Monday, 28 December 2009


Lauren did this post a few days ago so I'm going to follow suit and try to recap the past decade too. I only actually realised a few weeks ago that it's not just the year that's ending, it's also the decade. What a weird feeling. I remember parts of the year 2000 like it was only yesterday.

The world didn't end. I went into my fourth year of uni. I turned 21 (like my 18th, it was a bit of a non-event) I think I got my first mobile phone then as well. It was MASSIVE.

Graduated from uni and spent four months unemployed before getting a temporary Christmas job in a department store. Went on my first date. (I was a late starter) Started seeing the guy although I didn't really fancy him all that much; I was just happy someone fancied me!

Broke up with the guy after three months. He then started seeing one of my friends. That upset me at first as I wanted him out of my life, but they actually stayed together for three years. He still harrasses her now to this day. Spent another six months unemployed then started working for directory enquiries. Started going out with a guy I worked there with, who went weird on me after a month or two and one day just didn't come back to work AND stopped contacting me. Fell for another guy I worked with who was four years younger than me. He flirted with me, kissed me and agreed to go on a date with me - despite having a girlfriend. He told me he didn't LIKE the girlfriend though. That was my first experience of a guy with a girlfriend mucking me about.

Moved out of my parent's house. Started seeing one of my managers in my work. Moved again, this time to the flatshare in the west end of Glasgow that I still live in now. Left my job in directory enquiries after eighteen months to work reception in a law firm. Handed in my month's notice after a week as I hated it so much. Started working for Scottish Power. Hated it immediately but stuck it out. Lost my virginity (like I said, late starter!)

Was told by a boy that he loved me for the first time. Got a job with a property company. Boss turned out to be a big fat con artist so I had to quit and get temp jobs instead. Boyfriend broke up with me, and later changed his mind and decided we were just on a break. (A break where we continued to see each other like nothing was wrong). Had a dream job opportunity snatched away from me the day I was meant to start. Went back to work for the con artist for some unknown reason. She fucked me over again. Boyfriend split up with me permanently. I didn't take it well (probably didn't help that he took me to his, gave me a present and slept with me a week after we split). Ended the year in a temp job at Strathclyde University, single, heartbroken, owing my mum about two grand and having lost nearly all of my savings (also about two grand).

Discovered the whole concept of ex-sex, which didn't get my year off to a good start. Left temp job in March so I could go on holiday to Spain for the first time, with my mum and brother. Came back and got a temp job in Glasgow University which I liked much better. When that ended I got a job in my current company, thanks to my ex virtually forcing me into it. This meant spending time with him again. We got on surprisingly well until the first work night out I went to, where I ran into a guy from our old workplace who told me my ex had been seeing someone from there for the past few months. Devastated, I ended up over at one of my friend's house. Because I slept in her bed, she ended up sleeping in a bed with a guy friend she'd had for years and they got together. They're still together today and I take full credit for it. I also went to Tenerife in October - my first of many trips to the Canary Islands.

Continued my newfound love of the Canary Islands by holidaying in Gran Canaria in April and Fuerteventura in October. Started a fling with a colleague which started as a joke. This lasted for a few months and when it ended, I was pretty devastated again. Applied for a job in a different department of my company, and to my amazement, I got it.

Started new job. My ex fell out with me permanently thanks to me being an idiot and accidentally getting him into shit in work. Fell for my best male friend. Broke up with my best male friend. Got back together with my best male friend. Went to Lanzarote. Started blogging.

After a month and a half of smooth sailing into 2008, everything went wrong. In the space of two and a half weeks, my blog got me into shit, my boyfriend broke up with me and my gran died. I started a new blog to try and start over. My former best male friend-turned boyfriend turned into a distant stranger. After a few months I picked myself up and decided to make the rest of the year NOT suck. I went to Gran Canaria, Torrevieja, Belfast and Dublin, Barcelona and Fuerteventura. I went down to London with work and had a near-miss hook up with the friend of a colleague (the only reason I don't entirely regret nothing happen is because I have a feeling he was a bit of a man-whore). In the space of a month I snogged a guy about six years older than me, then a guy about eight years younger . . . the biggest gap in age of guys I'd snogged in both directions.

Well I think 2009 deserves its own post, so I'll do this tomorrow or Wednesday methinks. 2009 was a year of quite a few firsts though.


  1. You have had so many different jobs! I just get a job and stay there even when I hate it. :( I don't have the balls to quit and am too lazy to have to look for another one! Ugh!

    Can't wait to hear about your 2009!

  2. Wow! I'm impressed at your ability to recall events in such detail! I would really struggle to write a post like this. I too, am looking forward to your next post.

  3. Sounds like you had an eventful decade! I can't believe you remember so much of it!

  4. You seem to have a thing for co-workers!

  5. I loved reading this post! I think I'm going to have to do the same thing! =)

    It's tough when a relationship with a good guy friend crosses the line into more. That recently happened with me and it didn't turn out very good at all...

  6. This post is really interesting and I'd like to do the same thing if that's ok? =)

    I love your blog, you're quite hilarious. XD

  7. quite a decade! sounds like things have been looking up for you since 2004 though! (seemed like a bad year)

  8. I honestly can't remember what happened this last decade.... it seems as if it few by and all the years are mashed into one big beating.... I hope the next 10 will be better!

  9. I loved this post and feel like it opened up the door to get to know you so much better. Thanks for sharing, you've done quite a lot in 10 years, you should be proud!

  10. I loved this post, it's really interesting to see what happens to someone over a decade - especially when you're used to a day-by-day account on their blog. I hope you have a great 2010 and look forward to reading about it!

    I hope you don't mind but I borrowed this idea for my own blog (with credit of course!)

  11. I love it.
    I am so going to do this as one of my next blog posts.
    Its funny to look back and see a decade has passed

  12. Bloody hell, I've known you for over half of that... and remember it!

    Good god, I'm not sure if I want to remember back a decade... this week's blast from the past was enough lol

    Here's to you having a fucking amazing 10 years ahead! :)


  13. Yay! Glad you did a recap! It's SO hard to remember back that far, isn't it?!


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