Tuesday, 10 November 2009


So today I was walking home from the office, minding my own business, when I walked past a group of schoolboys heading the opposite direction.

As I passed them, one of them . . . HIT ME IN THE ASS WITH A ROLLED UP BIT OF PAPER!!!!

Then they all walked away virtually pissing themselves laughing.

What the fuck???

A couple of questions are raised from this five second event . . .

  • Er - why???? What possessed them?
  • Do I look much younger than I think? Surely they wouldn't have done that if they thought I was an actual real-life "grown-up"?
  • If I WAS an actual real-life grown-up, would I have given them the finger? (Who do I think I am, Louis Walsh?)
I'm thoroughly confused by the whole incident.

But in an odd way, despite feeling ever so slightly violated, it WAS the highlight of my day . . .


  1. LOL, so you did give em the finger!? I hope so!!

    I probably would have chunked something back at them... but also would have enjoyed it.

  2. I can see why it could be the highlight of your day -- sometimes it's nice to know we haven't entered adulthood.

    You gave them the finger - priceless!

  3. I guess it is true sometimes that Boys will be Boys - age doesn't matter it is the immature act they find amusing.

  4. I think it confirms your foxy lady status - they wouldnt have bothered with you if you were just some random, old, Plain Jane.

    Also, giving them the finger is the way to go - i would have done it too!

  5. This is why I think that girls should be equipped with paintball guns when we turn 16.
    The moment some wee bastard gives us unwanted attention... RAT-A-TAT-TAT... paintball to the bollocks.
    Painful, and they're marked as a pervert to warn other girls (or get jeered at).


  6. Bahaha that's so funny! I'd probably piss myself laughing if that happened to me!

  7. Why? Because they are schoolboys, and that's the kind of thing they do when they are in groups.

    I believe the correct course of action is to grab the bit of paper off them and hit them all back. :D

    Ok, maybe that isn't such a good idea really.

  8. Oh my God. Too funny. You should have whacked him one on the side of the head, then laughed your ass off. However, given laws against that, the finger was the way to go. Wonder what will be your highlight tomorrow.

  9. I would throw something back. Definitely. Like a gum I may happen to chew or probably a tampon.

    See how they like it :p

  10. Boys, no matter what age they still manage to baffle me with their behaviour

  11. Ha ha ha, my first thought was, "well, you still got it girl!" The "girl" part at the end made me feel weird because I don't usually talk like that but it felt totally applicable in this instance.

  12. Maybe your ass is so smokin'....


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