Sunday, 17 January 2010


Anyone who reads my blog, even on a semi-regular basis, knows what my MAIN weakness is . . .

. . . rose wine, of course!

Amazingly, I don't get hangovers all that often but when I do, I want to die. (Drama queen? Moi? Um - yeah!) And when I'm truly hungover, I can't DO painkillers - they kick my gag reflex into play and let's face it, if you haven't actually manage to DIGEST the pill, it's more than likely not going to work. So I've formed a few ways to try and ease the pain a bit. My hangover cures are as follows:

  • Can of full-fat Coca Cola. I don't keep this in the flat often as I try not to drink the full fat stuff despite loving it, so generally I can only have this if I had the sense the night before to buy a can (or two) of it. Anyway, I find the seven spoonfuls of sugar helps me!
  • Can of Diet Irn Bru. This is more likely since I DO keep this into the house. But it has to be ultra cold, or it doesn't work.
  • Fruit flavoured ice lolly. I don't know why this works so well but it really does.
  • Beroca - it's meant to be multi-vitamins but somehow it makes things feel a bit better when too much alcohol was swallowed the night before.
  • Toasted cheese or French toast - It's the stodge. Soaks up the alcohol.
  • Buttered roll with sausage and potato scone. As before. It's amazing how much the grease helps...
One thing I CAN'T do? Hair of the dog. When I have a heavy hangover, the SMELL of alcohol makes me gag. In fact, so does the SMELL of it. I don't know how people can do it!

Some people have far stranger hangover preventions/cures than I do.

Rubbing half a lemon under your armpit???
Burying a person in moist river sand???
Drinking orange juice with a raw egg in it??? (vom.)
Eating bull's penis? (Er - I wouldn't even be putting a HUMAN one in my mouth when I'm hungover. Gag reflex remember?)

and the most ridiculous of all???


Um . . . that one ain't happening, dude!

So what's YOUR hangover cure? What helps you the morning after?


  1. For me, 2 extra strength tylenol and back to bed.....

  2. 2 pints of water BEFORE going to bed. rehydrates your brain overnight so yo don't get hungover. (this isn't a medical explanation and is probably complete bollocks but it works!)

    What were you doing up at 4.30am writing posts about hangovers?

  3. Good old fatty bacon sarnie does it for me. Apparently there is research to show it does actually help: bread is high carb which speeds up your metabolism and helps you flush out the alcohol quicker and bacon is rich in protein and amino acids which are TLC for the brain damage you inflicted on your grey matter the night before :)

    And a big glass of milk.

  4. for me its a fry-up (stodge) and pints and pints of fruit juice (packed full of vitamins)..which is precisely what I'm about to eat/drink right now as I had a few too many last night

  5. I was going to say exactly what miss*H said...massive fry-up washed down with pints of (preferably freshly squeezed) orange juice. Huge quantities of full-fat cola (need the sugar!)works for me too...

  6. Back at he uni it worked very well if I've taken painkillers before going to sleep, if only I wasn't too drunk to remeber to do it that is.
    Red Bull works quite well for me. Also having a lot of water the night before (having a glass of still mineral water between glasses of wine, but again at some point I'm too drunk to remember I was supposed to do it).
    Cold shower. Usually can't get to the shower till late in the afternoon and am always surprised I haven't thought about having a shower first thing after waking up.
    Warm soup of any kind.
    And last but not least (but I guess you need to be Eastern European to be able to eat it) sauerkraut and/or saur gerkins - this is actually scientifically proven as both improve your digestion and make you digest alcohol quicker.

  7. I find that ice lollys helps as well, it just makes it feel better straight away, that, or jump in the pool.

    My man like the weird combo of cola and orange juice.

  8. It took me a second to get past the European dialect, as I was trying to figure out when Coca Cola started a "full fat" brand, and then realize it's just a non-Diet. I'm silly.

    Good luck trying to find that bull's penis.

  9. I have not had a hangover in forever... I guess I hated them enough that I decided it wasn't worth it. So I limit myself, as hard as that can be at times. But... when I used to drink and party like a rockstar, I always made sure to leave myself a bottle of gatorade at my bedside BEFORE I went out, to remind myself to drink it before passing out. Helped a bit.

  10. Huge amounts of apple juice, ice cold coke, thinly sliced cheddar cheese between two lightly toasted slices of toast.

  11. I dont drink very often at all ( hell i was pregnant for 9 months and now will be breastfeeding so probably just as long, so still not drinking! ) but when i do and i have a massaive hangover the best cure is.... McDonalds Quarter Pounder and fries!

  12. Some total lush I knew (has turned out to be a cow) swore by 2 paracetamol and a pint of water before bedtime.

    I can never remember to try it myself. The old 'alternating drinks' trick I did at your birthday 'do though and I was still fine, just slightly buzzing.

    Failing that then lucozade sport was what I used to stagger down to the shop for before crawling back into bed.

    Oh and making sure you get enough sleep as well. Otherwise you run the risk of still being drunk which isn't always good if you need your wits about you in your place of work.

  13. Large glass of water and two paracetamol works a treat. Well, it takes the edge off. If you drink as much as I do you do realise that there is NO hangover cure but this one really does help.

    If you know that in your drunk state that you'll forget all about this, put it by your bed with the paracetamol popped out too because come on.... fiddly things when you're drunk? No.

    Leave it by your bed or whatever and you'll take it. It'll help :)

  14. Ok, 2 prevent a hangover we ALWAYS have a jacket potato (cheese & beans) before getting home (there's a man in MyTown who has a jacket potato stand and he and his wife do every Thurs, Fri and Sat night!! But, if that fails it has to be McDonalds chicken nuggets and a Sprite the morning after - and I HATE McDonalds normally, but it really does work!

  15. Staying in bed, and leaving only to get McDonalds.

  16. Wine is my weakness too!!! I don't have any hang-over cures, so Oh girl I'm so happy you posted some of yours. =)

  17. I drink "red beers" for hangovers. It does the trick for me. Tomato juice (bloody mary mix) half with half a beer. Yum! Sometimes I even drink them when I'm not hung over ;)

  18. These are all good ideas, and I may have to try them. For me it's a can of diet coke as well as vegetable soup (full of salt/liquid and a serving of vegetables).

  19. 人生的價值以及他的快樂,都在於他有能力看重自己的生存........................................

  20. Sausage Roll from the bakery...
    Tempura Vegies and Sugar Cane Juice with Lime and Ginger (booyah)...
    Bag of chicken twisties...
    Berocca gives you back your b..b..bounce!
    A swim in the ocean...

    Not necessarily in that order.

  21. Oh thank you for these tips! Honestly, when I'm hungover I CRAVE fast food. How disgusting is that?

  22. Drinking water before I go to bed but lets face it - that hardly ever happens!

    other than that it's crisps and the leftover pizza that I got the night before and fell asleep before eating.

  23. Drinking water before I go to bed but lets face it - that hardly ever happens!

    other than that it's crisps and the leftover pizza that I got the night before and fell asleep before eating.

  24. ugh i can't do hair of the dog either. fast food, sprite and vitamin water :)

  25. I have never had rose wine which I just realized today despite reading about it all the time here.

    I always puke up the advil the next day so it never works. I just lie in bed wishing a house would fall on me and then go to McDonalds or somewhere greasy.

  26. The biggest glass of water I can manage before I go to sleep (if I remember!).

    Berocca in the morning works wonders, plus lots of black coffee.

  27. fish fingers smothered in pepper and vinegar..!


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