Thursday, 21 January 2010

ON MUSIC . . .

I love music.

(Who doesn't?)

I HATE music snobs.

You know, the Judgey McJudgersons who think only THEIR taste counts???

Most of them slag off my taste in music.

I don't think MY taste in music is that bad. It's fairly eclectic. I like r&b, pop, some rock, some indie stuff . . . I'm all over the place. I mean . . . here is a random selection of my favourite artists


See? Loads of stuff. Only people I'm against as a matter of principle? Westlife (because every song sounds the same.) Coldplay (because they bore me senseless as a rule - although I will admit they have two songs I don't mind, so I'm not afraid to admit when I'm wrong!) And Take That - because I don't think a boy band should reunite ten years after their heyday because they're now a MAN BAND and that's just sad.

But I don't judge people for liking them. (Unless the people in question ALREADY annoy me for other reasons; then it's just another excuse!)

I'm thinking about music tonight because I bought a new Walkman the other day (for some reason I've always taken against Apple as a brand and therefore I like to go for the Sony option instead - one day I might give in and buy an iPod but for the moment, the Walkman is my MP3 player of choice). Anyway, the other week the volume button on my walkman of three years randomly fell off so I felt I should maybe upgrade. Bought a fab one online (isn't it pretty???) and have only had a chance to look at it tonight.

(Currently tearing my hair out over it, as a matter of fact, as I can't for the life of me work out how to find my music on my laptop to upload it, since it uses different software from my previous one. Grrr!!!)

I also ordered some CDs to upload onto it. Well, that wasn't the intention. I went online to order Kelly Clarkson's newest album, since I am seeing her for the second time next month and I don't actually know any of her newer songs apart from the single releases. The shame!!! It was a mere five pounds, but then I randomly decided to also buy Timbaland's "Shock Value II" and Lady Gaga's album (since I never got around to that). So I ended up spending 25 quid in the end. Oops.

Looking forward to getting them though, especially the Timbaland one. I LOVED his last album.

Anyway, I wanted to know about YOUR favourite music. I like to check out other people's faves, sometimes I end up finding new favourites of my own. Dragonette, for example, became a big band for me after I read about it on Jessica Maria's blog back in 2008. And I also bought Mandy Moore's latest album "Amanda Leigh" after reading positive comments on it from both her and Angela. And I love this also, much to my surprise!

So share your favourite artists with me, especially ones who aren't as well known . . . and perhaps I'll find some new sounds to listen to myself!!!

Please??? ;)


  1. Oh enjoy your new walkman!! I like so much different types of music that omg I think I would win an olympic medal over it. Here are a few different bands: Guster, Muse, Alice in Videoland, Jem, Frou Frou, The Birthday Massacre, Zero 7. Ooo I can't wait to come back to this post to see what people mention to u!! ENJOY!!!

  2. Ok, I had NOO idea you were from the UK until I saw the word favorite spelled with a U and then the words pounds and quid lol. Blond moment for me :)

    I love all different types of music. Hmm, some of my favorites are Boys like Girls, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, for some reason I can't think right now lol.

    And your walkman is adorable :)

  3. I hate music snobs too, I listen to them sneer down on what other people like and I feel like throwing rocks at them.

    As in favorite music and favorite artists, I'm into Jake One at the moment. Less of a dancy hiphop, but it's good and pretty substantial, nice beats. Check out his album : White Van Music. Aside of that I like Jean Grae and Atmosphere. The latter one has seriously snarky but amazing lyrics :)

  4. Uh oh! I'm one of the aforementioned music snobs... I'm not so Mr Judgey Judgemental (I guess I probably used to be, but that was the 90s).

    A few favs include: Muse, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The White Stripes, The Beatles (I love the tribute albums that have been surfacing over the last few years), Stevie Wonder and Fleetwood Mac (oldies but goodies).

  5. I've been listening to the blues lately. Must be a winter thing. Buddy Guy specifically, classic stuff.

  6. I love Breaking Benjamin, if you don't know them listen to their song so cold and the diary of Jane they are the songs that made me discover them.

