Friday, 19 February 2010


"I'm thinking of giving up drinking alcohol for Lent. Except I don't think I can give it up for the full 40 days - I might give it up for 20 instead. I could manage 20 days . . . they might not be consecutive though."
A quote from me, a few days ago.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm ever MEANT to lose weight. I decide over and over again to get on board the diet wagon and feel like temptation is just constantly being put in my path. How am I supposed to resist? I'm WEAK, peoples.

And if someone puts pretty sugary food in front of me I WILL eat it.

(Unless it contains bananas or marzipan)

Unfortunately the main place this is a problem is in work, where people bring in cakes and biscuits if they have a special occasion. (Yes they have to bring in the cakes for their OWN special occasion - ie I have to bring in cakes on MY birthday.) Most of the time, I can resist . . . mainly because they tend to be placed over the other side of the office. And, while I am easily tempted by food, I am also pretty lazy (another problem when it comes to weight loss) and can't particularly be arsed walking from one end of the room to the other.

However, one of my teammates is married to a baker. Which means he will often generously bring us in tasty treats. Which was why on Monday, which was meant to be the first day of my diet (for the five hundredth time), I found myself eating a piece of delicious rocky road cake before 9am. Naughty naughty.

I just couldn't stop myself. My eyes were bigger than my belly. (Not literally, I must stress. I would have to have some freaky-ass bug eyes for THAT to be true . . .)

But I shrugged off the guilt I felt and reasoned it was better to eat the empty (yet sinfully delicious) calories early in the morning in order to give them more time to burn off.

But when my colleague tried to convince me to eat MORE of the cake later, I finally snapped.

Well, when I say snapped, I exaggerate slightly.

I just accused him of being a feeder.

(What? Why are you looking at me like that? Isn't that how the rest of you refer to someone who is trying to give you another slice of cake?)

He denied it, of course.

(Well, you would, wouldn't you?)

It gave us a good laugh. Another of our colleagues came up so we shared the joke. His wife thinks HE is a feeder as he always gives her the same amount of food as he eats. "But when I give her LESS, she complains and asks why I have more than her," he added in exasperation. "Women!!!"

(I tried to explain that guys aren't meant to UNDERSTAND women; they're just meant to HUMOUR us. I'm not sure he got it though.)

Anyway, I digress. OCCASIONALLY I can resist rocky road. VERY occasionally!

The real deal-breaker for me though (apart from the aforementioned alcohol, of course!), is tablet. I can't resist it. That's why I try not to MAKE it very often. Because when I DO make it - or if someone ELSE makes it and brings it in . . . it TALKS to me. I swear it does. "Oh, Pauuullllaaa," it croons across the room. "Look at me, all sugary and yummy. Full of all the naughty things you desire. You want me."

I try not to look at it. Look everywhere else BUT directly at it. But it won't give up . . .

"You KNOW you want me."

I have to eat it just to shut it up in the end. . . .

After all, what if it starts STALKING me next???

What's the one thing YOU can't resist when you're trying to be healthy?


  1. Wine and cheese, without a doubt! I can run 5 miles, eat nothing but salads and yogurt all day, but as soon as I sit down in the evening, I crave merlot and extra sharp cheddar like a crack addict! Pathetic, actually!!

  2. Wine. Red wine in the winter and if it's summer I suppose it's tequila. But then again, those are the vices that make me healthy in so many ways so why give them up? Good luck though- hope the 20 days works for you ... hey you inspired me- maybe I'll try for 20 hours :-)

  3. I cannot resist bad food when other people around me are eating it. I guess I'm a follower... but if everyone is indulging than so am I! I think this goes for alcohol as well, hahahaha!

    One thing I can't resist is pizza. I love pizza. I could eat it everyday!

  4. I can't resist anything, either. It's awful. Chocolate, french's all bad. Sigh.

  5. Beer and poutine (Canadian dish of fries covered in cheese curds and smothered in gravy-talk about bad for you!)

  6. Flapjacks. They will ultimately be the death of me. Especially the ones with chocolate on top.

  7. The most effective diet I have ever been on, while BRILLIANT, is not appropriate or ideal...?
    Glandular Fever. For reals.. you catch it and by the 8th week of not eating anything except english muffins and fruit juice, you feel like you're never going to eat again.
    When I'm healthy.. usually I like ice cream. And cake. And cupcakes. And chocolate....

