Friday, 8 January 2010

2010 SO FAR . . .

So we've had a week of 2010 so far. And so far . . . I ain't impressed. 2010 officially sucks.

Being back at work has sucked.

Putting off plans THREE DAYS IN A ROW for a grocery delivery that NEVER TURNED UP has sucked. (Mainly because I was getting three bottles of my favourite sparkling rose for fifteen quid when it normally costs nine for ONE BOTTLE. Suck ASS!!!)

Having crappy weather with perma-ice and constant minus temperatures has MAJORLY sucked. I HATE walking on ice - it hurts my muscles as I have to walk differently, and I HATE not being able to take confident strides. The thought of falling on my ass is WAAAYYYY too predominant at the moment. I don't like looking the fool...

(On a sidenote, I honestly don't remember it EVER being so cold here in my life. My hands were so cold and numb by the time I got home tonight that I was actually in agony for half an hour trying to get feeling and heat back into them. The whole "The Day After Tomorrow" scenario seems to be getting ever closer)

Today I was accused of having a flirtation with a guy ten years older than me who I see on a daily basis. I realised to my dismay it is probably true, despite the fact I don't actually FANCY the guy, and I don't believe he fancies me either. It's just my manner. Which means other people have probably noticed it and are gossiping about something that isn't true too. That also sucks.

The good points? There hasn't been much. Let's see . . . Today I got a taxi to work and turned out my driver also has a sideline in chauffeuring. He was telling me all about driving Pink around Glasgow (apparently she was much moodier before she got back together with her husband, and also she really likes the store "Cruise" in the city centre), how Elton John was friendlier than you'd imagine, Lionel Ritchie is apparently a sweetheart, and how The Saturdays weren't as hot as his son thought they were. It was an amusing ten minute ride. He also said something that I feel was slightly racist BUT really pretty complimentary at the same time. Is there such a thing??? (PS It had NOTHING to do with penis size in case you were wondering! Mind - gutter - get out of!)

Looking forward to heading to Manchester in Feb to meet some fellow bloggers and twitterers too! First time I've ever did anything like this so - eek!!! Very nervous, but I'm also mega excited at the same time.

Apart from that . . . I'm loving all the new people stopping by my blog. It's great. I love "meeting" new folk in the blogosphere and receiving all these comments from people who are new in my world . . . it's a great feeling. Once again proves that sometimes I prefer my bloggy life to my real life.

For example, the happiest I've been all week was when I found out that I'd been given a "Beautiful Blogger" award by one of my new must-reads "I'm That Kind Of Girl" One of the rules is to name interesting things about me but I can't think of anything so here are the first things that come to mind:

1) I'm not a natural blonde
2) I'm a new lover of brown contact lenses. I always KNEW I would look better with brown eyes rather than green, and now I've started wearing them, I don't want to stop.
3) I should have been born somewhere where 30 degrees celcius was more common.
4) I think people THINK I'm thinner than I actually am
5) I spent YEARS trying to get rid of my freckles using lemon juice and/or Fade Out and even if they disappeared temporarily, they always came back. I kinda like them now though.
6) In our Secret Santa last year, we all got given secret identities. I was called Prancer. When asked what I would like if money was no option, I said a years supply of sparkling rose wine. I got chocolate and a bottle of sparkling rose wine. Mission accomplished.
7) I wear skirts MUCH More than I wear jeans because they DON'T get randomly ripped up the thighs. . .

And just some more random stuff . . . since I'm decidedly low on inspiration myself . . . here are some blog posts you should maybe go check out . . . if you haven't already that is!

Andy's own sample "House Hunter's Episode"
Alexa's own account of when the good plum went slightly rotten . . .
Amy's terrible encounter with unreasonable-parent-and-child-rage
Juliana has some worthwhile points about some famous kids' stories . . .
LiLu proves exactly why TMI Thursday is HER baby
Maxie not only provides one of the best post titles I've ever witnessed, but also gives a good argument against all the hater-ade that has been doled out in the 20sb forum of late
LCT finds the snow brings out her Monica-esque side . . .
I also feel I have to mention the awesome Crissy's post at Toy With Me the week before last - about strange fetishes. Well, it made me laugh. A lot. Although you probably shouldn't read it in work!

Let's just say the people I mentioned in the above links can be the recipient of my award! Seems fair, somehow. Congrats guys!

On an unrelated note, I also read somewhere that this week was national de-lurker's week. I don't know whether that is the case but as I mentioned . . . I LOVE comments. AND I've had a crappy week. And comments cheer me up!!!

Emotional blackmail? Perhaps? I like to think (hope?) I'm pretty enough to get away with it . . .

Please drop by and say hi, okay? ;)


  1. Hehe aww thanks! Sorry you've not had a great 2010. I've spent the last three days on ice too, although with some slightly more amusing/productive results. Have a Happy Friday!