  7. I wouldn't say I'm a music snob...but it's kind of my life. so here are some starters, and I always post songs on my blog so you can sift through some of those
    here are some i think you might like:

    vampire weekend
    band of horses
    marie digby
    the killers
    arctic monkeys
    Girl Talk
    Deathcab for Cutie
    Cat Power
    Lykke Li
    OK Go
    Passion Pit
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  8. City & Colour
    Bon Iver
    Ray Lamontagne

    Love, love, love 'em

  9. I hate music snobs too, but sometimes it's hard not to be one. Like, there are a few people in my life who don't care at all about music and will just listen to whatever is on. I judge them for that more than people who like music that I don't like. And you had to go insult my beloved Coldplay!;)

  10. ooooh Lady Gaga's music rules my life. Pretty much 9 out of 10 of my Friday night playlist songs are by her!

  11. I love anything and everything (well, almost). My music taste is a bit all over the place as I grew up with a dad who loved people like led Zeppelin and ACDC and my mom was more elton john and George michael (she ruined his street cred hehe). At the moment though I loooooove the Mumford and Sons album, Florence and the Machine and Paloma Faith. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are possibly my favourite band ever!!!

  12. Try a glasweigan artist called Alex Wayt. Amazing.


  13. I am pretty much obsessed with Jason Mraz. I've seen him live 6 times, travelled interstate to witness two of his concerts, and hung out with his percussionist.
    People think he didn't exist before 'I'm Your's' attacked the airwaves, but he's been around for years, and I love him.
    Heey Judgy McJudgerson!
    I am also quite fond of Eric Hutchinson. He supported Mraz last tour - and is supporting Kelly Clarkson in Aus, is he supporting there too? He's pretty amazing too.
    Vanessa Carlton is the reason I play piano.

  14. I'm upgrading my iPod to 160Gb because my 32Gb model is running out of space.

    Alphabet Backwards
    The Family Machine
    inLight (more fab than a fab thing)
    Echo Boomer
    The Good China
    The Parlotones
    Missy Higgins
    This Town Needs Guns
    Still Corners

  15. I'm with you on the music snobs issue. I respect anyone's taste. I might not like it but I get that the music they like makes them happy.

    My taste is also really eclectic! I go from like dance tracks to guitar based pop/folk, to Aussie hip hop to R&B to...well, anything that my ears decide they like!

    Right now I love:

    Lady Gaga
    Bliss n Eso
    Josh Pyke

    I'd name other artists but I often will only like a couple of songs from each artist.

  16. You know I am a music lover, I can tease people for their music taste, but I dont judge (hey I can rock out to old Michael Bolton songs)

    I have music I disklike, but if people like it then good for them.

    I go through phases where I play one artist a lot. Right now is a Tom Petty phase.

  17. There is a Canadian group called "The Tragically Hip" that I think everyone should listen too...

    contact me if you want me to send you some tracks to listen to.

  18. The phrase "MAN BAND" is cracking me up. That's just so wrong.

  19. My top 3 are John Mayer, Taylor Swift and Ingrid Michaelson!

  20. OOhh, Ray Lamontagne, Xavier Rudd and Counting Crows. Lovely voices....

  21. Check out my Last.Fm here.

    It's got allll the music that I've ever been into :)

  22. Email me your address (not to be creepy) and I'll mail you a mix cd with my fav music. <3

  23. Ok, i USED to be a music snob, when i was in high school. I read " Rollingstone " religiously so i thought that meant i knew my musical shit...

    Anyhoo, i'm very much eclectic in my tastes and i will quite happily admit loving country music ( even though the Judgey McJudgersons of the world usually laugh at that bit ). Random artist list ?

    Garth Brooks
    Linkin Park
    Damien Rice
    Alicia Keys
    Ben Lee
    Foo Fighters
    Johnny Cash
    Kelly Clarkson

  24. Here here. Everyone is entitled to their own taste in music (even if it is terrible);). A few of my favs off the top of my head: Ray Lamontagne, Carrie Underwood, Jason Mraz, The Bird and the Bee, Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service, Imogen Heap/Frou Frou, Sia, Kanye West, Panic! at the Dico (mostly their first album), and yes, Kelly Clarkson. :)

  25. I was about to do a music post... but I will share with you first. Xavier Rudd, Mae, Dispatch, Guster, Modest Mouse, TJ McCloud, Amos Lee...
    And I totally agree... boo to music snobs!!

  26. Your fave artists rule!!! You should also maybe check out Motion City Soundtrack when they come to Scotland in March!! ;)

  27. Next time I'm at yours, we'll have a youtube night - playing songs we think the other will like. And getting pissed, of course ;-)

    our accountant LOVES Take That... I can't slag them off, for fear of damage being done to my other ankle... lol


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