  8. I am a lazy cook so it would be pizza and chinese takeaway. Mmmm yum

  9. Chocolate, chocolate,'s like a drug ;-)

  10. I think you might know the answer to this one.

    It's the crisps. I just can't resist their salty, crunchy goodness.

    Chocolate I can leave. I could give that up for 40 days no worries but my crisps? Hell no.

    I once successfully dieted for about 2 months. I didn't have crisps at all during the week and only had a small bag at the weekend. I was thinner but I was a miserable git.

    Just let me keep my crisps and I'll try and find a way of coming to terms with my chubsteriness.

  11. Brace yourself, here's my short list of things I can't resist:

    Cookies ( oatmeal /chocolate chips )
    Frozen yogurt with mochi and chocolate chips
    Buttered/caramel popcorn
    Cheesy snacks

    And the list goes on. I have no shame.

  12. I can't say no to food..its impossible (thought I did managed 3 weeks of eating no cheese..which was very very hard...Manchester ruined that for me)

    At the beginning of the week I bought some fancy new digital scales to try and encourage me to eat more healthily but then last night I ruined it by buying 2 puddings on my way home from work and eating them both before I'd even had my tea. Whoops!!

  13. booze and cheese for me, as well. I don't eat crisps as much as I used to, but it's the alcohol and the dairy-goodness that gets me every time lol xXx

  14. These days I'm quite good at resisting things.

    Cheese and crisps have always been my downfalls in the past though. And McDonald's breakfasts :/

  15. I just can't resist meringue. And French Fries. I'm a terrible, terrible healthy eater.

  16. Oh P. I think we started dieting around the same time, and guess how much I weigh now? EXACTLY THE SAME. I keep thinking - when I eventually get a PhD and start field work I'll be outside and active all the time, and eating more healthily... but until then I cannot stay away from the red wine and the Wensleydale!

  17. I know what you mean!! I can't resist pizza, I could eat it every day. And sometimes I just crave candy, swedish fish to be exact.

    It's terrible because after I eat it, I feel so guilty! I need self control lol.

  18. French fries. I will NEVER be able to give up French fries. Never.

    Good luck with your diet! I'm currently trying to eat healthier AKA dieting and it's hard, but worth it once the pounds start to shed off =)

  19. What the heck is tablet? Ever since I got knocked up I pretty much can't turn anything down. I'm like a human garbage disposal. I'm ridiculous.

  20. You know I usually keep pretty good on my diet but reading this post just put a big giant piece of cake in my head and I'm not going to be able to remove it until I eat some!!

  21. I've given up alcohol for lent :) its gonna be a tough ride!

    But the one thing I can NEVER resist is chocolate. I have a ridiculous soft spot for it, it really is beautiful :)

    And crisps :P

  22. I saw a preview for some show on E! where there is a cupcake sitting in front of the guy(gay) and he pulls out a bottle of Windex and sprays it & says "Sometimes I Windex sweets b/c it's the only way I won't eat them." Cracked me up! I have no self control when it comes to eating... I'm quite certain I should be the size of a house. God has been pretty nice, I mean, I still complain about my thighs and being too soft in the center... but it could be worse.

  23. Try reducing your portions!
    That's all that I've done. I hate the thought of going to a gym, let alone putting on running shoes or sweating in public (or private).

    So I started eating smaller portions. Which made a lot of sense because I tend to overeat and wind up in the bathroom 10 minutes after a meal. Regardless, I've lost 16 pounds in the last year just by paying more attention to that, "I'm getting full" feeling.

  24. Black Olives.
    Anything with anchovies.

    I'm pretty resistant to cakes and cookies, and I've said no to chocolate as well, but Ice Cream is a must-say-yes. Even in wintertime, the thing talks to me!


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