  2. Two words...

    Move here!

    Today, 32, hot and humid!

    Depths of winter it doesn't get colder than 17... You. belong. here. woman!

  3. I am hating this year so far too...and I so want it to be good!
    Why do you not want your lovely green eyes? I would swap you for my boring brown ones any day!!

  4. There's a ton of suckage in 2010 so far.

    You'll enjoy the meet (Mancland is too far for us right now, we've got too much on. Not clothes, obv, just too busy. But we went up to the Liverpool meet last summer), they're nice peeps.

  5. They say that something that starts badly usually ends well so 2010 might turn out to be a great year for you, hopefully! :)

  6. I can't bear walking on the ice. I don't like being permanently scared of falling over!

    I'm excited about the Manchester meet up, it's going to be so much fun!


  7. I'm really hating the ice too, huffling about like an old granny and being aided by any wall that I'm close to- bad, bad look :(.

    I hope 2010 improves for you, try and make your own luck as well, like, do something you KNOW you'll enjoy, even in your own company because, how can you let yourself down? ;)


  8. I am a pro at walking on ice... I think most people that grew up in northern Canada are... he's a tip... and it's gonna sound stupid, but.... walk like a penguin. you'll never slip on the ice again.

    (oh and I don't mean waddle around, I mean walk with your feet pointing outwards. trust me you can run across ice this way!)

  9. Sorry to read that 2010 hasn't started that promisingly for you, but it's only been a week, maybe this year will be a slow burner?

    I'm looking forward to the meet up too, a little nervous, but that's part and parcel of meeting new people! :)

    I'm intrigued about the rascist comment. Is it really too bad to report here?

  10. Funny as it seems, the first time you returned a comment on my old blog, I was complaining about the hot weather of Argentina and you were complaining about Glasgow's Winter and how horrible it was to walk on ice. I told you I would do anything to switch places with you, I am experiencing only a little bit of the American Winter on the East Coast and ironically enough, I am going back home, right to the peak of Summer (and it's boiling hot, I've been told) know what? You WERE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Snow is cute...but just for a couple of days. Save P and come to visit me in Argentina! I'll give you bed and board and you can enjoy the warmth!

  11. okay--here's a comment. cheer up.

    I slipped on the ice last winter and tore my ACL and my miniscus, damaged the ligaments on both sides AND had cartiledge floating around in there. I still limp a bit and am afraid to leave my apartment if there's even a hint of a freeze.

  12. fortunately, the new year (in my opinion) is sort of just a random temporal mark - so, you can console yourself with the idea that it's really just a bad week. bad week's suck - but they suck a little less when they don't serve as the portent for your whole year.

    i fall on my ass ALL THE TIME when it's icy. you are not alone.

    here's hoping for a good weekend and a better next week :)

  13. So sorry 2010 has been such a bummer so far... it can only get better if it has been this crummy though.

    Happy weekend!!

  14. The rest of 2010 can only go up, right?! Hope so!!

    Hope you get a lot of delurkers!! You of course have to know that I read you on the regular :) xoxo

  15. The first week of 2010 has not been so great here either! Can we re-do New Years and try again next week??
    Office gossip sucks :( I've been there. Good luck, I hope 2010 get better :)

  16. Haha. Thanks doll... it was a particularly gross one, wasn't it? ;-)

  17. I couldn't imagine walking on ice, awww.

    People who gossip aren't happy with themselves, you're the bigger person!

    Hope your year gets better and fast!

  18. Ugh, hope 2010 gets's been pretty lame for me so far too!

  19. i can't believe you'd rather have brown eyes than green! i'd kill for green eyes!

  20. If it makes you feel any better - I HAVE fallen on my ass in the snow this week.

    several times.

    including in front of my office, and yes, pretty much everyone I work with saw, pointed and laughed!

  21. It is so cold here too. I am so over winter this year, enough already!
    I hope your 2010 gets better! Have fun meeting other bloggers and twitterers! That's something I definitely want to do more of in 2010 -- blogger meet ups! :)

  22. Ugh. I feel ya hun. It's colder than shit here too. And SNOW everywhere. I actually fell today in my front yard. I don't think anyone saw me but still, no fun being that I was then covered in snow and wet.

    When the hell will spring get here? I'm SO ready for it.

  23. Sorry for such a bad start... Your blog was recommended by my blogger friend and I am loving it!

  24. It never snows here. Today was a balmy 38 celcius. Lovely.

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  27. Thanks for the link love...which is such a silly phrase, as it makes it sound like we did something kinky with handcuffs.

    And congrats on getting all the new attention from bloggers...

  28. Why do you not like your green eyes? Green eyes are beautiful!


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