Sunday, 13 December 2009

2010 . . .

I've already been thinking about New Year's Resolutions.

Well, not so much resolutions as things I just want to DO next year.

  • Find a form of exercise that I WANT to do so I can keep at it, and keep healthy.
  • Visit more places in the UK (for example, I want to visit some of the islands off the coast of Scotland, as I never have before and I've always wanted to. Like Barra, for example, or Lewis)
  • Meet some bloggers (hopefully this will be happening in February)
  • Make a start on that writing course that I bought nearly a year and a half ago (otherwise what was the point in me spending close to 300 quid on it???) In fact, hopefully I'll make a start on that BEFORE the New Year . . .
  • Try and go on at least two foreign holidays (hopefully Lanzarote is getting booked tomorrow night for May of next year, so that's a start)
  • Lose a stone in weight
  • Start SAVING money so I'm not just living one month's salary to the next
  • Finally prove to my boss and other co-workers that I'm just as valuable as the teammate who seems to get all the recognition no matter what I do.
I think that's enough for the moment. Although I may think of more as it gets closer to the end of the year. I could add that I would love to find my perfect guy (AND perfect relationship) but that's more a matter of fate than anything else and given MY luck with guys, I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

So what are your plans for next year???


  1. I make resolutions and break them before the end of New Year's Day. Guaranteed.

    I'm sure that there's nothing on your list that you can't do :)

  2. You could come visit me which would help with the travelling and meeting another blogger part ;)

  3. Ooh.... i'm having a baby!

    Although that being said, if it comes more than 11 days early, i will be having a baby in 2009....

    Beyond that, i havent come up with anything yet. Be a good mum?

  4. I am gonna attempt to quit smoking... for the third time!

  5. Ugh. I am the WORST at resolutions. I always make the same one. To get in better shape. I've NEVER accomplished it. Although the hubs and I joined a gym in August and I've been going more than I expected to. :)

    And what is a stone in weight???

  6. A stone is under 6.5kg.

    I haven't really made resolutions since school, when we were kinda forced to.

    I'm not sure, I'll mull it over. Although I do agree with what you say about seeing more of Scotland - I feel woefully ignorant about my own country since I haven't visited many places in it!



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