Saturday, 7 November 2009


The finished article - a lovely plate of tablet - yum!!!

A few weeks ago, we had a lunchtime meeting in work - which essentially means we are supplied with food during the meeting but miss out on a "proper" lunchtime. Okay so we get free food, but it's generally not stuff I like (although the brie and cranberry wraps are fairly to-die-for when I'm in the mood). However, this time was slightly different. There was TABLET for dessert.

A colleague of mine who is from Northern Ireland mentioned that when she had first came over to Scotland, she had thought we were all drug addicts as she just constantly heard people talking about tablet. Eventually she had to ask what it was.

Here is a definition of what tablet actually is, taken from Streenge.

"Tablet is a traditional Scottish sweet (candy) that goes back at least to the 18th century. It may have originated as a way of getting a quick burst of energy in the middle of a cold Scottish winter.

Tablet is probably described as a bit like crumbly fudge but even sweeter. The texture varies depending on who has made it. Sometimes it's very light, crumbly and melts in the mouth, sometimes it's more crunchy."

It is a national delicacy and is readily available over here. It is not a surprise that Scottish people generally don't have brilliant teeth given the amount of sugar that goes into it. But for an occasional treat, I find it utterly irresistible.

After having it in that meeting, I decided to give it a go making it myself. I'd only ever made it once before, and I'd actually been trying to make FUDGE, so I wasn't too hopeful. However, I found a suitable recipe online and managed to actually make a fairly impressive batch of it. I made an even MORE successful batch for the Hallowe'en party I went to last weekend, so I think I'm becoming something of an expert, not to blow my own trumpet.

I can't take credit for the recipe as I stole it from elsewhere, so if you decide you want to give making tablet a try, go to this website for further instructions.

The general gist of it though is that you combine sugar, condensed milk and butter in a pan (along with some milk to dampen the sugar in the case of the recipe I used), stir it all up together as its boiling and voila!!! After it sets in a tray you have some delicious sugary confectionery to munch on!

Step 1 - mixing the sugar and milk together . . .

All the ingredients mixed together and getting ready to boil . . .

The final mixture poured out into the baking tray . . .

So there you go. I'm NOT talking about drugs when I'm talking about tablet, and when I mention forcing cute boys to eat my tablet, I'm not pushing drugs on them. Just thought I should clarify that, haha!

And if you decide to give making tablet a go (which you should), let me know how you get on. ;)


  1. CHROIST I love tablet. I'm totally going to give this a try!

  2. My mum used to make tablet however I have very sensitive teeth and it absolutely kills them because of the sugar in it :(

  3. You seducer of tastebuds, you!


    Still mulling over that business proposition I passed on to you from my colleague? :-)


  4. !! How come I've never heard of this before?! Looks yummy!!

  5. It looks like tofu to me, sitting there on that plate. That's still better than drugs, though. Interesting.

  6. I've actually had that before! I couldn't for the life of me tell you where I've had it though.

  7. ahahah I see now. I was wondering what you were on about in your post the other day wanting someone to try your tablet.
    Looks yummy though, def give it a try

  8. I say I try anything onceeee! Gimme the sugarrr :)

  9. My friend brought me some from Scotland and it's lovely! yum

  10. Oh My God. I can't believe it. My mom used to make me tablet too. She has passed away 2 years ago and i always wanted the recipe. Thank you so much. I live in Canada now, but was born in Scotland. Great blog....thanks.

    Come by and visit me sometime...

  11. Yummmmmmm, this seems like a kitchen experiment I'm going to have to try.

  12. this looks INSANELY yummy! Can you tell me what quantities of everything you used Id love to make something simple with the kids! Thank you my lvly! xx


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