Friday, 12 February 2010


So I have been given a couple of blogger awards (it always sounds a bit more glam than it is but I will always fully embrace any recognition as deep down I AM an attention whore!) over the past few weeks so I thought now would be a perfect time to acknowledge them! I DO Love it when I get these awards, especially when it is from bloggers I love, which is completely true in the case of these three awards!

But beforehand, I'm just gonna do some random stuff, since I'm not sure how to combine all the rules etc. I'm gonna go with the Beautiful Blogger Award and do seven random facts. AND I have decided to make them guy-related facts, since my love life is SUCH a disaster!

You may have heard some of these before but now they are all compiled in one place and therefore all the more valuable. Or something...

1. My first sort-of boyfriend was in 1993, when I was 13. His name was Gareth and he was from Manchester. I was on holiday in Devon and had been coveting him all week, in the way I would probably covet a bag these days. (Isn't it weird how tastes change?) We only went out for a night and didn't even KISS. In fact, we didn't even spend much of the evening together at all. The following year we ended up in the same place and I ran up to him and begged him to "PLEASE PLEASE GO OUT WITH ME." Oops. THAT was embarrassing. Even 16 years later I STILL cringe at that memory.

2. My first kiss was age 16. The guy wanted to go out with me afterwards. I could never look him in the eye again. Even when I ran into him at uni four or five years later I still avoided him. I befriended him on a social networking site a few years ago and I think he MIGHT have tried to ask me to meet up for a drink, but I avoided it. Nowadays I can thankfully kiss a guy and still EVENTUALLY face him without turning bright red. Which is a relief.

3. My first PROPER boyfriend wasn't until I was 22. And to this day I'm not entirely convinced I didn't just go out with him because he liked me and was convenient and I was, frankly, getting a bit desperate. Because he was about as attractive to me as . . . a lump of coal? Drastic? Mean? Yup. But true. We lasted three months and I dumped him a week after Valentine's Day. And therein lies the start of my bad karma with guys...

4. I still laugh about this random guy I used to work with who I'd never spoken to or been introduced to, but he asked me out once via text. I ignored it, then he came up to me in work and asked if I'd got his text. It was MORTIFYING!

5. I once got pretty much forcibly removed from a gay club for snogging a guy too fervently. Huh. If it had been a GIRL I'd been snogging, I'm sure there wouldn't have been a problem. Reverse homophobia??? (Is that a thing?)

6. I once klssed a guy I worked with purely because he was really angry and complex and therefore fascinated me in a slightly perverse way. The minute I kissed him, he turned into this sappy, smiley thing that actually took me home to my flat at the time in a taxi even though it was out of his way. He then asked me out, I said yes, then saw him when I was sober, realised I wasn't REMOTELY attracted to him and cancelled on him at the last minute. More future bad relationship karma? Quite possibly...

7. I don't believe it's a good idea to fall for your best male friend. I did that once upon a time and ultimately I lost both the relationship AND the friendship. So while it's a romantic idea, and I LOVE "When Harry Met Sally" . . . I really wouldn't recommend it.


Firstly, there is the award above, which I received from Melanie of Melanie's Randomness.

The Beautiful Blogger award, which all of the Manchester Tweet-Up chicks were given by The Pink Jellybaby. Thanks! :)

I'm going to award both of the above awards to a few of the blogs I've started reading recently in the past month or two. I can't remember the rules, so I am going to give five of you both the above awards. What can I say, I'm a rule breaker...

1. Classy in Philadelphia - I LOVE her blog, she seems to have similar taste in books as me, AND loves the Greek Islands, and Where in The World Wednesday is one of my favourite features. I just worry I'm going to run out of places to display on my blog. :(
2. The Seventh Circle of Elle - Elle may just win the record for number of blog changes in the time since I started reading her two years ago - she was one of the first blogs I found via the 20sb site - but I have been loyal to her all the time! AND . . . she is getting a book published! Congrats chick! :)
3. Martinis Or Diaper Genies - She is friggin' hilarious. That's all. (Oh and she likes to take pictures of herself wearing awesome shoes while standing on the loo. Like we ALL do...)
4. Confessions of a Secret Keeper - another blog I only discovered in the past few months but I love Jen's blog. She's awesome. Hope next time we have a meet-up she will be coming along too? :)
5. Miss America - we used to work together way back (2004?)- just discovered she had a blog recently and love it! :)

Then there was the award above, passed to me by the lovely Brittany of Simplicity in Baltimore - she said some very flattering things about how funny I was that make me kinda want to quote her on my blog.

Hehe. I think I need to award this to my new In Real Life blogger friends . . .

1. Miss *H
2. The Pink Jellybaby
3. Miss Smidge
4. Elle
5. Helen
6. LizSara

Happy Weekends everyone! :)

EDIT: Just realised I managed to leave off the other award I received recently which was from Kirsty of The Road Less Travelled, so I'll put that one up in the next few days!


  1. That must have been some kiss to drive a guy from angry and complex to sweet and doting.

  2. I've never had feelings or even a slight crush to any of my male best friends, so I think we're on the same page here. Have a good weekend, girlie.

  3. what do you mean you're as as attractive as a lump of cola?? Have you looked in the mirror lately? You are one hot chicka!!! x

  4. Thanks for the award darling. I'm so glad you are loving WITWW! :)

  5. ooh I just noticed the award you have bestowed upon me...whoops..right back at you!! :)

  6. Thank you so much for the award! :D

  7. Aw, I'm sure your karma will turn around soon enough! Congrats on receiving so many awards!!


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