Saturday, 14 November 2009


The second date is cancelled and there's not going to be a raincheck.

Last night I got a text from the Cute Guy saying would we say we'd meet at eight tonight at Ashton Lane. But warned me that he wasn't feeling very well and was a bit worried he'd come down with swine flu (one of his colleagues had a suspected case of it) so if he survived through the night I'd be first to know. Fair enough, I thought.

Didn't hear from him today but I assumed maybe it was because he was REALLY ill and couldn't even face picking up the phone. So half an hour ago I text him asking how he was. Cos after all, if he wasn't going to make it, I would still have time to make other plans.

I was expecting him to get back to me and say that he was too sick and would have to leave it for now.

What I WASN'T expecting was a text ten minutes later, not mentioning being sick but instead telling me he was really sorry, but he couldn't see me anymore. That he'd been chatting recently to someone he'd went out with for a long time and that they still had feelings for each other. That I was a lovely person but he couldn't ignore a four year relationship.

Talk about blindsided.

I am in absolute shock.

Just in the past two weeks there was times when I was questioning stuff, wondering if he would contact me, if he'd want to see me again. I didn't expect the "ex girlfriend" angle though.

I knew it was too good to be true that he was single. There had to be SOME kind of catch.

Now I've found it.

He's a twat.

Another one bites the dust.

(I'm okay, by the way. Just shocked and a bit angry about being messed around. Still better it happened now.)


  1. He is indeed a twat and he obviously doesn't deserve you, but look at it this way, at least this didn't happen futher down the line when you might have developed stronger feelings for him...however I still hope his willy falls off!!


  2. Me too! (If he HAS one. After all, we already know he has no balls...)

  3. I'm glad though he told you up-front and kind of soon, rather than stringing you along for any longer. Now at least you can move on to the next guy. Don't worry about this last one. His ex is probably psycho and he's addicted to her.

  4. uh what a geek! pffft to him! now grab some wine and partayyy with the girls! out with the old.. in with the new!

  5. Major jerk, dear. Major jerk and most definitely a swine. You could get so much better guys than him!

  6. Bastard. I'm sorry it didn't work out. My daughter has a million of similar stories. What the hell is with guys these days?

    She would ask you if you have watched "He's Just Not That Into You. - she lives by that movie.

    Chin up honey. Chin up.

  7. Angela - yeah I'm glad he told me upfront but it doesn't make sense that you arrange a date with someone one night and less than 24 hours later tell them you can't see them anymore. It's deceitful, as he had clearly went behind my back. Arsehole.

    Emmie - Yes, I did that. Went over to a friend's, had some wine and watched X Factor. It dulled the pain somewhat.

    Andhari - Yes he is, and thank you! Much appreciated. :)

    RY - I don't like that movie because it completely contradicts itself at the end in its effort to become "Hollywood". Plus I hate the book itself.

  8. Yes, my daughter happens to be here with me. She agrees with you. The end is very hollywood, but she still feels there are some good lessons in it. Take care.

  9. Hey, like you said, at least its happened now and not a few weeks ( or months ) down the track.

    Maybe that cute, much younger guy, is still available :) ?

  10. I reckon we should break out the booze while watching the Hard Candy 'How To' scene...

    grrrrrrrrrr >:-(


  11. Amy - I never fancied the young guy anyway (except in his 17 yr old pic) but he's about to leave the country even if I had!

    Mich - why am I kinda glad I don't know the specific scene you are referring to??? :P

  12. Well have you ever seen that episode of River Cottage, where Hugh helps the vet to neuter a calf?

    >:-) mwahahaha!

  13. Hmmmm...good riddance to bad rubbish!

  14. He's a swine. Here's to hoping he really does get the flu.

  15. Pure swine. Better to find out now rather than later...


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