Friday, 22 January 2010


(Firstly, this is going to be a bit of a rant and for that I apologise profusely. Or maybe you realise I am a serial ranter and won't mind. But before I start I just wanted to thank you all for your music recommendations yesterday and I will definitely be checking them all out - I'll keep you updated on what ones stick with me! Okay, now that's out the way, let's get ranting...)

Obviously, I've already covered some flatshare-related issues that have been niggling at me recently. The toilet paper issue - that was a big one. And the (same) loud flatmate. Another biggie.

The toilet paper issue has MAINLY been resolved for now. But only because one of my friends took me shopping and I bought a big pack of it, which we stash in our little kitchen so no one knows how much we have, and bring out one roll at a time as needed. The noise issue . . . it's still ongoing.

Not only is it LOUD, but there has been a recent trend for door-slamming. I mentioned this before but it's got WORSE!!! Now, I'm ALL for a door-slam or two when it's to prove a point in an argument. But this is virtually ALL THE TIME!!! It's not even the NOISE of the door-slamming that bothers me. It's the fact that the wall shakes and, since my bed is next to the wall, and I spend a lot of time on my bed (because I'm lazy, not cos I'm like a whore or anything like that! If only...), this means that PAULA shakes too. (I don't really like it when the earth moves in a BAD way...) It tends to only happen when The Boyfriend is here, which makes me think it's HIM who is the culprit - but that makes it even worse. Hogs the toilet (she was moaning at him to get out of there the other night AGAIN - seriously what DOES he do in there? Yoga? Meditation? A really massive DUMP???) AND slams the door??? He seems a nice enough guy but come ON - a bit of fucking consideration for others wouldn't go amiss!

Okay, so my NEXT little gripe. The bathroom lightbulb conked out over the weekend. This would have been fine if I'd been planning on going outside that weekend. I would have had no problem picking up a lightbulb somewhere. But I wasn't. On the other hand, other flatmates were quite clearly in and out of the flat and could have easily picked up a bulb. Did they? Er - that would be a no. No problem. I took my phone to the loo with me so I could use it as a light, and made sure I showered on Sunday during the day because no chance was I showering in the dark. No chance to get a bulb on Monday as I met up with friends after work and didn't get home til eleven pm. Got home and there was still no light. I was meeting Mich on Tuesday after work and wasn't sure when I would get home - but I guess I had a feeling that once again no one would bother their arse to get a new lightbulb. Apart from Paula the Walkover. Which is why me and Mich ended up in Somerfield in the city centre shortly before ten so I could buy a lightbulb. Not just a lightbulb. An ENERGY SAVING LIGHTBULB because if I bought a normal one, you can guarantee that my landlord would just so happen to pay a visit the next day and replace it anyway, thus rendering me spending any money pointless.

So I got home, drunkenly changed the lightbulb (thankfully the ceiling in that bathroom isn't as high as the ceilings in the rest of the flat!) and that was that.

Although part of me resentfully thought "Why did I have to be the one to do it? Couldn't anyone else have at least THOUGHT about doing it?"

The next night when I got home, there did not appear to be a soul in the flat . . . BUT SOME FUCKER HAD LEFT THAT BATHROOM LIGHT ON. WASTING MY MONEY!!!

(I have rage issues, clearly! But COME ON!!!)

Next issue. The MORON who keeps leaving the window in the other kitchen open. WIDE OPEN. Not merely ajar. A PLUS-SIZE BIRD OF PREY could get in with no problems, that how bloody wide open it is.

It. Is. January.


In Scotland!!!


Come on, it's not like we're renowned for having warm weather!

I cannot actually put into words how INSANE this is!!!

I love my flatshare. I love its location (the west end of Glasgow was a place I always wanted to live since my student days and I don't regret moving to the area at all), I love my room. I've had worse flatmates in the six and a half years I've lived here. (I've had far BETTER ones too though!) I wouldn't have stayed here all this time if I didn't like it. (I'm not THAT lazy.) But when shit like this happens . . . I just wish I had a plentiful savings account, could put down a sizeable deposit on a flat and get the hell out of there. Buying a place terrifies me, but the idea of things actually being my OWN . . . that's tempting. I wouldn't have to cope with anyone else's mess, anyone else's selfishness . . . I wouldn't need to worry about running into random strangers in the hall, of my landlord coming around and trying to talk to me when I'm in the bath, of my flatmate drunkenly splitting her head open in the middle of the night then deciding to get drunk while she is concussed and under my care, of the possibility that the police might turn up again and appear in the middle of MY room in the middle of the night next time . . .

Life might not be as interesting to BLOG about, but it certainly would be a bit easier on my stress and/or rage levels . . .


  1. I think you should look into moving out on your own!! I absolutely love living by myself and know that I will not live with another person unless it's a guy! :)
    Your stories are hilarious though... but still, can't believe how lazy they are...

  2. oooh man. i loved my roommates in college for that whole roommate 'experience'...but i need my space and living alone is a must!

  3. I really admire your patience because I don't think I can put up with it.

  4. oy, i would've left a snarky note that was passive aggressive saying "i've changed the're welcome."

    but that's me, you're far more patient!

    i have some awful flatmate stories that will make your toes curl in rage...literally.

    hope they take their heads our of their arses!!!

