Sunday, 28 February 2010


This weekend has been another weekend of hibernation. You know how much I love these, and I'd went a month without one, so it was important to me to catch up on some "me" time. So what have I been doing over this last 48 hours or so since leaving the office on Friday evening???

  • Sleep
A lot. I've had about twenty hours of sleep between Friday night and Sunday morning. It was just what I needed.

  • Drank
Not actually that much for me. A bottle of rose on Friday night. A bottle of rose AND a bottle of Kopparberg pear cider on Saturday night. Thinking about it, other people might count that as a lot. But to me, that's me cutting down.

Try not to worry too much about the state of my liver . . .

  • Read
I just finished a book called "The Dating Detox" which I loved. It was about a girl who had been dumped in her previous six relationships and decided to swear off dating for a while. Immediately she decided to do this, guys appeared out of the woodwork. Okay there was some wayyy-too-convenient coincidences but I identified so much with the heroine and there were just so many moments that made me laugh out loud that I just couldn't stop reading. Great book!

  • A HIMYM-a-thon
I've been greedily catching up with episodes of How I Met Your Mother - it's definitely the closest to a "Friends" substitute I have. I just LOVE it. Still got some episodes of season five to watch online so my day is by no means over. :)

  • Tsunami-watching
I was glued to live online feeds of Hawaii for about three hours last night watching to see if the tsunami hit. Obviously, I hoped it wouldn't but I wanted to be there if it did. Because I was drinking at the time though, I kept thinking I could see a massive wave coming out of the sea and screaming "there it is! There it is!" and pointing at my netbook screen when there was actually nothing there.

I'm glad it didn't happen though. There's been enough devastation in Chile without letting this affect too many other countries. I am really freaked out with the amount of natural disasters that have happened of late though. It's just so scary. What next?

  • Thinking about exercise . . .
. . . but doing precisely bugger all. And with it being the first day of March tomorrow (dude!!! where did the time go? How can it be March ALREADY?), I only have two months to get into bikini shape for Zante in May.

It starts tomorrow. I swear.

What fun have you got up to this weekend?


  1. Love this post! I will have to read "The Dating Detox" because I had put myself on one awhile back! It's such a nice change of pace to just have fun being 'you' for awhile instead of worrying about dating and all that mess.

    As for HIMYM, omg, it's my absolute favorite show. I've watched every episode of every season and could probably watch them all again at least three more times.

    Sounds like you had a fabulously relaxing weekend :)

  2. You just made me realize that I got to start looking at the news or reading the news. I have no idea of what is going on in the world (except for the stupid Olympics)

  3. Yea I'm glad I live here in Chicago lately. It gets cold in the winter but there is little chance of being destroyed by natural disaster.

  4. I'm extremely jealous of your weekend. It sounds fabulous and relaxing. Yay for catching up on sleep!

  5. i love himym. i've started watching it this year with my mom. and i'm in the process of watching all the older seasons! suit up!

    and i totally miss kopparber. i used to drink the pear cider allll the time and i just can't find it or anything like it in the states.

    i had a 4 day weekend with all the snow. but thurs/fri was pretty much stuck. but friday night i saw the bf and then went skiing saturday!

  6. These weekend are always nice! I love doing stuff like this!
    I was supposed to be in Chicago for my bday but Cy ended up sick so we didn't go. Instead we spent the weekend doing random stuff and it's actually been really fun!

  7. GOOD GOD... March??? Precisely why tomorrow is my "what better day than the 1st of March - AND IT'S ON A MONDAY" to start my "not a diet" diet/reduce my arse size by May too day!!! Good luck!!

  8. Think about exercise? Screw that! Haha :P

  9. My liver is very angry with me today. I could use a hibernation week now!

  10. Hahaha, I love how 2 bottles of wine isn't much drinking for you. Hilarious!! A bottle of wine easily gets me quite tipsy these days. I definitely can't handle alcohol like I used to be able to! Lol

  11. I've been starting to crave weekends where I stay in!! i watched the tsunami warnings too like I was glued to the set. hehe. I really gotta get into How I met your mother. Everyone says its just hysterical!!! =)

  12. Fun weekend.

    I didn't do much. Watched some eps of the Wire, went to the gym, did a little blogging and chick lit reading.

    This whole crisis situation--first Haiti, then Japan, now's got me buggin'.

  13. I had the best weekend ever!! Took a road trip with some friends... drank a bit too much, had fun in Chicago, watched some basketball, and slept in today.

  14. I thought really hard about doing exercise too! And I swear I would have done but I ended up spending all freaking Sunday at the boyfriend's parents house so I couldn't do any.

    I always feel I should capitalise on these thoughts because they don't come along very often!

  15. We attempted to go to the gym, but didn' I get points for putting on workout clothes? I think I should even though my sister mocked me about it.

  16. I was on what was essentially a 4 day bender. Thursday night to Sunday afternoon. In my defence, it was necessary - 'let's drink till we can't feel feelings anymore'.


  17. I love HIMYM.... I have all 4 seasons on DVD and I PVR'd all the 5th season!!! TOTALLY ADDICTED


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