Monday, 25 January 2010


I've never really met anyone online in real life. Unless you count the time I ran into Ant on the Glasgow subway.

And in two weeks time, I should be in Manchester meeting several other bloggers and twitterers (tweeters? twits?). I've been a bit nervous about it - read this post if you don't know why. I've done and said silly things when nervous or drunk - like accusing a stranger of being a necrophiliac. Or asking another stranger if she was an escort. When I say something stupid, I go ALL OUT. (That's a guarantee.) So understandably I'm a little bit apprehensive about the whole thing.

ANYWAY, that''s not the point here. Here IS the point...

The other day, I mentioned to a male friend of mine I was going to Manchester. He, of course, asked who I was going with. When I said some girls I knew from the internet, his shock was fairly apparent.

I momentarily wondered if I had accidentally said I was going with a selection of famous murderers from the past, but I knew I wouldn't say something THAT strange. (Mainly because I wasn't drunk!)

He went on about it for the good part of the next 20 minutes, asking me if I had ever met these girls before, did I think it was wise to be going . . . he just couldn't IMAGINE travelling for miles to meet a bunch of people he'd never met in real life before.

I asked if it was any different from internet dating. Or going home to a random person's house for a party you met for the first time while on a night out. Or even going on holiday with a friend you hadn't known for very long.

To me, it seems less harmless than any of those options. He didn't seem to agree though.

I understand that not everyone UNDERSTANDS blogging or what goes on in the blogosphere. Even people who DO blog do it for different reasons - but one of the things I have always loved about it is the connection, the interaction between us. The friendships that form. Sometimes I feel like my readers know me better in certain ways than some of the people I DO know in real life. Surely then the logical next step is to MEET these people?

That's how I see it anyway.

Tons of bloggers who I read on a daily basis have meet ups all the time. Have formed lasting friendships with one another. Hang out at one another's houses. I'm a bit jealous of that. I wish more of you lived closer to me so we could go out to the pub and get drunk and have a gossip and puke on the street together after we are kicked out at closing time. (Too far? Sorry.)

I don't really know what my mate's issue is but I know he's not the only one who has this opinion.

I couldn't disagree more though.

Despite my nerves, I am still pretty excited. My first meet-up!

(I just hope the other girls still want to meet up with me after reading this!)


ONE MORE (MAINLY UNRELATED) THING . . . if you have time (and think I deserve it) I'd appreciate if you pop over to this site and vote for me. Did I mention how good you all look today? No? Well, you do!!! ;)


  1. voted! good luck.

    and I totally agree

  2. You'll love the meetup, that's so exciting! Next meetup should be in Canada :P


  3. I wish there was meetups in Montreal.

  4. You're going to have an amazing time! Meeting with bloggers is so much fun. Ignore your friend; honestly, people who don't blog really don't get it.

  5. I agree. Everyone seems to think that the internet is full of weirdos. While, granted, that's probably 50% true... If you're careful with it and don't jump into meeting ANYONE, chances are you'll be right.
    My two BFF's are girls I met online.

  6. You know i'm all for meeting persons from the interweb :)
    I've met SvD in real life ( a reader of mine and i think he used to come here ) and what about Mr Gil and i ?

    We " met " through an online dating site and now we're engaged and have just had a baby!

  7. all my male friends are worried and keep saying " but how do you know they won't all turn out to be pervy 40 year old males pretending to be girls?" answer...."how on earth would a pervy 40 year old male be able to write such funny and honest posts about periods and boyfriends?".

    2 weeks to go!!!!

  8. Ha! I've met a few bloggers before (Lis, Helen and Catspuke) so im nit quite so worried about this meet up - Miss H is right, there is no way any of us could be men - we are too frank with our issues!

    I always think its hard to meet new people once you get to a certain age - so blogging is one way of doing that - i for one think its pretty amazing!

    P.s im only in Edinburgh - 45 mins away (on a good day) so if you ever want a night out you know where i am!!

  9. I promise I'm not a 40 year old pervy man (I'm actually 52 if you must know. ;)

    I've met quite a few people before over the years from the interweb and have never had a bad experience. And I think it's much safer than going home with a randomer you've only just met!

    Ignore your friend, it is going to be BRILLIANT. :)

  10. I am proud of you! I tend to get verbal diarrhea around strangers, so I can definitely relate to that. But I think it is wonderful you are meeting folks from blogland. Whenever I read about other bloggers doing it, I am always a little jealous - but in the next breath I think about how terrified I would be to meet folks.

    Have a great time in Manchester. I was just there in September.

  11. ENJOY! We probably live closer together than lots of people I've met via blogging, so if meetups work for you, we should def go for a drink in Glasgow next time I'm passing through! And last time I was there I found a wicked Chinese on Renfield street...

  12. I've met quite a few bloggers over the years - and I met Mrs RS through blogging too. I hope you have a lot of fun :)

  13. I met my crazy Ex wife online. There's a promo, right? People are kooky no matter how you meet them. The Internet only serves to make your circle of craziness bigger. Have fun!

  14. Voted!

    I had a blast at the review writers meet up in Glasgow a few years ago - blogging is a lot more personal and less restrictive, so it makes sense that it'll be more fun :P


  15. It can seem weird the first 60 seconds, but then you realize you probably know each other pretty well and you start acting like old friends! :)

  16. Dude, I'm so excited for you -- your first meet-up! To me it feels like bloggers are easy to trust because we're all emotionally vulnerable to each other, and who would go to the trouble of writing and maintaining a blog EVERY SINGLE DAY just to be a sketchmonger?!

  17. Yay that is so exciting!! I haven't met any other bloggers in real life just yet, but I am also really jealous of those who have made real life friendships. I understand being nervous and a little scared, but I think we are over a group of honest, caring people!!

  18. For some strange reason we (over this side of the pond) seem to have a preconceived idea of the wierdos off the internet (when I say we, I pretty much meant ever UK person who doesn't blog). I love bloggers, I've not yet met any in the flesh, but I'd never rule it out! Hope you have an amazing time!!

  19. I know exactly how you feel.. Because the world of blogging is pretty much run by the US, I feel sort of left out. But it's taken them forever to form that bloggy network, so let's just wait for the rest of the world to catch up.

    Besides, it's ok, next time you need a cup of sugar, I'll jump on the train and 3 hours later.. voila, there's a bottle of vodka in your hand (hey, I'm not even gonna pretend that I keep sugar in my house. Or anything else for that matter. It's pizza and alcohol all the way in this household!)...



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