  5. Know that feeling. Trying not to be stubborn...:s

  6. I'm with you on the niggly things being the death of a flatshare. I loved TheMeerkat, he was lovely and kind and a sweet guy, but a pain to live with because:

    - he seemed to scatter pubes around the bathroom for fun. I'm not talking shedding a few here and there. I think he would pull wadges out and sprinkle them EVERYWHERE just to annoy me.

    - If he was in the kitchen for longer than, ooh, a second, he would mess the place up and leave sticky stuff all over the worktops. No idea what the sticky stuff was, but it was always there.

    - He can't talk into his phone anything lower than 9 dB louder than most people and he can't hold a conversation without getting extremely excited, thus elevating the volume level even more...

    - He'd leave his mobile phone by the front door when he got home drunk. At 6am it would go off. And go off. And go off. And go off. And he would be unconscious in his room and not hear it, while I would be jolted awake in mine and spend the rest of the day in a bad mood.

    Living alone is expensive I'll admit - and then you still have external factors like noisy neighbours to consider (I refuse to live in a flat that ISNT on the top floor now because noise travels down so easily but you're less likely to hear the people living beneath). But it is the best thing I did to mitigate stupid irritations like flatmates.

    There's a MASSIVE pile of washing up in my kitchen right all over the surface by the sink.

    But it is MY washing up.

    Maybe don't buy first, maybe try renting your own little place. It might mean you have to get a small flat that isn't as princessly as your current place, but it won't matter when you shut the door at night and it's the way you left it that morning.

  7. Some people do have issues when it comes to shutting doors. I've lived in 2 separate flats with 2 totally different people who were both door slammers.

    It was because we had those fire doors that close by themselves REALLY LOUDLY but it was like for a year neither of them learnt that fire doors SLAM. And every morning I'd be woken up by BAM! And then when they went back in to their room to get something they'd forgotten, BAM! And then when they came back out of the room BAM!

    And then one of them couldn't walk in high heels and instead stomped in them so you'd hear BAM! CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP.

  8. I had crack dealers living next door to me up until about a month ago. For real... I struggled with that. I'd probably drink the magic cordial if I lived in a share house.

  9. Sounds like you definitely need your own place!

    As a student I shared a house with 4 potheads...each to their own... but they would get seriously rowdy some nights and then get the munchies. A few times I had to get up after they'd finally gone to bed and switch off the oven or toasting irons as they'd left them on and could have burnt the place down!

  10. I'm sorry you live with such idiots. You do realize if you continue to do everything, your flatmates will do nothing because they know you will do it.

    Is there a way to come up with a system to keep things in check - like hey, I got this next time something needs to be done, so and so do it.

    About the door slamming, just talk to the girl. It definitely sounds like the bf and he probably hasn't a clue he's doing it.

  11. I never liked having a roommate. I like my space and freedom. That's whay it was quite an adjustment when I got married.

  12. Yeah. I live with two other guys and I have to say that I am in your situation.

    Every single one.

    So much so that I tell them to go and fuck themselves.

    Ah what it is to live with other people...

  13. I do not miss sharing an apartment one bit. And I got along pretty well w/ my roomies b/c they were all my friends. But constantly cleaning up after others is not my cup of tea. Get your own place and you will wonder how you ever tolerated sharing! :)

  14. AUGH!!! I ALWAYS had to ask my roommate to pick things up if we needed them. I would buy like, 8 rounds of dish soap and then ask her if she could. She'd wait a week until I bought it out of frustration and then waltz into the apt. 5 minutes after I got home and pull the soap out of her bag. Man, I sooooo feel your pain!

  15. I totally understand the rant! I get how the smallest things are really big things and it just drives you so mental you don't even know yourself anymore!!

    Once my hubby invited a friend to live with us in our small house until he "got himself on his feet". I didn't realise he would be working and earning heaps of money at a STINKY fertiliser plant the whole time and only paying us really cheap board...

    He also had never lived out of home and his overbearing mother TOLD HIM that I would look after him...because I'm Asian. So he NEVER did anything except occasionally cook us something that resembled dog food.

    He didn't have ANY sense of personal hygiene (probably on account of him never having worried about what women think because he had never been close enough to any to figure it out).

    I wanted to rip my hair out. Toilet skid marks, kitchen bin overflowing...GRRR! See, the rage is still there...years later!
    AND I've written an essay long rant in your comments - sorry!

    *looks sheepish*

  16. Wow flatshares can ruin lives. Then again, I had once heard that living with friends can total spoil the friendship.
    Ditto relationships. Gahhh to be rich and able to afford a place of our own!

    *gets exceedingly nervous*

    Remember that time that J left the towel beside the cooker hob and it caught on fire? And A came in and found it?

  17. I would not have enough patience living there. The banging doors, is definitely really annoying. My mam slams our front door when shes leaving so much so that she has nearly broken the door latch off.

    Did anyone say thank you for getting the bulb in the end?

  18. Like Julie, I'm all up for the passive-agressive noteage! Although it would end up with the whole flat being covered in little yellow sticky-notes with "thanks, you're welcome, no bother, surely you'll do it next, this time, IN YOUR FACE!!!" scribbled on them in anger. With smiley faces and hearts drawn afterwards to make me seem nice...

    Methinks you'll need to move out before there is SO MUCH friction between you and your flatmates that any relationship is unsalvageable!



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