Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Of all the celebrities that died this year, I think its been Brittany Murphy's death on Sunday that hit me hardest. Perhaps because she starred in my favourite film of all time, "Clueless", so she has been someone I liked since I first saw that film in '95, aged 15. Perhaps because she was so damn talented. Perhaps because she seemed so damn nice, like a slightly younger Drew Barrymore (who I also kinda worship.)

Perhaps because she was less than two years older than me, and had her whole life ahead of her.

RIP Brittany.


  1. I was really shocked when I heard. And saddened. She was brilliant in Girl, Interrupted.

    Even though she married, I couldn't help but think that the break up with Ashton Kutcher preyed on her mind. Especially since he moved onto someone OLDER. Maybe it's just me though. 32 is way too young to go. :(


  2. It made me real sad and shocked too. She's such a great girl and I enjoyed her movies. From Clueless until Uptown Girl and Just Married.


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