Tuesday, 29 December 2009

2009 . . .

I said I'd do a separate post for 2009 after my decade in review and so here it is.

2009 was a bit of a weird one. NICE . . . but weird.

I'm still doing the same job I was doing at the beginning of the year, so not much has changed there. Similarly, I started off the year single and I'm ending it single. But between the beginning and the end of the year, things were a little different for me.

For one thing, I've always been someone who tended to end up in relations with work colleagues. I guess this is because for me it's the easiest way to get to know someone. So to get involved with TWO different guys I didn't work with. That was weird...


First of all, there was The Guy, as I christened him here. Probably easier if I now call him by his initial instead - F. He monopolised a big chunk of my year; which was weird considering I think I saw him a total of nine times over six months. If you don't know the story of F, back when I was in high school, there was a guy I liked. Unlike all the other guys I liked in high school, I never told him I liked him and as a result there was no awkwardness between us. He was one of the few guys that the formerly shy me was able to talk to. When we left school, I ran into him every so often on the train home from uni, and we had a brief email relationship but that all ended over 10 years ago.

We became friends on Facebook back in 2007 but communication was fleeting as he lived with someone - a girl he had been seeing for 5 years. In February of this year I noted in passing the change in relationship status but didn't think much of it. As far as I was concerned he was in the past. It was about a month later when I randomly commented on his wall more hoping he would reply on my wall to make me look popular in the eyes of ANOTHER guy I thought I might like. This other guy I had just worked up the courage to give my number to a few days before. Which was also weird. It had taken me so long to do that, then F came along.

That one comment was replied to and became a slow exchange of wall posts during the following day, which turned into a eight hour conversation on Facebook Chat. Around midnight, four hours into the chat, I commented that we probably had talked longer that night than we had ever spoken before in total in our lives. He agreed. We ended up playing a drinking game of sorts. We continued to talk. At around four am (on a Monday morning) it turned into flirting. I mentioned I used to fancy him in high school, he said he had had a feeling but had been too chicken to do anything about it. I couldn't believe that he had liked me. Over the next few days he would private message me on Facebook and on the Wednesday night he asked me out. We went on our first date that Saturday, a week to the day I'd first left the comment on his wall to say hi.

The next month was fantastic. We would chat constantly on Facebook Chat at nighttime and as for my phone bill . . . we exchanged so many texts that I ended up sending him around 1300 texts in three weeks! Within three weeks he'd invited me over for dinner and . . . well, you know. And it was really REALLY good.

That was the first time I've ever slept with a guy I went to school with!

Unfortunately by the end of May it all started to go pear shaped. He was directing a play at the Fringe in Edinburgh and didn't have time for me. I liked him and he hadn't given me any reason to think he wasn't still interested, so I stuck it out and waited for him. I even went all the way to Edinburgh to see the play - which was admittedly very good. I saw him once after the play's run ended and then I didn't hear from him for a week. When he finally did get in contact with me, it was to say he had needed time to think and couldn't commit to me. Since then, we exchange the odd (very occasional) message on facebook and sometimes comment on one another's status updates but that's it.

I am proud of the way I just let it go though. It hurts me to see that he doesn't seem to be bothered about me, despite all those late night chats we shared and the closeness, but I have tried my best to just act unbothered too. I am dreading the day he changes his relationship status though - especially since the whole time I was seeing him he remained "single". No matter what though, I don't regret getting involved with him. I took a risk and for a while it paid off. I just wish I'd let go sooner.


My second man related risk was when I kissed S at the Halloween party my former flatmate held and gave him my number. And normally I wouldn't have done anything about it, but when he text me to tell me he'd had a good time I said I hoped we could meet up soon. But I left the ball in his court.

One of my friends is a big fan of "The Rules" - and although I generally think they're rubbish, I decided to play along in terms of not contacting him unless he contacted me. So when he finally contacted me and suggested we go out that weekend, I felt like he definitely did like me. And so we went out, we had a great time and he seemed keen to see me again. The following Friday we made concrete plans and then the following day he text me to say he couldn't see me anymore as he and his ex had been in touch and he still had feelings for her.

I didn't reply and to this day I still haven't. I'm proud of my self-restraint. I did say to my friend that I felt like "The Rules" had been a big waste of time - "I tried to play the game and he still didn't want me". She pointed out though that by playing it cooler than usual I had preserved my dignity and came out of the situation well. I can't argue with that. Had I chased harder I would have felt responsible, but this way I KNOW it wasn't my fault.

I saw pictures of him on Facebook the other day from a couple of weekends ago. He still looked hot. And happy. I hated that. But at least I hadn't got too attached. And he is officially the first guy who I didn't really KNOW who I went on a date with. So that's a ANOTHER first for me...


My first kiss of the year was at a party where I very embarrassingly got caught with the guy's hands in my knickers. Oops. The second was at a work night out with a boy who CLAIMED to be a student and 21 but my colleagues told me later they believed he was actually underage and his school uniform was possibly stashed in his bag. Er . . .

Then the weekend after F finally ended it, I went to The Shed and snogged a hot but very quiet Irish guy. Who knows how that one might have turned out had we not had to do a bunk from some guy who was after V and wouldn't take no for an answer... Actually it probably wouldn't have turned out at all since, like I said at the time, he didn't say very much. Which was a shame because I DO love an Irish accent!

