Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Since I'm dry on inspiration today having worked that damn ten and a half hour shift then headed straight to my friend's flat to help her with some maths and verbal reasoning tests (therefore my brain is fried!), I will pose to you a question that a colleague of mine randomly posed to me this afternoon. Which possibly made my brain more fried than it already was.

If you could have a three course meal of your choice - right now - what would it be?

You can mix and match cuisines, it can be as boring or as outrageous as you want.

I'll start. And I have given this A LOT of thought . . .

STARTER - Either deep fried mozzarella sticks OR (yes I'm being a wuss because I can't decide) or bruschetta con funghi from Pizza Express. In fact, can I just HAVE both??? ;)

MAIN - roast chicken, potatoes (both roast AND mashed), gravy, stuffing, yorkshire puddings, cauliflower and brocolli.

DESSERT - hot chocolate fudge cake with cream.

(All washed down with some sparkling rose wine, of course!)

Oooooh, the calories!!! But oh so sinfully delicious at the same time . . .

Your turn??? ;)


  1. Geez.. I am so hungry right now my mouth is just watering!!!

    I would have steak, baked potatoes, and chocolate pudding. And I may just go home and do so...

  2. Ohh food talk when I'm drinking... not good, just giving me the munchies lol

    Starters: Jalapeño poppers with a sweet chilli dip (for they are BITCHIN'!).

    Mains: Tacos. I haven't had them in AGES. Although it just makes me sing that daft bit from that episode of South Park... # Taco taco, burrito, taco flavoured kiiiisses...#

    Incidentally, one of the directors at my work told us over dinner after a staff away day, that the word 'burrito' is derived from Spanish (obviously) and meaning 'little donkey'... referring to its' penis. And not, as Wikipedia states, the ear of a donkey.

    I don't think it's a coincidence that I haven't had a burrito since... especially after The Donkey Encounter... lol


    Dessert: not really a dessert kinda person, but I do like cheesecake. Ooh or chocolate covered strawberries. Those'll do. :)

    P, you bint, I'm really wanting Tex-Mex food now... lol


  3. Hmmmm... My mouth is watering just thinking about it! I've just realised I forgot to have breakfast and I'm STARVING!!!

    Starter: Oysters... some with garlic oil, parmesan and breadcrumbs... Some cold al la naturale... Some Kilpatrick and some with shallots and a red wine vinagrette.

    Main: A fresh piece of pepper encrusted Tuna - cooked rare and a thai salad - but I want some fried Haloumi cheese on the side.

    Dessert: Mars Bar Cheesecake all the way! With a healthy side serving of cream.... grrrrrrrrr!

    Oh my god! My tastebuds are watering and I'm having a brain orgasm just thinking about it!

  4. Ok, meal of my choice:

    Shrimp Cocktail

    Steak/Lobster, Baked Potatoe with butter and sour cream (this is imaginary, right)

    Warm applie pie with ice cream

    Funny, I feel like a snack now....wonder why?

  5. Fried brie with cranberry sauce.

    Anything german like Schnitzel, or lasagne, or salmon. I have to say the main course will be decided by my mood unlike the other two courses.

    Black forest gateau. Without question.

  6. Oh....I dunno, so many things I wanna eat! Lol (Btw that starter at Pizza Express is my fave) Right, I'll give it a go:


    Anti-pasti - olives, with stuffed chillies, maybe a wee salad with a balsamic dressing

    Main - has to be roast lamb. With all the trimmings - roasties, veg, and the plate must be swimming with gravy!

    Pudding - Has to be something chocolatey, maybe a chocolate cheesecake (with white and milk choc) with some vanilla ice cream, or cream YUM!!!

  7. Starter - Chinese selection eg prawn toast, spring rolls, prawn crackers yum yum yum

    Main - Lasagne with chips

    Dessert - Freshly cooked (and still warm) chocolate brownies with vanilla ice-cream, hot chocolate sauce and chocolate chips. (As you may have guessed, I love chocolate!)

    Yum yum yum. Though having said that I do love Nandos!


  8. Oooooh, the perfect blog entry to comment on when I'm stuck at work and forgot to pack a lunch...

    Starter: Mozzarella sticks. Man, total mega craving for them now.

    Main: my totally inauthentic California take on shepherd's pie (sweet potatoes, ground turkey, black beans -- really the only thing it has in common with real shepherd's pie is the HP sauce.)

    Dessert: wheat crackers with cream cheese and sweet jalapeno jelly. mmmmm.

  9. Its only breakfast time here in Oz, but i'll participate in this dinner menu...

    Starter - " Money Bags " from local Thai resturant. MInced pork, peanuts, coriander in a little fried shell....

    Main - " Surf and Turf ". Scotch fillet steak cooked medium, topped with prawns and a cream garlic sauce, served hot chips ( or fries if you must call them that ) and a garden salad.

    Dessert - Apricot cheesecake with macadamia nut crust.


  10. I make amazing roast vegetables. Let me know if you want some mail-order roast spuds/parsnips :)

  11. This is a good one but it's making me hungry!

    Starter - I'm w/ you on the mozzarella sticks w/ marinara for dipping sauce.

    Main course - Chicken parmesan over spaghetti noodles w/ sauce or Cheese tortellini w/ chicken and a garlic cream sauce (I'm a pasta lover)

    Dessert - Angel food cake w/ fresh strawberries poured over it

    I'm now salivating. :)

  12. I'd start with salad, the main would be flank steak in my mom's special maranade, and then chocolate cream pie. Hmmm


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