Thursday, 4 February 2010


TMI Thursday

***Alright, folks, you know the rules. Join us all in humiliating the crap out of yourself every Thursday by sharing some completely tasteless, wholly unclassy, “how many readers can I estrange THIS week??” TMI story about your life. Or hell, about someone else’s!

The dodgy Facebook update.

We've all done it.

That's why we have websites like Facebook Fails or Failbooking. Precisely BECAUSE people have a habit of saying things they will regret online.

Man, I've done it MORE than once myself. Therefore can hardly judge.

So . . .this post is about a specific incident in my Facebook history. To be honest, I think it's more funny than anything else - that's why I'm sharing. But other people were maybe a bit grossed out. And for that, I apologise.

Last summer I was bored one day and as my status update I decided to ponder over what was the weirdest or strangest status update that anyone had seen on Facebook. (At this point, I didn't realise there was sites DEDICATED to such a thing). One of my Facebook friends gave me the following fuel . . .

Her friend had put a status update saying that someone in her shop had asked for a "ham and cheese penis".

By accident.

Her friend worked in a sandwich shop. I established this. The person had actually been looking for a panini.

NOT a penis.

If that wasn't obvious.

Hmmm. A freudian slip if ever I heard one, eh?

I asked this girl if it had been a man or a woman who had asked for the ham and cheese penis.

(I have NO IDEA why I thought this was relevant.)

She replied she didn't know, but her friend had said that, whoever they were, they had walked out of the shop pretty fast after that.

And THAT'S when it happened...

"No wonder," I replied.

"Nobody likes a cheesy penis..."

"PAULA!" came the reply.

Okay, maybe I went too far. Maybe I ended up being the most outrageous comment on my own status update (oh, the irony). But it WAS a bit funny . . .

For more TMI Thursdays, go check out the lovely LiLu later on today . . . :)

PS If you're NOT my friend on Facebook and are worried you might be missing out, feel free to drop me an email and let me know your details. I'm nice like that. :)


  1. HILARIOUS. I definitely would have hit 'like' in support of your odd comment if we were FBO friends.

    :) Thx for commenting earlier btw

  2. LOL!!! Hahaha yup that's a total freudian slip. hehe. I avoid facebook on all costs. Yeesh!!

    Your hilarious. I love your comments!!!

  3. I think all my facebook status updates have pretty much been tmi

  4. hehe, Cheers P, Have you seen on the TV when people spit hot coffee everywhere! Well that's what just happened here when I read that - brilliant!

  5. oh man, I have the WORST visual right now..!

  6. Well.. you're right. NO ONE likes that. Unless you're some kind of sickooo, but lets not go there.
    I love facebook slips. But all our Facebooks are monitored now by our working 'superiors'... so I have to be careful.

    ps. We should be friends.

  7. Oh.... P... whatever are we going to do with you? lol :) x

  8. Oh yeueuuch!! Mind you. it's true, nobody does.
    Think I'll give my cottage cheese salad a miss. Thanks for that!

  9. In a world of boring, mundane Facebook statuses (and we all have tons of boring friends, whether we admit it or not), I think it's great to shock and amuse with your status...that's what makes Facebook fun for me anyway...hahaha

  10. I don't have any good FB stories bc I am too neurotic and controlling to ever have fun with it!

  11. The hell of it is,

    I've HAD cheese on my penis.


    Maybe it was a "cheese like discharge."

    I'll give you a minute.

  12. There needs to be a "Recall" button for that works, unlike the email function!

  13. I don't like people writing all over the wall.

  14. I also get the feeling I may overdo it on facebook. My new profile pic is of me drinking a beer in the ocean in Tanzania. Here's the comments from some friends:

    C: I like your profile picture, nice way to combine booze with flagrant semi-nudity.
    A: *like*
    ME: You can't see it but I'm also touching myself.

    No-one's commented since. Ooooooops...

  15. P.S I should clarify - I wasn't actually touching myself.

    Err... I did it again, didn't I?

  16. right as I was reading this there was a clip of urkel asking if anyone had any cheese....I kid you not!


  17. omg that is too funny, freudian slips make me chuckle....xoxo

  18. Heh, this made me giggle. :D

  19. I am somehow always the girl that is saying the inappropriate thing and stopping ALL I appreciate this quite a bit :) Good job!! And P.S. While uncomfy, your statement IS quite true!! :P

  20. Outrageous? perhaps. But indeed also very true. Nobody does like a cheesy peen.


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