Monday, 16 November 2009


It's coming up to Christmas . . . which means it's time for Health Kick attempt number 5821.

Or something like that.

There are two vital problems with me going on a health kick.

The first is that I don't particularly enjoy healthy food.

The second is that I don't particularly like exercise.

Having finally managing to quit the gym
, I am now faced with the conundrum of finding some sort of exercise I can do that is actually enjoyable. That I actually WANT to do. But which actually WORKS!

I've been giving this a lot of thought.

I like swimming. BUT I don't like getting my hair wet. (And I don't like wearing a swimming cap.)

I like the IDEA of running. But I can't run for more than about five minutes without, you know, WANTING TO DIE. And I don't have the patience to build up to it gradually. AND I feel like I look really stupid when I run. So that's out too . . .

I thought about investing in some sort of dance mat. That could be fun, I thought. However, I don't really like following dance moves. I lose interest quickly. This is also why me and dance style aerobic dvds don't get along, and why there's no point in me trying out dance classes. (Although pole dancing DOES sort of appeal . . .)

The aforementioned gym. Nope. Never ever again.

Investing in a rebounder. Sounds fun but it doesn't really work all that much when you live above someone else and your floors are a bit creaky.

Some sort of team sport. Hmmm. I like the IDEA of that, but I'd probably lose interest early on due to the fact I would undoubtedly suck and sucking in front of other people is not something I would like to do on a regular basis.

(That last sentence could sooo be taken the wrong way. I take it back . . .)

So my exercise of choice is generally some type of Tae-bo style dvd. It feels like it works and it means I can take out my frustration by pretending to aim punches at someone's head. BUT . . . I feel like there must be more fun ways to lose weight.

Like . . . if I had some sort of Gladiator style assault course nearby. THAT could be fun.

Or a circus type workout. I hear these type of workouts are in fact available these days but I doubt I could afford it . . .

Or my favourite game as a kid. Aeroball, which we always used to play at Pontins. Why can I not play that to lose weight? It would be FABULOUS exercise. All I need is to own my own aeroball thingummyjig to play it in. And some other people to play it with.

And then, of course, there is the most enjoyable exercise option ever. Let's say it together . . .


Huh. Chance would be a fine thing. :(

Any other ideas, guys???


  1. There are the basics that could be called exercise - walking up stairs instead of taking the elevator, riding a bike and... oh, wait you said that one and it requires a partner (guess that's why I haven't been doing that particular exercise for a while).

    Good Luck!

  2. I'm a big fan of yoga P.

    Its not so much cardio based so you wont feel like your lungs are going to explode, but if you do often and correctly it will help lose weight and i guarantee it will tone every muscle in your body.
    Plus, you'll get yoga bum!

  3. Ive just started yoga as well, although i am already one week behond due to illness!

    I do feel more toned and its not heavy heavy going like some cardio work outs (as Amy says!)


  4. If you have a Wii, get this: :)

  5. Haha, firstly that's just a posh name for hiccups that I found amusing.

    Secondly, that's just exhausted all my suggestions but resulted in me really feeling like I should start to do some exercise!

  6. ummmmm, let's see.
    1. Tennis ( i am in a social group which is good. No-one is overly competetive and basically just just talk alot)
    2. Pole-dancing! Please try it! I have always wanted to, but aren't quite game yet...
    3. Dance class ( i did swing dance which was heaps of fun)
    4. Wii Fit

  7. There's absolutely no point in me suggesting rollerskating, is there?

    You wouldn't get bruised - you're smaller than me with better balance! :-)

  8. Don't forget that depending on how you ride, sex may not offer as many benefits as one may think.

    Go get em' cowgirl!

    (I think I may have over-stepped the mark)

  9. Mike - thanks! :)

    Amy/Miss Smidge - sadly I don't think I have the patience for yoga...

    Elle - unfortunately I don't have a wii! :(

    LCT - sorry about that! :)

    Kimberlie - I would love to play tennis - if I was any good at it!

    Mich - believe me, my balance sucks!!!

    Jack - well, funnily enough, that's exactly what I had in mind... ;)

  10. Bikram yoga? Or pilates? Just a thought :)

  11. idea ever. You should only invest in...a hot fuck buddy? Lolll.

    Anyhoo, dance classes might be good. So is trampoline and pilates :) they're fun and slimming.

  12. There is no way around it. Working out is not fun. Sex is fun but lets face it. Even if you have a regular shag you'd have to be in bed like 24/7 in order to have any health benefits from it. I just tried my first yoga class ever last Saturday and I have to admit it was pretty nice. There is a lot of stretching and breathing exercises and it's all dandy. But when you're done you don't really feel like you've done much of a workout. Maybe after time??? We'll see I guess.

  13. what about yoga or pilates? you can go at your own ability.
    I ordered the winsor pilates dvd 3 years ago, I swear by the 2o minute workout everyday, you should get it.

  14. I'm about to start a dance class called Ceroc.

    I really really am not a dancer normally, but I did a taster and it was fun - if I can enjoy it anyone can!

  15. Jack - Ha, yeah! ;)

    Meghan - Is Bikram yoga the one you do in a hot room?

    Andhari - Trampolining . . . oooh I WISH I had access to a trampoline!

    Kellie - in bed 24/7. That sounds good. Although I'd probably be asleep for a lot of that time...

    Chele - I'll look into that dvd you mention; sure i've heard positive stuff about it before.

    Chapati - what kind of dancing is that?

  16. You hate everything! I've got nothing for ya.

  17. Its a mix between jive and salsa and they have classes all over the country,

    Looks like fun!

  18. is the better website as its not based in surrey!

  19. I'm SO going to agree with you on the last one. I think I've sweated more during sex lately than doing PE classes. YUMM.


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