might need (shoes, make-up . . . UNDERWEAR!), and panicking that yesterday's snow will return with a vengeance and stop the trains running?

(Can you tell I'm naturally a worrier?)


(I DO hide it well, admittedly...)

I'm worried I'm going to end up on the wrong train.

Is that a strange worry???

Not for me.

I have no sense of direction as it is. I got lost in the west end of Glasgow once - WHERE I LIVE!!! I have went to the toilet in a nightclub and ended up losing my friends (and no, not because they moved position/ran away while I did my pee-pees, but rather because I forgot what room they were in).

And then there was the time when me and my mum actually DID end up on the wrong train. We were trying to go to Edinburgh. We ended up in Carlisle.

Does this not sound like a big deal?

Let me elaborate, for you non-Brits.

Edinburgh is about 50 miles (I may have overestimated) east of Glasgow and still in Scotland.

Carlisle is about 100 miles south of Glasgow and in a different country.

We realised two minutes after the train pulled out of the station when they made the announcement. And the first stop WAS Carlisle.

It was fun explaining THAT to the ticket inspector on the train.

Weirdly enough though, he BELIEVED us. He didn't even make us pay extra for the tickets - he let us use the tickets we had already bought to take us to a completely different destination.

Perhaps because the pair of us were quite clearly panicking, blonde and, probably to him, looking a bit ditzy.

See? Having no common sense and LOOKING like you have no common sense pays off sometimes!

ANYWAY . . . I'm scared history might repeat itself on Saturday. That I'll get on a train and end up in another destination than Manchester. That as the train pulls out of Glasgow Central I'll discover the first destination for the train is . . . FRANCE!

Oh, didn't I mention? In my fears, I've somehow boarded the EuroStar, despite the fact that it doesn't actually LEAVE from Glasgow. (Remember? Worrier???)

So it's clear dudes . . . you need to pray that I actually MAKE it to Manchester. Because the odds, so far, are against me.

And my lack of common sense is NOT going to help . . .


  1. Good luck.

    My wife once was talking and not paying attention and ended up getting on the wrong boat in Amsterdam. She ended up on a chartered tour boat with a bunch of German brew masters who brought their own beer. Other than being three hours late and drinking way too much German beer, she had a great time.

    So worry less and enjoy more. {*grin*}

  2. Glasgow Central was kind of a confusing station, I thought. I'd probably get lost in it. But they have those big giant boards that tell you where trains are leaving from?
    Although the tendancy the UK has to not display the platform the trains are leaving from until ten minutes before the train leaves is incredibly bothersome.
    This is why next time I'm in the UK, I'll be doing an organised tour, so all I have to do is wake up and get on a bus.

  3. Ha I still get that. I take trains everywhere all the time and have thankfully never had a mishap but I still live in fear that I'm some how going to completely bugger it up.

    It's the same reason I turn up for my trains about 45 minutes before they're due to leave because I daren't leave it any later!

    Have a great time in Manchester!

  4. Don't worry. I once got lost on my way to an appointment and the only people who could help me were my parents...who were overseas...and they had to googlemap it for me...while paying for a very expensive phone call while I panicked my little head off...oops!

  5. Oh, I understand. I believe everywhere I face is North and everytime I get out of Grand Central Station in NYC (apparently, the world's easiest city to get around) I ask a friend right or left.

    I have also called people for directions when I'm on my own and my sister will tell me to go North (knowing this means nothing) and then I call another friend and she will put me at ease with right or left.

  6. I'm a train worrier although I've never actually gone so far as getting on the wrong one (but maybe that’s because I ask the station masters about 20 times and all of the other people waiting to check I’m on the right one) and I don’t find trains relaxing as I spend the whole time on high alert in case I miss my stop or fall asleep or am on the wrong one...despite me getting the same train home every weekend from Liverpool for 3 months on the same platform etc I still used to stress about it.

    Just make sure you don’t fall asleep on the train..then you'll be in trouble :)

  7. I am a non-Brit...but I truly believe I was meant to be a Brit... and it's NOT because of Monty Python as most Americans might say...

  8. I think you'll be okay - have so much fun at the meetup (provided you get there!).

  9. What is it about us Scots? I also get the train jitters. Maybe because every train track in Scotland leads to Glasgow or Edinburgh. My big worry is the Oban train from Queen Street, because at Crianlarich the train splits and one half goes to Mallaig! I'm always TERRIFIED I'll get on the wrong end!

  10. You are going to be great! Have a blast in MAN! I am jealous!

  11. The train system in Europe was so scary to me! Thank goodness I had my hubs with me b/c I was freaking out as is. I couldn't imagine doing it alone! Gasp! I'm sure you will do just fine though. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  12. you should get gps things.. or something?

    I use my iphone for everything. I type in the address and the gps shows me as a little dot and as long as the dot is making its way to the adress, Im good.

  13. Good luck! You will be just fine and I hope it's amazing! If you ever need a place to stay in the states, come to Philly!

  14. right there with you! i've gotten lost twice on a bus and lost countless times with a gps. i have faith in you though. you can do this!

  15. Haha! I've never done this on the train (although I've done it numerous times on the bus) but am always scared I'll do it - like I'll fall asleep and miss the stop, or get too engrossed in my book and not hear the announcement. You're totally not the only one!


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