Thursday, 12 November 2009


TMI Thursday

Ohhhhkaaaayyyy . . . So I've decided to contribute to the wonderful LiLu's TMI Thursday once again . . . BUT with a slight twist. I don't really have a story at hand I can think of to share, either personal or not but what I DO have is too much time on my hands to seek out some presents that won't be on MY Christmas list this year. (And I HOPE not on yours either . . .)

So firstly, courtesy of the website . . .

Well, doesn't THIS look classy? "But what IS it, Paula?" I hear you ask. Good question.

It's a gentleman's ball scratcher.

Because, you know, if you're gonna be rude and scratch your balls, at least do it using a utensil that looks a BIT posh, you see. That makes it ALL better . . .


This would be a Willy Care Kit.

Yes, you too could have the finest groomed penis in all the land.

It's just too tempting, right???

(And, in case you weren't ALREADY sold, surely the willy bracelet COMPLETE WITH MEDALLION, has had you reaching for your credit card??? No???)

Don't worry, it's about to get even better . . .

What have we here??? Why, it's exactly what it says on the packaging - a DICKDAR!!!

All you need to do is point it at your target's groin and . . . well it will size up (pun completely and utterly intended, I can assure you) his package. Nice . . .

So we'll leave that website now and visit Find Me A Gift instead. Coming? ;)

You will be with this . . . (insert dirty giggle here).

That's all I have to say on that one.

(It's pretty damn self explanatory, right?)
Okay, so I avoid coffee and tea like the plague . . . really the only time I drink out a mug is if I'm having milk.

And there would be something sooo weird about that with THIS mug . . .

Now the above picture . . . it's intriguing, no? What could those be, I wonder???

Hmmm. Well in my expert opinion, they're either woolly willy warmers . . . or the most impractical condoms ever . . .

Ladies, ever wanted to play with your boobs when your stressed? (Men, ever wanted to play with a LADY'S boobs when you're stressed? Or if you have manboobs . . . well, you know . . .)

Now you can have one to play with. Just the one, mind. No matching pair or anything. Just one boob all on its own, not attached to a body.

Not QUITE so appealing now, eh dudes???

And last but not least . . .

. . . In fact, this is possibly the oddest-ball one of all.

Willy weights.

The instructions on the website advise you to warm up and RUB DOWN after using it.

Hahahahahaha and multiple more "ha"s.

I would be curious to know if any guys have ever tried these and if they made the slightest bit of difference . . . Answers on a postcard please!!!

Anyway, that's me over and out for this week's TMI Thursday - hope you enjoyed it . . . and if you decide to buy any of these things . . . perhaps don't let me know about it!!!


  1. lmao!! thank you! I needed a great laugh- especially after seeing my husbands reactions to these things while he looked over my shoulder! I'm seriously considering getting him the ball scratcher for christmas now... *grins*

  2. ha ha, oh dear some of those things are slightly disturbing!! I bought Mr W some stress boobs once like the ones in your pic...they were quite nice

  3. What's with the wanna-be Tiffany's umm...bracelet that comes with the Willy Care Kit. If your going to dress your dick up, please do it with style. Knock-offs are tacky.

  4. OMG. I just almost spit my hot tea all over my computer. I really needed that laugh today. Thanks! :)

  5. Oh my god, willy warmers!! What on earth would the Women's Institute say? :P

  6. Um this is all sorts of awesome... Would ya think me gay if I wanted that boob stress ball?

    And Dickdar=amazing!

  7. Ohmigod these are great. And I could have used the Dickdar a few times ;)

  8. Those little weights are actually cute. I wonder how much they weigh. And who thinks some of those things?

  9. im concerned that the willy care kit has scissors.. I dont have a willy (obviously - well not my own willy anyway...) but you know I kinda wince at the thought..

    I do like the willy weights though that coupled up with the mastubation kit could make a great gift - for the "rub down" and all :o) haha xx


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