Tuesday, 15 December 2009


So a general recap of anything remotely interesting (ie when compared to SUPER BORING events, this stuff is merely MUNDANE in comparison) that has happened in my world the past few days . . .

*** Remember Solid Ice Bridge from last year? I encountered it again yesterday. Well, it wasn't SOLID ice this time, but considering I'd walked to work in pouring rain and encountered no ice, the bridge was fairly slippery in comparison. I was clinging to the railing as I navigated my way around it, feet slipping wildly. Halfway across I was getting a bit tired so decided to have a break and check Facebook on my phone (you know, like one does while in the middle of traversing a dangerous bridge - I'm sure ALL the great explorers do it too). I'd been standing
there for a minute or two when I turned around and realised there was a guy standing next to me, holding onto the railing. Unwilling to let it go to try and get around me. I don't know how long he'd been standing there. Oops. (The most ironic thing about this is that when I was on this bridge LAST YEAR, some dumb bitch stopped in the middle of the bridge in front of ME!! This is like karma in reverse!)

***I got a delivery card from Royal Mail through my door on Friday saying I'd been out when they tried to deliver something. So on Saturday I unwillingly got up before midday to go up to the delivery office and pick it up . . . and had to wait about twenty minutes in a queue. Yesterday I got a delivery card through again . . . the Royal Mail had tried to deliver MORE packages at the exact time I was up picking up the one from the day before. How irritating. Even more irritating? At least two out of five of my flatmates were in and could have buzzed the people into the building. But did they? Nope. Thanks guys . . .

*** There seems to be a prankster (perhaps more than one?) in work. One department had their advent calendar BROKEN INTO . . . and all the little chocolates were stolen! And as for MY department . . . well we have pretty decorations on our window overlooking the rest of the office, including a little reindeer made of snow spray. SOMEONE MADE IT LOOK LIKE IT HAD POO COMING OUT IT'S BUM!!! I hope no one thinks the mischevious little elf is behind it, because I ain't THAT weird!

*** For the past few days, I have been the only one of my team in work as everyone else is working off-site. Not only does this mean that I'm the out-of-office contact for five people, it also means I'm a bit lonely and grasping at straws for company. If someone from another department makes the mistake of phoning me for assistance - god help them! I'm trying to make conversation while they're on the other end, trying to hang up and more than likely thinking "I'm on a call already, goddammit! I need to get back to this student's query! You're upping my average call time here! I hate you..." And so on.

*** On top of being the office pariah, I'm also apparently invisible. Today I headed up to get the NEXT batch of packages as I was worried my Secret Santa present might be one of the things being held hostage by the delivery office and since we're meant to have those handed in by Thursday and I start work at 6.40am tomorrow, I didn't really see another opportunity of picking it up. So I got a taxi up there and then had to wait in a queue of three people. The girl served the woman in front of me, then walked off and didn't come back! I WAS STANDING RIGHT THERE! Eventually someone else came in behind me. "Why don't you ring the bell?" they suggested. "BUT I WAS STANDING IN THE QUEUE!" I protested, jabbing the bell frantically and wondering if my taxi driver was a) counting waiting time in his fare or b) going to drive off and leave me stranded. "I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO RING THE BELL!"

*** After all that, there were four packages waiting for me. None of which was the one I had went there specifically for. But they were all ones I'd been wondering about as I'd ordered them ages ago. So now I just have to hope the Secret Santa present turns up AT MY DOOR before Thursday!

*** But on the upside, the taxi driver only charged me £6.50 for what turned out to be a ten minute drive, ten minute wait and another twenty minute drive. Nice dude. Although I DID have to give him a general overview of ebay and listen to him name every town in the States for most of the journey. AND I gave him ten pounds because I thought he grossly undercharged me.

*** Oh and the dress? My sister managed to zip me into it. Once inside, I was virtually trapped. And couldn't breathe. And my insides began to hurt fairly quickly. But unless I can find an alternative before Saturday, I'm gonna have to put up with it. Best start practicing holding my breath, I guess . . .

Let's ignore the fact my body is apparently trying to escape it and that I can't breathe - I got it to zip up!!!
(Let's also ignore the state of 1) my hair and 2) my room . . .)

*** And last of all, a possible soon-to-be-FML entry for you. Me and my sister booked Lanzarote last night (We also ate chicken fajitas and raspberry pavlova, drank two bottles of rose wine between us, and watched "The Hangover" but that's neither here nor there). Then I discovered today that there has been major rumours going around that they are going to go bust. Blurgh.


  1. Hilarious! One of my husbands pet hates is people who wait for you to move but don't say 'excuse me' to let you know they are there... he HATES that!

    haha... reindeer with poo! gold!

  2. haha, when people call me i won't let them get off the phone either! Somedays i don't even leave the house, so i take all i can get!

  3. If you booked on credit card, problem solved!

    And that outift looks good from this side. You have a very thin waist!

  4. You need to swap those Uggs for Ice skates I think! (or a Range Rover)

    The dress looks nice, now take it off, get some slogs on and tidy that bloody room! ;)

  5. With such a tiny waist I can't believe you keep saying you need to lose weight.

    You're lucky I love you or I'd be calling you a cow lol :P



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