Thursday, 19 November 2009


TMI Thursday

So once again it's Thursday and according to LiLu, that means it's TMI Time (check out her blog for another Post Secret-esque volume today). And to be honest, I've contributed like three times now (I think?) and I'm already running out. So today's attempt is not so much a TMI, as a case of me GIVING TMI to someone else . . .

(Shit. Did that sound rude? It wasn't meant to.)

ANYWAY . . .

So I've lived in my flatshare for over six years now and in that time many girls have come and gone, but my landlord has stayed the same. He doesn't live there, he owns many flats around the west end of Glasgow, but there have been points where he seemed to spend a lot of time hanging out there, especially when the place was getting renovated a few years back (it basically got renovated around me as I refused to move elsewhere). Now, I don't mind my landlord at all; he can annoy the hell out of me at times, and (inadvertently, I think) be a bit sleazy, but overall, he's a nice guy. (Mich would probably tell you a different story though! Especially when she's hiding in my closet cos she's banned from the flat and he's unexpectedly turned up, haha)

Anyway, I used to tell people how he had this great knack for turning up in the flat when I'd just come out of the bath or shower, or was still IN it. And one day I was in the flat, having ran a lovely relaxing bubble bath when . . . sure enough . . . I heard him do his classic "four doorbell rings followed by immediately entering the flat". (Presumably he thinks he's giving time to warn us he's on his way in, but that doesn't really work if he is practically unlocking the door at the same time.)

I could hear him in the kitchen talking to one of my flatmates at the time, a really sweet French girl, and I lay in the bath cringing, hoping that he wouldn't ask if I was around. I couldn't really be bothered trying to conduct some sort of conversation through the bathroom door while I was trying to relax after a tough day . . . and, of course, naked!!!

But within a couple of minutes he was knocking on the bathroom door. "Hi Paula!" he shouted. "How are you?"

Dammit. "I'm fine thanks," I struggled to sound friendly.

"Are you having a nice bath?" he asked me.

How did he know I was in the bath?

(Lucky guess, apparently, there's no cameras in there.)

(I checked)

I felt a bit uncomfortable about this. So I HAD to say something.

But not about how I would prefer not to be talking about how nice my bath was, FROM the bath, through a door to a sixty something man. Oh no, that would be too easy. Too mature.

"How do you know I'm in the bath?" I asked instead. "For all you know, I could be doing a pee!"

There was a brief silence from the other side of the door.

I have to fill silences. So I continued.

"OR . . . I could be doing a number two!"


The silence continued. I worried if I'd went too far. Then he spoke again.

"No . . . I prefer to think of you in the bath. Enjoying yourself."


That was a bit of an anti-climax of a TMI. But on reading it back, I'm not sure what's grosser - what I said, or his reply.

I think probably his reply would win that prize . . .


  1. hahaha sounds like a creepy guy!! I bet it was awkward seeing him the next time!

  2. OMG. I would have completely ignored him. Who DOES that?! So inappropriate!

  3. 1. Ew. What a creeper.
    2. Your need to fill that silence never fails to amuse :)

  4. yeah, that is a bit odd. Really odd ( him, not you!) :)

  5. I think his reply was grotesque!! BLECH!!!

  6. This is the story I tell people when they try to beat us at the 'I had a crappy / creepy landlord' game.

    Ha! Nothing can top that!

    And yes. I have hidden in P's closet before when the landlord has unexpectedly appeared. He has a habit of that. And of walking into your bedroom while you're asleep in bed.

  7. Okay, he's definitely more gross than bodily functions. Talk about a creep.

    And as for checking for cameras in the bathroom? I checked the day I moved into this apartment...and then had B check again when he came over that weekend. Better paranoid than sorry!

  8. Omg that is SLEAZY alreight lol why is he such a creepy dude?

  9. Yikes! I would double check for cameras!

  10. Um, his reply was definitely worse. I shudder to think of what he was envisioning in his pervy little mind. :) I'm SO glad that I don't have to deal w/ landlords anymore. They were always my worst nightmare which made no sense b/c you'd think they'd like having renters like me. But no, they were all asses.

  11. eeew he sounds like a bit of a perv. Maybe the image of you doing a number 2 overtook his image of you in the bath?! Did he ever come round again when you were in the bath?

  12. Hahaha, my landlord is kind of the same thing... He rings and then opens the door. WTH.


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