Apart from that and F and S, I've had no "action" this year, but I've had a fair amount of offers. I was asked out by ANOTHER guy I went to school with who I hadn't seen for over ten years (also via Facebook). Another guy from school gave me his number via Facebook. The much younger guy I used to work with asked me out. And some random dude who was the uncle of a colleague tried to add me on Facebook purely because he liked the look of me!


I didn't make it to any of the Canary Islands this year, sadly, but I did get to go to a couple of new places. Namely the Greek island of Rhodes and the Spanish island of Majorca. I loved them both, especially Rhodes - the people in the resort we stayed in were sooo friendly and it was ridiculously cheap. The only downside was the rose wine left a lot to be desired. Unlike Majorca where you could buy lovely bottles of sparkling rose for 2 euros!

That being said, however much I loved Majorca, it was one of those holidays where loads went wrong. The taxi went off the road on the way to the airport then we had a flight delay of eight hours. While IN Majorca, there was a terrorist attack in the resort we were staying in which two policemen were killed and there was increased police presence for the rest of the holiday, which was a bit scary.

As well as the foreign holidays, when I went down to London for work in June I got to visit a new part of the city I'd never been before - Camden. I loved it there although it did remind me a lot of the Barras part of Glasgow and was unbelievably busy.

Once again, I never made it over to Ireland to see my friend A though. I will eventually though, I hope!


Two of my favourite flatmates moved out this year sadly - it was just getting back to the days when V lived here, or Mich and A, and I had people I could really bond with. B moved in at the summer and so I had three people I could hang around with for a couple of months, then the two Ms both moved in with their men in the space of a month. Which made me sad. Luckily I like most of other girls I live with - I've certainly been worse off in the past so I'm coping. Although I REALLY need to start looking into buying a place at some point. But with the economy being what it is, it's such a big bloody risk and I'm kinda unwilling to make the commitment at the moment when I have no idea where I'll be in the future.


I've went through phases where I've been somewhat lazy with the blog during the year and these have mainly coincided with the times there's been some sort of guy in my life. I guess I'm slightly reluctant to reveal too much, at least at the beginning, because if I do end up getting serious about someone, I'm going to have to tell them about the blog at some point. But now I'm well and truly single again, I've been a lot more active.

Perhaps the blog IS my boyfriend???

I managed to complete NaBloMoPo (is that what it's called? I always get the words the wrong way around!) in November and posted everyday for a month. I know people don't always think this is much of a challenge, but I do like to think that I made sure there was SOME kind of point to the post. Luckily as the start of November coincided with me meeting S, that provided me with some good blog fodder for a bit of the month!

I feel like I found more bloggers this year to read and enjoy and to make me laugh too. I participated in LiLu's "TMI Thursday" a few times, which I never thought I would do - I didn't realise I HAD any stories that contained "too much information" . . . but apparently I do!


I didn't really accomplish much this year, but then I didn't really set out any goals either. I planned not to drink in January and that was a dismal failure. I also wanted to lose weight, which hasn't happened - if anything, I put weight on!


The main thing I wanted to do, since I turned 30 in 2009, was ensure my last year of my twenties was an interesting, fun year. And you know what? I managed it. I have had an awesome year, with some strange twists and turns. If anyone had told me last year that by the end of this year I'd have shagged F I'd have laughed in their face - I wouldn't have expected to ever SEE him again yet alone bump uglies. So . . . who can even PREDICT what 2010 has in store for me???

Life is full of surprises. I just wonder what the next one is going to be . . .


  1. Full of surprises indeed. That sounds like an eventful year to me!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this :)!

  3. "I participated in LiLu's "TMI Thursday" a few times..."

    And I'm so glad you did! Happy new year, love. :-)

  4. That does sound like a quite eventful year... I'll raise a pint in hopes of an even more eventful 2010!

  5. I love your dating stories!! Sounds like you did have a good year!! I am also reluctant to blog about boys.. mostly bc i have it connected with my fb. So i end up not blogging as much when there is a boy involved.

  6. Wow, what a full year! good read!

  7. Ummm, your year sounds hilarious and awesome all rolled into one.

    I looooved the Greek island I went to (Santorini) and I can imagine that Rhodes was just as amazing. Like you mentioned, everything was very cheap and people were sooo nice.

  8. Definately an eventful year, I'm so glad we got to read about it through your blog. Can't wait to see what you write about in 2010, lovely :)

  9. Wow, F sounds like a loser. You deserve better. I hate boys like that. ARGH. Get your shiznit together, boys!

  10. I enjoy reading your posts. Probably because your writing seems exotic and different from my day to day experience (very happily married for the last 34+ years).

    Here's hoping you find what you want in the new year and it finds you as well.

  11. sounds like you've had a very eventful 2009 and also a lot of fun!!! Mine would read...went to work, came home, had dinner, went to bed..not quite so fun!

    Hoping 2010 brings you more!! x

  12. #And I'm hungry like the wolf....#

    We should go back to Belfast next year. A has herself a nice Irish boy, we should bag ourselves a couple :P


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